Council Responsibilities 

Saltford Parish Council is a statutory body set up to serve the interests of the community of Saltford. It is the only organisation in Saltford that must be consulted by law and have its views considered. It is the first tier of local government closest to the residents of Saltford.

Responsibilities are carried out by the Councillors individually and collectively, supported by the Parish Clerk. All Councillors are available to listen to your concerns. Councillors do not receive allowances. The Council Chair receives a small honorarium in place of expenses. The Council raises a relatively small amount of money (the precept) each year which is collected with the Council tax.

A Public Forum 

The Parish Council is a forum for people’s views. The Council includes public time as an agenda item at all of its meetings. The Parish Council has hosted additional public meetings on specific issues such as the possible re-opening of Saltford’s railway station, the planning application for housing development in Green Belt at Manor Road, and the wish to re-open 'permissive' paths around Saltford.

The Planning Process 

The Parish Council has a role in the planning process. All planning applications are passed to the Parish Council for its viewpoint although final decision-making rests with B&NES Council, the planning authority.
B&NES Council is the local authority responsible for enforcing planning law. If you wish to have a possible planning contravention investigated by B&NES Council, you can complete the required Enforcement Complaint form, which can be found on this page of B&NES’ website.  The advantages of this are that you will know that your concern is being dealt with and you will know the outcome. You can also contact your B&NES Saltford ward councillors who can help advise in these matters: their contact details are on this page under Saltford.
Any issues raised with the Parish Council will be passed to the members of the Planning Committee. An alleged contravention brought to the attention of Parish Councillors which is considered appropriate to be raised and is agreed by the Committee as requiring reporting to B&NES Council, will go forward in the name of the Parish Council. Please note that the Parish Council Planning Committee only meets every four weeks.

See our Planning page and Minutes of our Planning Committee
See also B&NES planning application search page

Community Engagement 

The Parish Council seeks to promote community engagement. For example, there is an annual community award scheme to recognise the efforts and achievement of individuals in the village. 

Saltford Parish Council aims to engage with residents by keeping them up to date with council decisions and activities. This is achieved through communications via its website (see 'Latest News') the e-newsletter (details to sign up here), a full page in each edition of S.C.A.N, and more recently via its Facebook and Twitter accounts (a copy of SPC's Social Media policy can be found here).

Financial Assistance Grants 

The Parish Council sets aside a small amount of money each year for financial assistance grants that local groups can apply for to support an initiative or development that would benefit the residents of Saltford. 

Please read our Grant Application Guide and Grant Application Policy to find out more about criteria, conditions and the application process.

If you wish to apply for a grant for your group, download and return a Grant Application Form with any supporting documents to the Parish Clerk.

St Mary's Churchyard 

The Parish Council has a direct responsibility for the maintenance of St Mary’s churchyard, because it is categorised as a “closed” churchyard.

Allotment Site 

The Parish Council also has oversight of the Wick House Close allotment site.  This small site, owned by Curo and managed by the Parish Council, has twelve plots (both 'half' and 'full') available for Saltford residents. The rents are currently £20 per year for a full plot and £10 per year for a half plot, as reviewed by Councillors annually. There are two waiting lists for the site: one for Curo tenants and one for other Saltford residents (our agreed policy is to alternate between the two lists).  When full plots become available they may be split into half plots.  For enquiries or to go on one of the waiting lists, contact

B&NES Council and other agencies responsibilities

Most of the services affecting Saltford are carried out by Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES) and other agencies such as the Police, Curo etc. The Parish Council welcomes your assistance to ensure that standards are maintained. The Parish Council can signpost residents to information about how to contact the appropriate bodies of any actions required. Much of the Parish Council’s work involves persuading other authorities and bodies to carry out work for the benefit of Saltford.

Links with other organisations

In addition to consultation with B&NES on many matters the Parish Council has close links with other organisations in Saltford such as:

Saltford Community Association

Keynsham Area Forum

Bath & North East Somerset Council's Parishes Liaison meetings 

River Avon Users' Consultative Committee

Saltford Business Network

Saltford Environment Group

Saltford Fair Trade Group