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Mead Lane consultation - residents event 

Residents are invited to express their views about the future of Mead Lane's river bank with representatives of Lemon Gazelle, who are running the consultation at the request of B&NES Council.

A drop-in session for residents will be held on Tuesday 22nd October, between 10am-1pm, in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall.

More information about the consultation can be found below.


SPC agrees its policy response on the Mead Lane River Bank Consultation

At Saltford Parish Council’s meeting on 1st October, Councillors received a presentation from Lemon Gazelle (independent consultants appointed by B&NES Council) on the Mead Lane consultation. Following this, Saltford Parish Council agreed its policy and online response to the consultation. 

Saltford Parish Council’s policy response can be found here.

Saltford Environment Group’s policy paper making a case for a Local Nature Reserve at Mead Lane, as referred to in Saltford Parish Council’s policy response, can be found here.

The Mead Lane consultation survey can be submitted online at

Should you require a paper copy, a version of the survey can be downloaded here for printing and posting. Please note that paper versions must be posted to the address on the survey and not to Saltford Parish Council. 

A poster for the consultation can be downloaded here

Further information about face-to-face workshops for key stakeholders will be communicated once the details have been shared by Lemon Gazelle. 


Mead Lane River Bank Consultation

Have your say on the future of Mead Lane’s river bank at

This public consultation on the long-term use of the river bank, owned by B&NES Council, went live on 1st October and will run until 31st October.

B&NES Council has commissioned an independent consultation and review to help inform a decision on its long-term use. Further information is also available at

B&NES Council are seeking the views of Saltford residents, as well as users and potential users of the river bank at Mead Lane.

The review will take into consideration the temporary mooring trial on Mead Lane, which ended in 2018. It will also provide a range of options for the future.

B&NES Council have engaged a company called Lemon Gazelle who will undertake the online survey analysis and also deliver three workshops. These three face-to-face sessions will be as follows:

Session 1 – for residents of Saltford

Session 2 – for the boating community

Session 3 – for partner organisations

Details about the date and time of these sessions will be publicised in due course.

The consultants will be giving a presentation to Saltford Parish Council at SPC’s October meeting (Tuesday 1st October, 7.15pm, Saltford Hall). The public are welcome to attend. Saltford Parish Council will discuss and respond to the consultation following Lemon Gazelle’s presentation. Any decisions made by SPC regarding the Mead Lane Moorings Consultation will be made public following the meeting.


Outdoor advertisements and signs - guidance

This booklet, prepared by Communities and Local Government, aims to explain to everyone who wants to display an outdoor advertisement how the system of advertisement control works in England. 

Throughout England, local planning authorities are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the advertisement control system, and for deciding whether a particular advertisement should be permitted or not. For this purpose the local planning authority for your area is B&NES Council. Information about planning is available on the B&NES Council website at 


Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders protect trees which make a significant impact on their local surroundings. All types of trees can be covered by a TPO.

If there is a tree in Saltford that you think should be protected, please contact B&NES Council on or write to: Planning Services, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG.

To check if a tree is already protected by a TPO, the Tree Preservation Order Map is available here.

Should you see work being carried out on a protected tree, to find out if the owner has permission just check the online planning register.

More information about TPOs can be found here on the B&NES Council website.


Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM - Monday 4th November 

Saltford Parish Council will once again be hosting the Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM. Residents are invited to attend to discuss issues and concerns with members of the local Beat Team, Parish Councillors and B&NES Ward Councillors. The meeting will take place on Monday 4th November starting at 7pm, in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. No need to book, and all residents are welcome. A copy of our poster can be found here.


Notice of Public Inquiry - Public footpaths BA27/79 and BA27/80 (Glenavon Farm)

Notice has been given that a Definitive Map Modification Order will be determined by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. A copy of the notice of order can be viewed here.

The Public Inquiry will be held at Keynsham Community Space (above Keynsham Library), Market Walk, Keynsham BS31 1FS on Thursday 13 February 2020 at 10am.


External Auditor Report and Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018/19 

The audit of accounts for Saltford Parish Council for the year ending 31st March 2019 has been completed. The external auditors have stated that the council’s accounts are in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to their attention giving cause for concern. No matters were drawn to the attention of the council. The Notice of Conclusion of Audit and external auditor report and certificate are available here. Copies are also on display on the SPC noticeboard.  


SPC submits response to appeal inquiry to build on safeguarded land between Saltford and Keynsham

At SPC’s Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 6th August it was resolved that Saltford Parish Council would maintain its strong objection to the proposed development on safeguarded Green Belt land (Parcel 9000) between Saltford and Keynsham and to submit a statement to the Appeal Inquiry explaining why and asking the Inspector to reject the appeal and refuse planning permission.

A copy of SPC's submission can be found here

It was also resolved that Cllr Phil Harding or Cllr Adrian Betts would represent Saltford Parish Council at the public inquiry. 

On 16th August SPC received the information that the appeallant had withdrawn their appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. 


Defibrillators in Saltford

Defibrillators save lives. Each year in Britain over 30,000 people have cardiac arrests outside of hospital environments.

SPC is keen to raise awareness about defibrillator locations in Saltford so residents know where their nearest one is.

You never know - this information may just save a life. 

Locations as follows: 

(Note: Those 'on premises' are accessible only when open, with permission of site owners/managers) 

Davies and Way Estate Agents (Beech Road side, BS31 3BA, on external wall) 

Saltford Hall (Wedmore Road, BS31 3BY, on external wall)

Saltford CofE School (Claverton Road, BS31 3DW, on premises)

Saltford Golf Club (Golf Club Lane, BS31 3AA, on premises)

Saltford Rowing Club (Bath Road,  BS31 3JS, on premises)


Pavement parking - actions by SPC

Thank you to everyone who contacted Saltford Parish Council about pavement parking.  

At its July meeting Councillors discussed your responses to our request for problematic locations. Councillors resolved to raise awareness of the dangers of pavement parking and to request support from the police.

Beat Officers have let us know that pavement parking is something they can deal with, and that they will visit the list of locations given to the parish council and deal with any offences. Police will monitor the locations provided by Saltford Parish Council on an ongoing basis.

Residents are encouraged to call the Police via 101 to report any problematic instances of pavement parking. They request that are contacted at the time of it occurring, so a member of the team can attend and deal with the situation.


Statement to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination

At its July meeting, Saltford Parish Council agreed its statement to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination.

A copy of the response can be found here.

It was also agreed at the meeting that Cllr Phil Harding (Chair of Planning Committee) and Cllr Adrian Betts (Vice Chair of Planning Committee) will lead on representation of Saltford Parish Council at the West of England Joint Spatial Plan examination. 


Parish Walk - 11th June 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us on SPC's annual Parish Walk. It may have been a bit grey and drizzly but that did not stop us from having a great evening walk to Kelston and back.

Once at Kelston itself the group divided into two with most people heading to the top of the round hill. Those who wanted a less steep walk opted for the shorter level walk and enjoyed a leisurely stroll back towards Saltford. Both walks provided lovely views of our village.

A special thanks goes to Robin and Cheryl, our experienced guides, for leading the walk again this year.


Internal and External Audit 2018/19

Information and documents relating to Saltford Parish Council's audited annual accounts are now available under Annual Returns on our website.

Saltford Parish Council manages its income responsibly, appropriately, and transparently in line with its Financial Regulations. Spend is decided at public meetings and every bank transaction is authorised by two Councillors.

Every month (bar August when the Council does not meet) SPC's Schedule of Expenditure and Monthly Financial Report are published on our website with the agenda. These documents are approved at SPC meetings and are recorded in the minutes. 

Minutes are displayed on the website here and also on the SPC noticeboard.  


 SPC Policy Overview

At the first meeting of the newly elected Saltford Parish Council on 17th May, the following policy overview was adopted:

Saltford Parish Council is in favour of protecting the Green Belt around the village from development including from fracking and a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing); reopening the railway station on the existing site; and that Saltford should continue to be a caring community that encourages Fairtrade and looks after the environment whilst aiming for a lighter ecological footprint that is more climate friendly for the benefit of future generations.

Overgrown vegetation by public paths

SPC has received reports about overgrown vegetation on or near public footpaths causing problems for residents.

Vegetation encroaching on paths can result in access issues, such as people having to walk on the road due to reduced space on the path. There are also safety concerns, for example the risk of injury due to a branch at eye-level.

Saltford Parish Council wishes to remind landowners that they have a duty to cut back vegetation so that it does not obstruct or make public paths difficult to use. 

It is the duty of B&NES Council to maintain the public's right to use public footpaths. As such B&NES Council will take action where necessary to ensure that this duty is met.

If you are affected by limited access on paths due to vegetation and you wish to report a specific location, you can contact B&NES Council using their 'Report It' form here

Alternatively, you can contact the team by phone via Council Connect on 01225 394041.

Further information on the B&NES website about pavement damage or obstruction can be found here

SPC's annual 'Parish Walk' - 11th June 2019

SPC's FREE event at the Saltford Festival, ‘The Parish Walk’ will take place on the evening of Tuesday 11th June – everyone is welcome (including well behaved dogs!)

Once again this walk will be led by two knowledgeable walking guides.

We will depart and return to The Shallows via Kelston Village and Kelston Mills. During the walk the group will split into two, with the shorter walk remaining on reasonably level ground. You can view the shorter route here. The second group, for those would like a more challenging walk, will continue up to Kelston Round Hill. You can view the route here.

The Parish Walk will set off from The Shallows Car Park at 7pm, and we hope that many residents will be able to join us. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and to bring a bottle of water with you.

Photograph taken by Cllr Phil Harding in May 2019.


Saltford Parish Council election results

Following the Parish Council elections held on 2nd May 2019, the following candidates have been declared as Saltford Parish Councillors:

Adrian Betts, Marie Carder, Will Feay, Jon Godfrey, Gary Graveling, Phil Harding, Duncan Hounsell, Adam Rees-Leonard, Rob Taylor, Sally Turner and Chris Warren.

The Notice of Election results can be found here (see page 13).

All Saltford Parish Council candidates stood as Independents.

The current Saltford Parish Council retired on Tuesday 7th May, the same date that the newly elected Saltford Parish Council came into office.

Contact information for the newly elected Councillors to Saltford Parish Council is available here. You can also contact Councillors via the Parish Clerk, please see here for details.

Notice for the first meeting of the newly elected Saltford Parish Council has been displayed for Friday 17th May, 7:15pm, Saltford Hall. The public are welcome to attend and speak at meetings.

B&NES Ward Councillors 

Following elections on 2nd May 2019, Saltford Ward declared its B&NES Council Saltford Ward Councillors.

Duncan Hounsell (Liberal Democrat) and Alastair Singleton (Liberal Democrat) were elected.

Contact details for both Saltford Ward B&NES Councillors are available here (please scroll to the end of the page).



Saltford Parish Council elections - 2nd May 2019

Please see here for our elections newsletter. 

A poll will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 between 7am and 10pm. There are twelve candidates standing for election, the persons listed on the Notice of Poll (p.10) have been validly nominated. The number of Councillors to be elected in Saltford is eleven.

The situation of the polling station (p.10) for the election of Councillors to Saltford Parish Council is Saltford Hall, Wedmore Road, Saltford BS31 3BY. Staff will direct residents to the correct desk on arrival.

(B&NES Saltford Ward Council elections will also be taking place at the same date, time and location as above.)

The current Saltford Parish Council will retire on Tuesday 7th May, the same date that the newly elected Saltford Parish Council come into office.

The first full council meeting of the new Saltford Parish Council will take place on Friday 17th May 2019, starting at 7:15pm in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. The agenda will be issued three days before the meeting, and the public are welcome to attend. 


Community Award Winners 2019 Announced!

Saltford Parish Council were pleased to welcome so many residents to its Annual Parish Meeting on 2nd April. The SPC Community Awards took place as part of the meeting, and the Parish Council were delighted to award seven individuals or groups with awards. For more information about our award winners visit the 'Community Awards' page.

Winners were as follows:

Saltford Achievement Award – Julie Sampson (Saltford Wombles)

Saltford Achievement Award – Mary Stoate (Library Volunteer Co-ordinator, collected by Ian Purnell on Mary’s behalf)

Saltford Achievement Award – Catherine Singleton (Saltford Scouts)

Saltford Achievement Award – Kevin Reeves (Saltford Stars and Saltford Business Network)

Volunteer Team Award – Saltford Primary School Parent Teacher Association (collected by Ruth Presswood, Emma Willet and Suzanne Young)

Volunteer Team Award – Saltford Community Hub Library Volunteers (collected by Bob Wiggins and Marian O’Leary)

Business in the Community Award – Saltford Community Library and Post Office (collected by David Halton, Chair, and Fred Smedley, Secretary)

The photo shows the award winners with their certificates, and each award winner has donated their £70 prize to the local organisation of their choice. 

Saltford Parish Council were delighted to publicly recognise the valuable contribution the above volunteers have made to the Saltford community, and would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual Parish Meeting.


SPC submits comprehensive Joint Local Transport Plan consultation response 

SPC agreed its response to the Joint Local Transport Plan 4 consultation at its March meeting.

In answer to 'What does Saltford want?' SPC stated: The answer is a re-opened station as part of Metro West, development of the Midland Railway Path as a mass transit route, the withdrawal of references to bypass options, investment in walking, cycling, and buses. Heavy goods vehicles on journeys which often originate from sea ports need to be directed to national routes well away from the A4.

To read Saltford Parish Council's full response click here.

The JLTP4 consultation ends on 20th March 2019. For more information, including how residents can respond to the consultation, visit 


High hedges – How to agree what is right for you and your neighbours

Tall evergreen hedges such as leylandii can sometimes cause problems between neighbours. Amongst other issues, high hedges can impede a person’s enjoyment of their home through affecting light or access.

Saltford Parish Council always suggests that neighbours try to solve the problems between themselves in the first instance. For guidance on how to approach your neighbours about high hedges, see Over the Garden Hedge which provides a comprehensive suggested process.

Approaching B&NES Council should be viewed as a last resort after all efforts of negotiation have been exhausted. B&NES Council has the power in some circumstances to adjudicate between neighbours on high hedges and can issue (and enforce) a ‘Remedial Notice’ requiring changes to the hedge. Please note that a fee is payable when applying for this service, and the complainant needs to show that they have tried to resolve the issue with their neighbour before applying. You can find more information on the High Hedges page of the B&NES website.


The Little Book of Big Scams

Avon and Somerset Constabulary have reported an increase in the number of rogue traders in the B&NES area. To raise awareness of this and other scams, see The Little Book of Big Scams here which has a section on door-to-door fraud on page 30.

Avon and Somerset Contabulary state: "We want to remind residents to be wary of any unexpected callers offering goods or services. Always use tradespeople who have been recommended by a trusted source, and never pay in advance or cash. Remember you should be given a 14-day cooling off period before any works starts"

If you have any information regarding rogue trader incidents, contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. 



SPC Cllrs attend launch of JLTP4

Saltford Parish Council was strongly represented at the launch of the West of England's Joint Local Transport Plan (JLTP) 4th consultation, held on Monday 11th February at the Somerdale Pavilion. Pictured L-R are Cllr Duncan Hounsell, Cllr Adrian Betts, Cllr Phil Harding (Vice Chair) and Cllr Chris Warren (Chair). The draft plan and consultation questionniare can be found at, the consultation closes on 20th March 2019. Councillors will discuss JLTP4 at the March SPC meeting which takes place on 5th March at 7.15pm in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. 



SPC's key actions and achievements May 2015 - January 2019

At SPC's February meeting, Chris Warren, Chair of Saltford Parish Council, summarised the key actions and achievements of the current council. To read the full report please see here.

These have been grouped under the following headings: Community infrastructure and heritage; Community events; Lobbying and public consultation responses; Traffic and environmental issues; Local planning matters; Communicating with residents; Community care and support; and Financial responsibility. 

Re-opening Saltford Railway Station – update

Councillors at Saltford Parish Council (SPC) are continuing to lobby for the re-opening Saltford Railway Station at its current site.

Read the open letter sent to all relevant bodies and local media in November 2018 here.

A response to SPC’s letter was received from Cllr Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, in January 2019. Cllr Bowles stated that following his and Cllr Tim Warren’s (Leader of B&NES Council) discussions, their intervention had ensured that a new railway station at Saltford will feature in a map of transport improvements in the Joint Local Transport Plan. The Joint Local Transport Plan will be open for public consultation in January 2019.

Read Saltford Parish Council’s comprehensive response to Cllr Tim Bowles’s letter, which has been copied in to over 20 relevant people and organisations, here. This includes how SPC will respond to the Joint Local Transport Plan (referred to as JLTP4 in the letter) as well as the actions and information requested by SPC following the close of the consultation.

Parish Councillors will discuss further actions to achieve the re-opening of Saltford Railway Station at the February SPC meeting (Item 10 the agenda). For more information about SPC's public meetings please visit our 'Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes' webpage.


Saltford Parish Council 2019/20 Precept

Saltford Parish Council has agreed its budget for the 2019/20 financial year. The amount of precept (tax) to be levied will increase to £33,840.

In 2018/19 SPC received £32,861 in precept plus a £250 B&NES Council Tax Support Grant, totaling £33,111.

B&NES has withdrawn the Council Tax Support Grant for the year 2019/20. As such £33,840 is an overall 2.2% increase on £33,111, in line with the rate of inflation (as of Nov 2018). 

Given the tax base set by B&NES for Saltford Parish, this is a rise of 60p per year per Band D property, or 1.15p per week (the charge for a Band D property in 2018/19 was 18.32, in 2019/20 it will be £18.92, this is an overall 3.3% precept increase).

 SPC grants SCA funding for three free Wi-Fi hot spots

Saltford Parish Council has agreed to make a grant to Saltford Community Association of £1113.58 to fund the provision of three free Wi-Fi hot spots in Saltford. The three hot spots will be based at Saltford Hall, Saltford Community Post Office & Library and the red phone box opposite the Bird in Hand pub. Members of the Saltford community and other visitors requiring free internet access are expected to benefit from the project. Look out for more details in the future.

SPC sets aside money each year for financial assistance grants that local groups can apply for to support an initiative or development that would benefit the residents of Saltford. Please see our website for more information. All documents are available on our website under ‘Council Responsibilities’ or from the office.


SPC's response to the Shale Gas Development (Fracking) Consultation

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is seeking views on whether applicants in England should be required to conduct pre-application consultation with the local community prior to submitting a planning application for shale gas development (fracking).

Read SPC's response to the consultation here.

To find out more about the consultation and to have your say visit here.

The consultation closes on 7th January 2019. 



SPC's response to the B&NES Local Plan Options Consultation

Saltford Parish Council agreed its response to the B&NES Local Plan Options consultation at its meeting on Tuesday 4th December. Read the full response here.

It makes a number of recommendations concerning protecting the Green Belt around both Keynsham and Saltford, raises the question of “net environmental gain”, and makes specific recommendations concerning the proposals for relocating Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park eastwards to encroach on Saltford’s Green Belt. 

To find out more about the B&NES Local Plan Options Consultation visit here (deadline for responses 7th January 2019). 


Saltford FC officially open new barrier as funded by support from Saltford Parish Council 

Following a very generous grant from Saltford Parish Council and additional financial aid provided by Saltford Sports Club, Saltford FC are proud to formally open their new crowd barrier.

The new barrier means that the pitch now meets the requirements of the County Premier league which is Saltford FCs next promotion target. It also moves Saltford FC forward by providing a more professional appearance for visitors, and also removes the inherent health and safety issues that were had with the old rope barrier it replaces.

Saltford Parish Council sets aside a small amount of money each year for financial assistance grants. Local groups can apply for a grant to support an initiative or development that would benefit the residents of Saltford. Following discussion about the grant application at its March meeting, Saltford Parish Council were pleased to award Saltford FC £3,407.50 towards the costs of the new barrier.

Phil Saunder, Chair of Saltford FC, states: "Financial planning for the barrier started in January 2018 when it appeared that our First team were heading for a top two finish in their Somerset County League division which would normally have led to promotion into the Premier Division where this type of barrier is a requirement. Eventually we did finish second but due to league restructuring we were denied promotion. After the Parish Council agreed to support us in March we secured the other funding we needed and placed the order. Thanks to Martyn and John from Keynsham Fencing and Landscaping the barrier was installed with hours to spare before our cup match against Fry’s in early October – it must have been a lucky omen as we went on to win 1 nil! Let’s hope it continues to spur us on for the rest of the season and gain the promotion we deserve."

Other benefits include a big reduction in the time taken to prepare the pitch on match days. It also provides Saltford FC with the ideal platform to display sponsorship boards to attract much needed finance to the club.

Photo shows members of Saltford FC, including Chair Phil Saunder, alongside Saltford Parish Councillors Chris Warren (Chair) and Phil Harding (Vice Chair) and staff from Keynsham Fencing and Landscaping.


WW1 Centenary Commemorative Event - 11th November 2018

An estimated 300 people attended the fantastic WW1 event held at Saltford Hall on the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday. This free event was organised  by Saltford Parish Council, Saltford Community Association and Saltford Environment Group.

Visitors to Saltford Parish Council's display were particularly interested in the results of the WW1 Saltford Genealogy Project. This project, funded by the Parish Council, enabled six local residents to have an ancestor's World War 1 service researched. To find out more about how to research your own family history click here.

Visitors also enjoyed viewing displays by SEG and Saltford School, singing along to music from the period performed by a live band, sampling '1918 war cake' and much more. 

It was a great afternoon bringing the community together on this special day of remembrance, and through refreshment donations raised funds for the Royal British Legion. 



Saltford residents gather at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday 2018

A large crowd of Saltford residents gathered by the newly refurbished War Memorial at 11am to mark the centenary of the end of WW1. 

Uniformed youth, including the Beavers, Rainbows, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Guides paraded to and from the War Memorial as part of the commemorations.

Alongside many others, a wreath was laid by SPC Chair Cllr Chris Warren on behalf of Saltford Parish Council.



Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM on 7th November. PC Samantha Kayser (Beat Manager) gave the following summary at the meeting: 

We are working hard to maintain a visible police presence in Keynsham and surrounding areas. We continue to encourage members of the community to contact the police to report any suspicious activity. We rely on intelligence and information from those around us to assist in keeping our communities safe.The colder weather and the darker evenings are here so we would encourage everyone to think about their security, even when at home. All doors and windows should be left secure when out and when at home, consideration should be given to the parts of the house which are not occupied (for example if you are in the back garden and the front door is unlocked). Consider leaving a light on if you are out for the evening to give the impression somebody is at home. Think about where house and car keys are kept. Vulnerable keys leave cars and other premises potentially at risk. Advice is available on home security if required. Please feel free to contact your local beat team.

Beat Officers for Keynsham and surrounding areas

PC 4135 Kerry GRACE – Beat Manager (Saltford)

07739 628670

PC 3803 James EVANS – Beat Manager

07889 656353

PCSO 9973 Christopher PURVEY – Police Community Support Officer

07889 659620

PCSO 8149 Sarah HEWLETT – Police Community Support Officer

07889 656605

The above contacts are for information and non-urgent enquiries only. If officers are on rest days, leave or sick there may be a delay in responding. If you wish to report an incident or a crime or need to speak to a Police Officer you should contact 101. For all emergencies call 999.

Photo taken by Cllr Phil Harding, showing Cllr Duncan Hounsell (who organised the meeting) with Saltford residents and Avon & Somerset Community Officers. 


SPC funded barrier star of the match!

In March, Saltford Parish Council were pleased to grant Saltford FC £3407.50 towards the newly installed safety barrier for players and officials. 

Photo shows Cllr Duncan Hounsell and members of Saltford FC at the cup match on Saturday 13th October - Saltford FC vs Fry's Keynsham - the first match played with the new barriers (Saltford FC won!) 




B&NES Flooding information for residents

As winter approaches, drainage issues may arise and potentially cause flooding. B&NES have recently published their autumn Flood Rep Newsletter containing information and advice, including how to protect your property and how to report flooding. If you are interested in being a Flood Rep please contact the Parish Clerk for details.




Results from Saltford Parish Council's First World War genealogy project will be on display at the Centenary event.

This free public event, held in conjunction with Saltford Community Association and Saltford Environment Group, will be held at Saltford Hall on Sunday 11th November between 2-5pm. Click here for more information.




Saltford Parish Council re-opens - The Parish Office has re-opened following its temporary closure due to the Saltford Community Library and Post Office Hub refurbishment. Please note that the Parish Clerk works part-time, so if you would like to meet please arrange in advance.

Photo taken at the Library and Post Office opening ceremony on 24th September by Cllr Phil Harding.




Planning Permission - a helpful guide for Saltford residents by Cllr Duncan Hounsell 



Lest We Forget

New railings and gate, made by Kelston Forge, have been installed on Saltford War Memorial . . .

. . . in time for the centenary of World War One on 11.11.18 

Saltford's first Refill station: refill your water bottle and avoid plastic waste

Saltford Hall, open during the day and on most early evenings, is Saltford's first venue to be registered as a Refill station. Refill is the national tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle easy, convenient and cheap by introducing refill points on every street. Download the free Refill app via to find refill stations across the UK. 

Stand for Saltford Parish Council in May 2019

Community minded? Want to have a say on what happens locally? How about standing for election to Saltford Parish Council in May 2019 when a new Council is formed for another four year period?

Saltford Parish Council has 11 councillors. If more than 11 come forward in May 2019, this triggers an election among the voters of Saltford. An election generates interest and discussion of village matters and gives confidence to those who are elected. The level of commitment required as a councillor varies: the minimum expectation is that a councillor attends a monthly meeting (except August). However, councillors may choose to join other committees and working groups and represent the Council on other bodies.

To view the Electoral Commission's guidance and resources about being a candidate at a parish election in England click here. 

If you stand for election, please be aware that if elected, Saltford Parish Council's 'New Councillor Training Session' will take place on Tuesday 7th May at 7:15pm, and the first meeting of the newly elected Council will take place on Friday 17th May 2019 at 7:15pm in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall.

The process of standing for election is straightforward. The contact for all aspects of this electoral process is the Electoral Services Officer, B&NES Council, Guildhall, Bath BA1 5AW. Tel: 01225 477333 Email: 

Nomination papers simply require that you have a proposer and a seconder. Your and their electoral registration numbers will be needed. Nomination papers to stand for SPC can be found here  (the Parish Clerk can also print out nomination papers for anyone interested in standing, please contact the Clerk in advance). A copy of the electoral register is available for public inspection under supervision in the Bath Record Office, at the Guildhall in Bath. Please check the Bath Record Office opening times before arranging your visit. It is advised that nomination papers are returned in person to The Guildhall, Bath, in all circumstances, by the closing time and date for nominations (see timetable above). Note that Saltford currently has two polling districts and two registers. Full details including closing dates for nominations will be on B&NES Council's website nearer the time.

If you would like more information on the role of the Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk at Saltford Library or any of the current councillors. The website provides much useful information as well.