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Next Parish Council meeting is on: 6th October 2015
Next Planning Committee meeting is on: 22nd September 2015
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Saltford Library - support your local library by volunteering!

Keynsham & District Dial-a-Ride
“Inform and Engage” Day – Monday 7th September 2015



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Neighbourhood Watch meeting 9 September 2015
A Neighbourhood Watch meeting will be held on Wednesday 9th September 2015, from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm at Saltford Hall, organised by the local Police and hosted by the Parish Council. Please come along to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch, see what is happening in your area, or for help in setting up a new Neighbourhood Watch area.                     



Following Parish Council action, a number of sites previously affected by graffiti have been cleared. If you see graffiti in Saltford, please let us know. 

Notice boards by the Post Office

We are looking at replacing the notice boards outside the Post Office which are rather old and increasingly hard to read. Quotes for new ones are being sought and this is likely to be decided at our September meeting.

Saltford Parish Evening Walk

see the photos from our evening walk

Saltford Youth Service 

The Parish Council is continuing to support the provision of the weekly mobile youth service in the village, in partnership with B&NES Council.  A new six month Working Together Agreement with B&NES Council for 2015-16 specifies that the first three months (April to June) will be 50% funded by Saltford Parish Council and 50% by B&NES Youth Connect, and the second three months service (July to September) will be 75% funded by Saltford Parish Council and 25% by B&NES Youth Connect.

Saltford's 20 mph speed limit

B&NES Council’s 20 mph Speed Limit Order came into operation on 17 April 2015, meaning that it is prohibited to drive a motor vehicle at a speed exceeding 20 miles per hour on all roads in Saltford except the A4, which remains 30 mph. 


A pothole is defined as a sharp edged depression in the carriageway greater than 30mm deep. To assist B&NES in repairing these as quickly as possible, please report any potholes to Council Connect tel. 01225 394041 or online via their Report It facility.
Parish Councillors are also putting together a list to send to B&NES. 

Longwood Lane – construction site

Any issues with the condition of Longwood Lane should be addressed to B&NES Council Connect
Tel: 01225 394041 Email: Council_Connect@bathnes.gov.uk Twitter: @ccbathnes

 Environment Agency information about river levels on the Avon at Saltford

In 2010, the Parish Council sponsored the development of a parish plan to find out what was important to the community in Saltford.

saltford parish plan front cover

 See Saltford Parish Plan