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 Next Parish Council meeting is on: 4th November 2014
Next Planning Committee meeting is on: 21st October 2014
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Saltford Railway Station 

At its meeting on 7 October 2014, Saltford Parish Council agreed the following:

Following the results of the informal public consultation exercise launched at the public exhibition held in Saltford in February 2014 regarding the possible reopening of Saltford Railway Station, Saltford Parish Council asks B&NES Council Cabinet to consider the Higher Level Output Assessment (HLOA) report and to take the project to GRIP (Governance in Railway Projects) stage 3 of Network Rail's GRIP process for railway development.

Previously permissive paths south of Saltford 

Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting on August 20th hosted by the Parish Council on this issue.
Discussions involving the farmer have followed this meeting. The objective is to find a way to re-open the paths in the near future and also establish a framework that provides a longer term solution. Work is on-going and it is hoped that more detailed information will be announced on this web-page by October.

Footpath Maps

The ‘Saltford on foot’ maps, which were available from Saltford Post Office for £1 each, have been temporarily removed from sale, as the information about the permissive paths is now inaccurate.


Road surfaces have suffered due to the wet winter. A pothole is defined as a sharp edged depression in the carriageway greater than 30mm deep. To assist B&NES in repairing these as quickly as possible, please report any potholes to Council Connect tel. 01225 394041 or online via their Report It facility.
Parish Councillors are also putting together a list to send to B&NES. 

Longwood Lane – construction site

The Construction Management Plan for Saltford Golf Club’s planning application requires the developer to make good any damage to the passing bays created on Longwood Lane, and to not damage the public highway.

Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) Council, as the planning authority, is responsible for ensuring that the contractor fulfils these obligations. 

Any issues with the condition of Longwood Lane should be addressed to B&NES Council Connect
Tel: 01225 394041
Email: Council_Connect@bathnes.gov.uk
Twitter: @ccbathnes

 Environment Agency information about river levels on the Avon at Saltford

Planning contraventions

The Parish Council reports any cases of possible contraventions of planning control to Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES), which is the authority responsible for enforcing planning law.

Individuals can also ask B&NES’ Planning Enforcement team to investigate possible breaches of planning control. However B&NES is unable to notify the Parish Council of cases reported to them where the first informant was not the Parish Council. 

So the Parish Council requests that Saltford residents advise the Parish Council of any complaints they make to the enforcement section of B&NES Council, in order to assist the Parish Council in monitoring possible planning contraventions.

 In 2010, the Parish Council sponsored the development of a parish plan to find out what was important to the community in Saltford. Members of the Parish Council are now participants in the Parish Plan Implementation Group, which is tasked with implementing the actions identified in the Parish Plan.

saltford parish plan front cover See Saltford Parish Plan