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SPC addresses B&NES Cabinet on the future of Mead Lane moorings

At its October meeting (on Tuesday 6th October) SPC resolved its response to the publication of the civil engineers report on Mead Lane and officer recommendations. SPC agreed that Cllr Phil Harding, Vice Chair of SPC, would address B&NES Cabinet on Thursday 8th October with SPC's resolution. To see a copy of the deputation stated by Cllr Harding at the B&NES Cabinet meeting please see here

B&NES Cabinet agreed to relocate moorings from Mead Lane no later than the end of Dec 2022, with a charging system for moorings from March 2021. Alternative locations for 14 day moorings will be identified by B&NES Council prior to ending moorings at Mead Lane. Cabinet also agreed to permanently remove 48hr moorings at this location from November 2020. For safety, no winter moorings will be allowed between November and February. B&NES Council and the Canal & River Trust will create a joint River Warden post. 


B&NES Council Cabinet to decide on future of Mead Lane moorings

B&NES Council’s Cabinet will decide the future of moorings at Mead Lane when it meets on Thursday 8th October. This follows the publication of a civil engineers report on the stability of the river bank. To view the B&NES Council Cabinet agenda (including the engineers report - see item 11) click here.

 Saltford Parish Council will agree its response to the contents of engineers report at its meeting on Tuesday 6th October (details of SPC’s meeting will be published on Thursday 1 October, please see the 'Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes page of this website). An SPC Cllr will address B&NES Council Cabinet members with SPC’s resolved response during ‘public time’ at the Cabinet meeting on 8th October.

To view B&NES Council's media release published on 30th September about the future of moorings at Mead Lane, visit here.



B&NES Council update for boaters affected by River Avon incident

Message from B&NES Council: Following this week’s river incident at Twerton which affected many members of the boating community B&NES Council will extend its emergency COVID duties.

B&NES Council has not reopened the moorings at Mead Lane but in light of the exceptional circumstance no action will be taken to move boats on until a decision about the moorings is taken by cabinet when it meets on October 8.

Following a cabinet meeting on 16 January B&NES Council took the decision to temporarily close Mead Lane mooring whilst a structural survey was undertaken to consider the suitability of this land for moorings following concerns raised by the community relating to the extensive repairs/construction of the Mead Lane highway and river bank during 2005.

The results of the structural survey will be presented to the B&NES Council cabinet on October 8, to enable cabinet to make an informed decision on the long term use of this land.

All the affected boats at Twerton have been refloated following a huge team effort between the boaters, the Environment Agency, the council, the Canal and Rivers Trust and Julian House. Work continues to support those affected.

For details about the cabinet decision taken on 16 January go to

Cabinet Decision:


I Love Local - I Love Saltford

B&NES Council’s Business and Skills Team will be leading a Saltford Business Network (SBN) Zoom session about the ‘I Love Local’ campaign as recently launched in other nearby areas. The Zoom meeting will take place at 7pm on 24th September.

The I love Local campaign encourages people to shop locally, to use locally provided services and locally produced products. See more on the  I Love Local web page.

Saltford Business Network is keen to work with other local groups to bring the campaign to the Saltford area. The team at B&NES Council will be providing an outline on how they can enable Saltford to develop its own I Love Local campaign and other ways in which they support local businesses.

The Events Organiser for SBN has informed SPC: ‘This initiative, which has some B&NES support money available, is primarily to encourage people to use local high streets, local services and buy local produce. We would like 'local' to cover the villages around Saltford too…The meeting on the 24th is open to anyone interested, not just the members of the business network’.

There will be a chance for a Q & A followed by an open forum for more general chat and networking.

Email SBN on and you will be sent joining instructions nearer the time.

Further information can be found here.


Parking suspension on High St - letter to residents

SPC was informed the evening of 10th September by the Bath Film Office that a film crew has requested that B&NES Council suspend a total of 15 parking bays on the High St to allow road access for crew vehicles next week. Please see the letter and map attached, which SPC has been informed is being delivered to residents.

The Bath Film Office have stated that 'The production team's contact numbers are on the letter in case of any problems and they will be around on 15th to liaise with any residents if necessary prior to the access'. Please find a copy of the letter below and map opposite.

Dear Resident                                                                                                   September 2020

Filming McDonald and Dodds in Saltford

Further to our previous letter we have some more details of our filming activities.

Mammoth Screen are planning to film scenes for the next series of McDonald and Dodds in a property in Saltford we are requesting car parking spaces to be kept cleared on the following dates and times, this will ensure safe passage for our larger vehicles to enter the High Street and exit the High Street once filming has been completed

Tueday 15th September

From 07:00 to ensure spaces kept clear for arrival the next day

Wednesday 16 Sept

Between 7:00am -11:00am - Deliveries before filming begins

Friday 18 September

7:00am - 8:00pm

On these dates we will have some large vehicles passing through the village. To aid their passage through the village it would be much appreciated if residents' cars are not parked on the 'pinch points' and elsewhere parked as close to the kerb as possible.

To this end we are requesting from BATHNES a parking suspension of 15 spaces from along the pinch points. This suspension will come into effect from the morning of Tuesday 15 September, it is identified the areas we are requesting on the plan on the reverse, which we have liaised with the Bath Film Office about. In-between these hours and dates the bays will be released back for general use.

We will have marshals in the area from Tuesday evening who will liaise with local residents if necessary and will be there to address any concerns raised.

We will also have marshals managing the flow of traffic during the times that our crew arrive and depart.

If you have any concerns, please contact either Leon or Josh below.

Kind Regards

Tim Faulkner

Location manager

Leon Welchman

Josh Suter

Assistant Location Manager

Unit Manager

07798 866 273

07539 181100

Mammoth Screen (MD2) Production Offices, Unit 1 Oakwood Park, Lodge Causeway, Bristol, BS16 3JA



Update from St Augustine's re. Saltford Surgery

On Friday 21st August, SPC received the following message from St Augustine's Surgery:

We recognise that the changes made happened rapidly and for some this might have made our services less accessible. We really appreciate the residents patience and understanding as we work through this process. A huge amount of work and planning is going on behind the scenes to allow us to restart services and to keep patients safe. At Saltford the types of appointments we can offer are restricted by the number of parking spaces available and the space within in the waiting area.  In the coming weeks we will start to redeploy staff to Saltford but in order to reduce the transmission of infection we will only arrange face to face assessment where it is clinically necessary. For now the waiting area will remain closed and we kindly ask that patients continue to conduct all enquiries by telephone or via online services and only attend the surgery if asked to do so by a clinician.
For most long term health conditions we provide annual assessments done in the month of birth (the frequency might be increased if the condition is not well controlled). We are starting to reintroduce this monitoring if it is essential or if it can be done by online questionnaire, phone or video call.
We also know that flu vaccination will be very important this year if you are eligible for a vaccination we will be in touch with shortly to provide a pre-arranged date.
Thank you for your continued support.
If there are regular opportunities to give updates via a newsletter I would be more than happy to do so, if it involves the local community in shaping our plans/services.
In addition to our website we also have also established a Facebook page to share regular updates / information with patients, this can be found: @staugustinesmedicalpracticekeynsham

DfT data collection - Cameras on Grange Road on 15th Sept

SPC has been informed that there will be cameras in Grange Road on 15th September as part of a legitimate data collection exercise for the Department for Transport. Cameras may be attached to lampposts.

A company named WSP is undertaking Road Traffic Surveys on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT) under the project of DfT National Road Traffic Census. B&NES Council have given permission for cameras to be attached to some lampposts.

Further information about the National Road Traffic census can be found here.


SPC's new website to go live in September 2020

Saltford Parish Council is keen to ensure that its website meets the Accessibility Regulations 2018. It is currently working with a local Saltford business to redesign its website to ensure the content available is as accessible as reasonably possible. For more information please see here for our website accessibility statement.

Other benefits of the new website will be that it is easier to navigate and more 'user friendly', and that it is easy to read from all devices including tablets and smartphones. 


Fire service visit Saltford to raise awareness on water safety

Drowning is one of the UK’s leading causes of accidental death. SPC has been in contact with Avon Fire & Rescue Service about raising safety awareness. Our thanks goes to the Hicks Gate team who have been visiting Saltford's river side areas this weekend to discuss safety with river users (photo taken Saturday 8th August near the marinas).Further visits will take place over the summer.

Saltford Parish Council and Avon Fire and Rescue Service are also working together to identify longer term strategies to improve water safety awareness locally. Updates on any actions will be shared here.

SPC actions during periods of high visitor numbers

As lockdown restrictions were eased, Saltford experienced a high number of visitors especially to its ‘old village’ and river side areas. Many residents contacted SPC to raise their concerns in late May and June. For a full report on the immediate and ongoing actions by SPC in response to the ‘influx’ please see scroll below.

It is likely that Saltford will continue to have a high number of people visit its conservation and river side areas over the summer months. SPC advises residents to contact the police on 101 if urgent (or 999 in an emergency) should they have concerns relating to issues such as anti-social behaviour, dangerous parking or dangerous road congestion etc. Thank you to those residents who have called the police when required, and SPC has appreciated A&V police’s response to the concerns raised by residents. The Keynsham Beat Team can be contacted here - scroll to the end of the page for the contact form. SPC continues to be in regular contact with A&S Police and B&NES Council regarding this matter, including requesting extra patrols and a strong police presence during periods of hot weather as anticipated this weekend.

SPC have also made contact with Avon Fire and Rescue, to identify both short and longer term strategies to raise awareness of water safety by the river. Following contact, SPC has been informed that members of Avon Fire and Rescue will be engaging with users of the river during hot spells to raise awareness of water safety, this will be accompanied by a social media campaign promoted by SPC. Councillors will be discussing longer term strategies to support water safety awareness with representatives of Avon Fire and Rescue, any actions and outcomes will be reported in due course. SPC has also recently approached the Bath River Safety Group and the Canal River Trust for guidance on improving water safety awareness.

B&NES Council have installed temporary parking bans at Mead Lane and The Shallows (full length of both sides of the road) to assist safety and access, including to help ensure emergency vehicle access following the recent heavy congestion experienced. SPC have been informed that B&NES Council enforcement officers are regularly patrolling Saltford at least twice a day, and enforcement notices have been issued by B&NES Council staff. For more information please scroll down this section of SPC’s website  for articles about this matter and SPC’s actions. Please note that the Parish Council has no powers to close roads or issue parking tickets, these matters are police and B&NES Council responsibilities respectively.

A special thanks goes to the Saltford Wombles for their hard work these past weeks. Following SPC's request to B&NES Council for support regarding littering, B&NES Council launched their 'Don't Be A Tosser' anti-littering campaign in July, with signs currently displayed around the village. Excessive littering and overflowing bins can be reported to B&NES Council via the website.

(Posted 06/08/20) 


New bus service available for residents

Residents travelling into Bath or Bristol by bus may be interested in a new trial service in the area to 'Book my Bus Ride'. Just under half of the available seats can be booked.

This trial service lets people book a space on a bus before travel, so that a space is guaranteed. The service is being offered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as the need for social distancing means not as many seats on each bus can be offered as previously.  ‘Book My Bus Ride’ may appeal to residents who are key workers and other people who are reliant on public transport but concerned about whether there will be space on their bus.

More details available here, and see here for FAQs.

Brislington Park & Ride – Launched 27 July 2020
Batheaston – Weston via Bath City Centre & Royal United Hospital (3b) – Launched 3 August 2020
Thornbury – Bristol (T1b) – Launching 10 August 2020

Mead Lane moorings - B&NES Council updated information

B&NES Council have updated the 'Mead Lane Saltford Moorings' page on their website (30th July). Please visit here to find the latest official information for this location.

B&NES Council state: Emergency Covid legislation places additional housing and homelessness duties on the council. These duties remain in place until 23 August 2020. These duties require the council to not to do anything that could impact upon an individual’s housing provision. The council has not reopened the moorings at Mead Lane. In order to comply with government guidance action will not be taken to move boats on during the Covid 19 pandemic. This will remain the case until 23 August 2020, at this point the government will inform councils of any new or continuing obligations. 


The Shallows - Temporary parking ban extended

In response to concerns about congestion, safety and both vehicle and pedestrian access on The Shallows, Bath and Northeast Somerset Council have extended the temporary parking ban for up to 18 months. This is in line with measures taken on Mead Lane. A copy of the notice from B&NES Council can be viewed here.

Visitors to the area are reminded to park in the car park area only. Vehicles parked on The Shallows road itself (both sides) are subject to enforcement measures by B&NES Council officers, who are regularly visiting the area and ticketing vehicles where appropriate. 

Saltford Parish Council urges everyone to park with consideration for the safety and benefit of everyone who enjoys the area.

(Posted 30th July) 


SPC resolves to raise awareness about river safety

Drownings can happen quickly and without warning, and are among the leading causes of accidental death in the UK. In 2019, 263 people accidentally drowned in the UK, of these people 50% just happened to be near water and had no intention of entering the water, and 87% of these fatalities were male.

At its July meeting SPC Cllrs discussed ways to make people safer. SPC is currently seeking advice from relevant bodies on how it can improve awareness of the risks and dangers of being around - or swimming in - the river in Saltford.

For water safety information from Avon Fire & Rescue Service see


Temporary footpath closure - near Saltford rowing club

Advance notice of temporary path closure: The footpath that runs alongside the railway track / river, past Saltford rowing club towards Bath, will be closed for Network Rail remedial embankment works.

The closure starts on 14th September 2020 and will last for c. 4 ½ months (public footpaths BA27/47, Saltford, BA9/4 and BA9/5, Corston and BA17/3 Newton St Loe), grid reference ST 6900 6664 to ST 7040 6589.


SPC Parish Walk 2020 

Following its postponement in June due to the COVID19 situation, despite SPC's best efforts to hold its Parish Walk this year (as discussed at the July 2020 meeting), unfortunately we have decided to cancel the walk for 2020. This decision was made on health and safety grounds after discussing with the walk leaders, including concerns regarding low light levels if planning a rescheduled walk for the autumn. 

The volunteer leaders of the walk have kindly said that they are willing to plan the route and lead a walk again in June 2021. Details of the next Parish Walk will be posted here and on social media. This will include route information. As in previous years SPC is planning to have the option to split the group into two during the walk. This allows those who wish to have a longer or more strenuous walk to do so, and equally provides a shorter walk for those who prefer a gentler stroll. All residents will be welcome to join the June 20201 walk as are well-behaved dogs, and no booking will be required. (Photo taken during the June 2019 walk)


SPC Annual Audit 2019/20

SPC's accounts have been externally audited for the 2019/20 year. Please see the Annual Returns section of our website for all relevant documents. The external auditor report (section 3) states: "On the basis of our review of Sections 1 and 2 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR), in our opinion the information in Sections 1 and 2 of the AGAR is in accordance with Proper Practices and no other matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met" and 'Other matters not affecting our opinion which we draw to the attention of the authority: None'.


Mead Lane moorings - update 23rd July 

The river bank at Mead Lane is B&NES land. B&NES Council has confirmed that the temporary ban on moorings remains in place. Please see information on the B&NES Council website here.

B&NES Ward Cllr Duncan Hounsell is keeping SPC informed regarding any information regarding this matter, including any actions B&NES Council may take regarding any boats moored at this location.


Temporary parking bans extended on Mead Lane and The Shallows

The Shallows temporary parking ban has been extended by B&NES Council until 7th August 2020 following reports by concerned residents about safety.

This is further to a further temporary parking ban (TTRO) by B&NES Council on Mead Lane, which will be in place for up to 18 months. These measures by B&NES Council ban parking on the road at both locations.

B&NES Council will increase signage in this area about the temporary parking bans for visitor awareness.

SPC is grateful to B&NES Council for their actions, and to the regular visits by Traffic Enforcement Officers to ensure appropriate and safe parking in this part of the village.

Saltford Parish Council is also grateful to Avon and Somerset Police for their regular patrols of the area which continue to take place more frequently during periods of high visitor numbers.

(Update posted 14/07/2020)



SPC grant to SCA for special edition SCAN and affiliated organisation fees 

Following the impact of COVID19 on local not-for-profit organisations, Saltford Parish Council is pleased to have awarded a grant to the Saltford Community Association to cover all current and any new affiliated organisation fees for the upcoming year. The benefits of the £600 grant will be passed on to affiliated organisations, enabling them to publicise their groups in six editions of SCAN as well as having a table at the SCA’s open morning.

SPC’s grant to cover a special edition of SCAN supports the SCA at a time when its income has been significantly reduced due to the lack of hall hires and advertising income the SCA relies upon. Following receipt of the grant, the SCA has decided to offer free advertising to any Saltford based business for this special edition (please contact the Saltford Community Association directly for more information on this by 17th July).

A joint letter to all residents from SPC Chair Cllr Chris Warren and SCA Chair John Davies will be on the front cover of the special edition of SCAN, which is due out in August 2020.


B&NES Council acts to reduce nuisance parking on The Shallows

Following requests for support from SPC to the police and B&NES Council regarding the recent 'influx' to Saltford, there is now a temporary parking ban on The Shallows.

Message from B&NES Council as follows:

Drivers have been temporarily banned from parking near a popular beauty spot in Saltford as part of measures by Bath & North East Somerset Council and Avon & Somerset Police to tackle anti-social behaviour as the lockdown eases.

Cones have been put out along The Shallows, along the narrowest sections of the road where people have been parking inconsiderately. Police have been patrolling the area and penalty notices have been handed out to vehicles for obstruction of footways and the carriageway.

Due to the large numbers of cars blocking the road near the popular beauty spot, the council issued an emergency temporary traffic regulation notice (TTRN) on Friday (June 26).

Councillor Paul Crossley, cabinet member for Communities, said: “The easing of lockdown is causing significant issues for local authorities and the police across the country, we only have to look at what has happened in Bournemouth recently to see the scale of the problem.

“Locally we are having to deal with very large groups of people gathering in our parks, many are not following social distancing rules and they are leaving huge amounts of litter. We are also seeing inconsiderate parking in parts of Saltford and near Warleigh Weir.

‘We are working with the police and have put in a temporary parking ban along The Shallows, police are also patrolling Royal Victoria Park and our teams are working hard to clear up the additional litter with support from volunteers, but this is putting a huge strain on already stretched services. While we welcome the easing of the lockdown to help our businesses it does not mean the coronavirus has gone away and we do not want to see a local outbreak because of this kind of behaviour.”

Inspector Gavin Usher, Avon and Somerset Police, said: “We’ve been responding to concerns over gatherings in parks and open spaces as well as reports of anti-social behaviour, including littering and use of drugs and alcohol.

“We’ve listened to residents and have increased our patrols in problem areas and we’re working closely with the local authority.

“We’re also using all the powers available to us, including dispersal orders, to tackle these issues and are keeping residents updated.

“It’s important people continue to follow the guidance and restrictions relating to COVID-19. It’s a deadly disease and the risks it poses to public health have not gone away.”




Parking issues and road access in Saltford at peak times

SPC is aware of resident concerns about safety and access during periods of high visitor numbers, and as residents also, Councillors fully sympathise.

SPC will be discussing the issue at its upcoming meeting on Tuesday 7th July, at 7:15pm, via Zoom. Details of the meeting will be publicised on Thursday. SPC welcomes members of the public to join the meeting. You can speak during ‘Public Time’ on any agenda item.

As a reminder, SPC advises residents to call the police on 101 should they see or experience a road safety issue or have any other concerns. Please note that SPC does not have the power to close roads or to address dangerous parking, this is a police responsibility. 



SPC statement - marking three months of Saltford's response to COVID19

Almost three months ago, on Tuesday 17th March, key members of the Saltford community met to agree local actions in response COVID19 pandemic. This meeting was attended by representatives of Saltford Parish Council (SPC), Saltford Community Association (SCA), Saltford School, St Mary’s Church, Saltford Foodbank, Saltford Business Network, Clarkson’s Funeral Directors and Day Lewis Pharmacy and Saltford’s B&NES Ward Councillors  

Immediate actions included setting up a ‘Saltford hub’ phone and email helpline and recruiting volunteers to assist more vulnerable residents and those shielding in the community. The following week, every residence in Saltford received a leaflet from the ‘hub’ – a trusted source - detailing information about the help available to the community.

The response to the group’s request for support was overwhelming. SPC would like to thank, in particular, the Saltford Community Association’s work, as well as the many residents who offered their time and own resources. Whether through manning the phones, shopping, cooking, driving, delivering medicines and hot food, calling for a friendly chat plus so much more – all the actions helped keep residents safe and made them feel supported during uncertain and worrying times. This support continues to be offered, and is greatly appreciated and valued by many.

SPC also extends its thanks to all those in Saltford who are contributing outside formal ‘hub’ volunteering activity. We are aware that many residents have helped their neighbours in a wide variety of ways, and continue to do so. Further, it has been wonderful seeing so many neighbours join together to ‘clap for carers’ and mark the VE Day 75 commemorations.

Further, SPC wishes to expressly thank the many local businesses who themselves have experiences hardship and yet donated time, resources and their products to support the community.

SPC will soon be calling a (remote) meeting so that the same community members listed above can again discuss Saltford’s COVID19 response and evaluate the actions take to date. Amongst items for review will be lessons learned by the community to date, and how to plan for a similar occurrence in the future if required. Members will also update each other on any current actions, and also ongoing situations to be aware of.

Crucially, plans on how to support and respond to the needs of the community over the next few months will also be discussed. This includes the financial impact of the COVID19 pandemic on residents, local businesses and organisations, and how they can be supported in the future.

Should there be any suggestions or concerns residents would like the group to discuss, please let SPC know by Tuesday 23rd June by emailing .

This has also been included in an article on page 12 of the current edition of The Week In (pictured).

SPC would again like to thank everyone for their efforts to date and the time that has been given. Saltford has demonstrated the power of a cohesive and compassionate community to support all its residents. SPC are confident that our community will continue to work together and go from strength to strength.


Appropriate use of riverbank areas w/c 8th June 2020

SPC thanks Avon and Somerset Police for their continued communications with us, and their ongoing regular patrols of Saltford. We are pleased to say the riverside area is much improved this week, and being enjoyed by local residents as well as the very welcome visitors who come to enjoy it respectfully (Photo taken 9th June on The Shallows)



Statement from B&NES Council about Saltford 'influx' 

Following SPC's request to B&NES Council for action and support during the 'influx', the following response has been received (04.06.20):

The Council’s Environmental Services team working with the Saltford Wombles and the clubs at the Saltord Rowing Centre are removing 20-30 bags of litter per day more, than normal. The Saltford Wombles and volunteers have been brilliant at helping the Council with the litter picking especially given the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

We are seeing a huge increase in litter in all of our parks as people are out enjoying the weather as the lockdown rules are eased, and Saltford has been particularly popular. Without the help of volunteers we could not clear all of this. We are deploying staff to priority locations throughout the district to respond to incidents as soon as we can but we do only have a finite resource.

We want visitors to our parks and green spaces to enjoy them safely and to follow social distancing rules. In addition please act respectfully and responsibly.

Most of our public toilets are all open as usual and have been throughout the pandemic, but unfortunately those at the Shallows suffered from a collapsed drain this weekend and may not now be available in the short term until this is resolved. Please be aware of this if you are planning to visit.

There is no excuse to leave a mess. Take all of your rubbish home.


Two temporary toilets installed on The Shallows

Following SPC highlighting to B&NES Council that The Shallows toilets are out of order (and the consequences of this, as experienced this past weekend), B&NES Council are now installing two temporary (portable) toilets.

Message from B&NES Council: The public toilets in The Shallows, Saltford closed over the weekend due to a collapsed drain. The drain is thought to be Wessex Waters responsibility. They have attended and completed an initial on site report and are now scheduling the required works. B&NES Council are therefore installing two temporary toilets tomorrow which Healthmatic will continue to clean. These are scheduled to be serviced (emptied) twice a week – Monday and Friday – to ensure they’re available for visitors during the busy weekend periods throughout the summer. More information can be found at and



Message from Truespeed to Saltford residents 03/06/20

Please can any queries to be directed to

"We made good progress last week on the core route, but unfortunately ran out of time as the road space was booked for another contractor. Works will recommence next Monday 8/6, and we will be focusing on getting the core feed from Corston to the Saltford cabinet. We have road space booked until Wednesday 17/6 - this should give us plenty of time to complete all of the cabling & jointing. We have various smaller bits of civils work to complete around the High Street and Norman Rd areas - they will be ongoing over next couple of weeks. We will be looking to have the cab live and commissioned by 22/6. There will be some work that will roll into July possibly August as we are waiting on ECD’s from Openreach for the replacement of 6 x defective poles that we are currently unable to utilise due to safety - this holds up the release of around 60 properties. I do hope to release approx 300 of the 430 properties within the community by the end of the month" - Neil Rogers, Regional Manager.


Statement from Inspector Gavin Usher re. Saltford 'influx' - 02.06.2020

Statement as follows: "The Keynsham Neighbourhood Team have reviewed the incidents which took place over the weekend and can see a marked increase in persons using the riverside locations in Saltford. The three further complaints from concerned residents evidence the problems being caused to the residents by the visitors’ behaviour. Officers attended and dealt with the traffic congestion and were supported by officers from the mounted section. Officers also attended to deal with the other reports of anti-social behaviour. As much as possible, my team is intent on preventing further difficulties for residents. To that end the team will maintain regular patrols in the village to monitor traffic and people, give advice and enforce breaches of the law. This coming and future weekends the Keynsham Neighbourhood Team will aim to staff the village with an officer throughout the working tour of duty, subject to other incidents as they arise. I hope this provides reassurance that we are aware of the issues and have a patrol plan in place increasing visibility in the area".

SPC thanks the office of Jacob Rees-Mogg for obtaining this this response.


SPC holds first remote meeting on 2nd June 2020

A remote (Zoom) SPC meeting took place on 2nd June at 7:30pm, to which the public were welcome to attend. This was SPC's first Zoom meeting following the introduction of legislation allowing remote meetings.

Link details and information including the agenda were posted here and on SPC's noticeboard and on SPC's social media accounts. The meeting addressed pressing items for discussion whilst other matters will continue to be managed using delegated authority (in line with agreed policy).

For future reference, to enter remote (Zoom) meetings, either click the link provided on the agenda then enter the password. Or else go to the Zoom website and enter the meeting ID number and then enter the password, also on the agenda. Details of numbers to phone should you wish to access the meeting by audio only will also be on the agenda, just call the given number and follow the instructions to join. You will then join the 'waiting room' and will be allowed in by the host when the meeting starts. If you have any issues accessing the remote meeting, please can 01225 873300 or email .

Please note that SPC's Standing Orders apply to all meetings as usual.


SPC acts on resident complaints following 'influx' to local beauty spots

Saltford is a beautiful village, particularly its riverside and conservation areas, which as a result are currently experiencing a high level of visitors both from the immediate area and further afield.

SPC thanks the numerous residents who have contacted SPC about concerns resulting from the 'influx' of people to these areas recently including anti-social behaviour, pavement parking & road access issues, littering etc. SPC Councillors sympathise with residents and the issues raised, and met (remotely) to urgently discuss the matter on Tuesday 26th May.

SPC has now taken the following actions:
1) Contacted A&V police Keynsham Beat Team managers requesting increased regular police presence and patrols in Saltford, especially in the riverside and conservation areas. Police responded on Thursday 28th May confirming that they will step up patrols, and on Sunday 31 May closed the High St and The Shallows in response as well as patrolling with mounted police. Due to the effects of the police focus closing the roads and moving people on no formal actions were taken, as reported subsequently by the Beat Manager. The police have also worked with Avon Fire and Rescue to patrol the riverside area and educate the public on swimming and drinking. A statement was provided by Inspector Gavin Usher on 1st June, as follows:
"The Keynsham Neighbourhood Team have reviewed the incidents which took place over the weekend and can see a marked increase in persons using the riverside locations in Saltford. The three further complaints from concerned residents evidence the problems being caused to the residents by the visitors’ behaviour. Officers attended and dealt with the traffic congestion and were supported by officers from the mounted section. Officers also attended to deal with the other reports of anti-social behaviour. As much as possible, my team is intent on preventing further difficulties for residents. To that end the team will maintain regular patrols in the village to monitor traffic and people, give advice and enforce breaches of the law. This coming and future weekends the Keynsham Neighbourhood Team will aim to staff the village with an officer throughout the working tour of duty, subject to other incidents as they arise. I hope this provides reassurance that we are aware of the issues and have a patrol plan in place increasing visibility in the area".

2) Contacted Bath and North East Somerset Council cc-ing B&NES Ward Cllrs about the littering issues and requesting daily bin emptying / bin bag collection and litter picking. SPC have contacted them again on Sunday 31st May requested a response to our request. Immediate action was taken on Monday 1st June by Cllr Duncan Hounsell following a request from SPC to its B&NES Ward Cllrs. Now all Bath and North East Somerset Council Cabinet Members are aware of the situation. The following statement went public on 04.06.20 from the Group Manager of Environmental Services: 


Following SPC's request to B&NES Council for action and support during the 'influx', the following response has been received:

The Council’s Environmental Services team working with the Saltford Wombles and the clubs at the Saltord Rowing Centre are removing 20-30 bags of litter per day more, than normal. The Saltford Wombles and volunteers have been brilliant at helping the Council with the litter picking especially given the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

We are seeing a huge increase in litter in all of our parks as people are out enjoying the weather as the lockdown rules are eased, and Saltford has been particularly popular. Without the help of volunteers we could not clear all of this. We are deploying staff to priority locations throughout the district to respond to incidents as soon as we can but we do only have a finite resource.

We want visitors to our parks and green spaces to enjoy them safely and to follow social distancing rules. In addition please act respectfully and responsibly.

Most of our public toilets are all open as usual and have been throughout the pandemic, but unfortunately those at the Shallows suffered from a collapsed drain this weekend and may not now be available in the short term until this is resolved. Please be aware of this if you are planning to visit.

There is no excuse to leave a mess. Take all of your rubbish home.  

3) Complaints from residents received prior to 1st June to SPC have been collated and sent to Jacob Rees-Mogg M.P. for his attention and action (these were anonymous unless otherwise requested). Should any resident wish to express their concerns directly to Mr Rees-Mogg please contact him directly at . SPC would like to thank the office of Jacob Rees-Mogg for obtaining the statement from Inspector Gavin Usher (above). SPC have contacted Mr Rees-Mogg stating that SPC would be grateful for any further updates and actions regarding this high profile situation in Saltford, which continues to cause distress and concern to many residents. The office of Jacob Rees-Mogg has stated on 2nd June that 'Police presence has been increased, as verified by Inspector Usher. We are still receiving complaints from residents' and that these are being passed to B&NES Council and the police for a response.

SPC reminds residents to contact the police if required (101 if urgent, 999 if an emergency, or else online at…/contact-th…/report-a-crime-incident/). SPC also asks residents to continue to use the website to report excessive littering, overflowing bins and dog fouling.

Our thanks again to those residents counter-acting the current impact on these areas of the village, including the hard work of the Saltford Wombles and other local residents to keep our village beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

To those visiting Saltford's beauty spots, please be aware that there are no public toilets available, and SPC requests that you take your litter home with you or place it in one of the many B&NES Council bins or gold bags available. Please only BBQ in areas set up (i.e. picnic tables with BBQ stands). SPC also requests that those who drive to the riverside and conservation areas park in designated parking areas, and not on pavements or along narrow sections of road, to ensure pedestrian safety and good emergency vehicle access. SPC wishes to remind people that these parts of Saltford are residential areas, with many people working from home, including those residing in boats in the marina areas

Useful contact information:

If you wish to report a possible crime, anti-social behaviour or dangerous parking, please contact the police directly. If urgent phone 101, and if an emergency call 999. You can also contact the Keynsham Beat Team at (scroll to end for contact form).

For B&NES Council enquiries contact 01225 394041 or email B&NES Council are responsible for issues relating to highways (including some parking issues - see below), waste collections, recycling centres etc. For further information on whether B&NES Council or the police are responsible for specific parking issues please see page 3 of

SPC encourages people to report overflowing bins and excessive littering to B&NES Council using the website.

In the case of an emergency B&NES Council’s out-of-hours details can be found at

Further information about Saltford Parish Council can be found at



Pixash Lane (Keynsham) rubbish and recycling centre to reopen

The B&NES Council Pixash Lane rubbish and recycling centre in Keynsham will reopen for essential use only on Wednesday 27th May. Residents should expect the immediate area to be busy for the first couple of weeks. For more information please see here. More information is also available on the B&NES Council website here.


Visually Activated Sign relocated to reduce speeding

Following concerns raised by residents about speeding vehicles entering the village, in a joint effort between B&NES Ward Cllr Duncan Hounsell and Saltford Parish Council, a visually activated sign (VAS) has now been relocated to the bottom of Saltford hill.

The VAS sign was previously located on the A4 Bath Road in the centre of a 30 mph zone. It is now situated close to the entrance to the village if travelling from the direction of The Globe roundabout, immediately after the speed limit reduces from 50 mph to 30 mph. The sign activates and displays a reminder of ‘30 mph’ to drivers should their speed exceed the legal threshold. The effectiveness of VAS signs has been proven to be beneficial in reducing vehicle speeds, particularly those of faster drivers who contribute disproportionately to collision risk.

The relocation of the VAS sign on 7th May is part of a series of actions both Cllr Hounsell and Saltford Parish Council have been working towards regarding road safety at this location. Other efforts include requesting improved pedestrian crossing opportunities, especially for more vulnerable users. Cllr Hounsell and Saltford Parish Council have also successfully requested maintenance work to sunken metal road covers, both in the interests of safety as well as noise reduction to nearby households. They have also recently been successful in achieving a new bin close to this location, in light of the nearest one beforehand being by the shops at the top of the hill and consequently harder for some residents to access.

Following its relocation last week (7th May), Cllr Hounsell, who as well as being Saltford Ward Councillor sits on the Parish Council, stated: “I am delighted that the VAS speed calming sign is now moved to a more appropriate location on the A4 in Saltford. This another example of the Parish Council and B&NES Council working collaboratively to improve people's lives. Our thanks to local residents who have highlighted the need for this safety measure over a long time."

The relocation of the VAS sign was jointly funded by Cllr Hounsell and Saltford Parish Council.



Saltford marks VE Day 75

It was great seeing so many residents commemorating VE Day 75 recently, as well as all the bunting, flags and flowers on display. 

Cllr Phil Harding (pictured), SPC Vice Chair, delivered gifts to a local resident, stating: "It was an honour and privilege to deliver lunch and a bottle of his favourite drink to WW2 RAF pilot Richard, age 96, as part of Saltford's appreciation to those who served at that time. I told him we would always be grateful to his generation for what they did. He was quite touched by the kindness shown to him by the Saltford Support Hub and very grateful. Richard was piloting flying boats in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) on VE Day 75 years ago."

(Please note this was not Richard's birthday, as incorrectly reported in the e-newsletter. Another resident was however given cakes and gifts to celebrate their birthday on VE Day in a lovely gesture by the Saltford Support Hub).



Golf course access - update 11th May 2020

SPC have been asked to pass on the following information from Saltford Golf Club: 

Dear Saltford Residents, As many of you are will be aware, since the lockdown started on 23rd March, Saltford Golf Club has been closed. During that time many local residents have taken the opportunity to use the golf course as a place to exercise in line with the government guidelines. I hope that those of you that did, were able to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the course and also to take in the beauty of the environment and the stunning scenery. The club was happy to be able to provide this facility to our local community during these difficult and testing times. I would like to thank you all for treating the golf course with respect, our team of greenstaff have reported no significant problems during this time. However, I am happy to report that the club will be reopening for golf on Wednesday 13th May. Therefore, the course will no longer be available for people to walk over. Quite apart from the land being private, there is a significant safety issue and we would ask that you refrain from entering the course from that date. On behalf of the whole golf club, thanks for your support and cooperation. I wish you and your families good health as we continue to find our way through these difficult and unprecedented times. Best wishes Keith Taylor Chairman - Saltford Golf Club


Updated COVID-19 leaflet for Saltford residents

SCA has updated the assistance leaflet for Saltford residents. The leaflet is being delivered through letter boxes and can be downloaded here. Please continue to look out for your neighbours, and call (or encourage them to call) the Saltford Contact Hub on 01225 632216 should they require any support during these challenging times.


VE Day 75 - 8th May 2020

SPC's VE Day 75 project, in partnership with the SCA and Curo, is to plant two oak trees in the green in front of Saltford Hall. Due to the COVID-19 situation this has now had to be postponed, with hopes to plant the trees in time for Remembrance Sunday instead.

SPC is encouraging residents to undertake the ‘Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’ at 3pm on the 8th May, from the safety of your own home by standing up and raise a glass and undertake the following ‘Toast’ – “To those who gave so much, we thank you,” using this unique opportunity to pay tribute to the many millions at home and abroad that gave so much to ensure we all enjoy and share the freedom we have today.

Although most planned VE Day 75 celebrations have been cancelled, there are 'stay at home' commemorations taking place instead, including those publicised by the Saltford Community Association - plus see…/4TrqYDyf4PMdL…/great-british-bunting on how to make your own bunting!



Beware of scam calls to 01225 numbers

Beware of scam calls from fake 01225 numbers - Saltford residents have been receiving calls from a number purporting to be from the 01225 area code. The call sounded convincing, stating that the Government had instructed them to wear a face mask, and to press 'x' to make a purchase.

THIS IS A SCAM. SPC have informed the police and B&NES Council to raise awareness. Please can residents share this with friends, neighbours and family who may not be online so they know that Saltford residents are being targeted in this way. Should you receive a call like this please hang up! If you know the number that called you please let SPC know and we will pass this to Trading Standards.

Trading Standards have shared information on this scam with their contacts and entered it onto the national intelligence database. B&NES Council have also raise awareness of this scam on their website and social media channels as have Avon and Somerset Police. Our thanks to residents for your help regarding this. 

For more information on COVID-19 scams please visit



B&NES Council planning policy online consultation

Planning policies which guide decision making across Bath and North East Somerset are set to be reviewed and an online consultation launched on April 6 by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions it is an online consultation which will run until June 1 and the link to post comments can be found here or by emailing

The review of planning policies will enable the council to respond to the Climate Emergency and other local issues including: 

  • replenishing the supply of land for housing
  • maximising the sustainability of new development construction
  • providing more affordable housing
  • incorporating the council’s new Green Infrastructure Strategy proposals, including reviewing the approach to providing open space and delivering biodiversity net gain
  • revising the approach to new Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)
  • updating policy on Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • facilitating new renewable energy generation
  • increasing walking and cycling routes
  • reviewing car parking including the provision of electric vehicle charging points
  • amending the Old Mills employment land allocation

Attention all St. Augustine's patients - Saltford branch surgery update:

In order to help the local area deal with the pandemic, the Saltford branch of St Augustine's Medical Practice (on the A4 Bath Rd) is temporarily becoming a coronavirus assessment area. Please see this link for further information :…/262-separate-clinics-for-patien…

All St Augustine’s surgery patients requiring a non-coronavirus related face to face appointment will now be seen at the main site in Keynsham. Please contact the surgery via the Keynsham phone number 0117 986 2343.

Prescription requests should ideally be made online or via the NHSapp but can still be put in the letter box if necessary (allow an additional 24 hours for processing). The Partners thank you for your understanding. 

For resident information, the surgery at Saltford has been designated as a 'hot' clinic, which is not the same as a testing site.

Any patient in the local area who may need a GP appointment and has symptoms which may be associated with coronavirus will be directed to contact Saltford surgery (this is true whether the underlying reason for their GP appointment is coronavirus or not - e.g. if a patient has poorly controlled diabetes and need a GP appointment to sort that out, but also have respiratory symptoms they would still go to a 'hot' clinic like Saltford).

Any patient who does not need a face to face visit will not come to Saltford surgery. Only those patients who require a face to face assessment will visit. It should be emphasised that (at present) there is no community testing for coronavirus, so people would not be coming just to have a test but because a GP has assessed them as requiring a face to face consultation.

The details are all at

Patients who do visit with symptoms should not be attending any other location but returning home to isolation immediately after their visit. Members of the public should continue to abide by the government's social distancing and hand hygeine advice to minimise the risk of spread, and that this designation of Saltford as a hot clinic does not incur risk to the local population so long as those visiting abide by advice.

B&NES Enhanced Medical Services, who are part of the NHS and are running 'hot' clinics in the B&NES area have contacted Saltford Parish Council stating:  

"We’re aware that local communities may be anxious about having hot hubs on their doorstep so we’re trying to be as sensitive to that as we can.

Our staff are asked to change into work clothes when they arrive and then change back into their day clothes before they leave, taking their work clothes home in an orange bag to wash ready for their next session.

We have a ‘clean’ room for the staff to use for breaks, viewing patient notes, inputting to patient records etc.

We’re keeping the time patients spend in the building to an absolute minimum and are cleaning the clinic rooms between each patient. The whole building is deep cleaned and ‘fogged’ at the end of every day so it is completely clean for the start of the next day. Staff are basically sequestered in the building until their session ends. At all of our sites no-one has left the building for any reason other than to collect the patients from their car.

In terms of the Saltford site, we’re not using the front entrance at all to ensure our patients aren’t mixing with shoppers and local residents. We’re escorting patients in and out of the building."


Get COVID-19 support as a extremely vulnerable person

The Government has written to the majority of the 1.5m people on their 'high-risk/shielded' list. If you - or if you know of a resident, friend or neighbour - should be on this list and hasn't received a letter by 30th March please visit for more information and to register.


Bonfires, BBQs and Woodburners during COVID-19 outbreak

Bath & North East Somerset Council is calling on residents to consider their own health and that of their neighbours by not having bonfires where possible during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

People are asked to avoid lighting fires in case others living near them have had their breathing affected due to the virus or have other respiratory problems that could be worsened by smoke.

Although garden waste collections have been suspended temporarily to ensure frontline services continue, the council is asking for residents’ cooperation in protecting everyone’s health by not burning their waste while they wait to have it collected.

Councillor Dine Romero, council Leader, said: “As we’ve seen through the Compassionate Communities hub to help our most vulnerable residents, there are strong communities in Bath and North East Somerset that are pulling together to support each other through this pandemic. We’re asking if people could also support their neighbours by not lighting bonfires while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Smoke can pose a risk to people’s health, so avoiding fires will reduce the chance of people having their airways affected and avoid further burden on the NHS.

“We appreciate that it’s inconvenient for residents that garden waste collections have been paused so we can continue to provide essential services, but I hope people can work with us on this and please hold onto their garden waste until we are able to start collecting it again.”

Some tips to reduce garden waste include:

B&NES Council can take enforcement action if smoke becomes a statutory nuisance, which can result in a fine up to a maximum of £5,000.

Information about how to prevent a smoke nuisance and how to report issues to the council’s environmental protection team can be found here



Beware of COVID-19 Scams

Avon and Somerset Police have contacted us with information from Action Fraud and Trading Standards. SPC would like residents to please be aware that not everyone out there is trustworthy and some people will take advantage of this unusual situation our society is facing.  Find a letter from A&S Police re. scams advice during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak here, and an edition of Forcewide News about coronavirus scams here.


Support for farmers and smallholders during COVID-19

In these uncertain and testing times there are going to be farmers, smallholders and others that are alone and may need assistance. Help is available. See here for what the B&NES Council Animal Health and Welfare Officer can do for you. The Animal Health and Welfare Officer can be contacted on 01225 477235 or Emergency Number 07977228196 Email:


SPC meetings - suspended

At SPC's extraordinary meeting on 20th March 2020, Councillors resolved to suspend meetings to protect the health of all attendees. SPC's High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy was adopted and activated at the meeting. The Parish Clerk was given delegated authority until the time that meetings can again take place. The policy will be deactivated when the imminent threat of infection has passed, a minimum of four councillors have requested meetings are recommenced, and when the Government has reinstalled public meetings.

SPC's priorities at this time are its business continuity and community support during the COVID-19 situation.

All those invited to the now postponed Annual Parish Meeting (including the SPC Community Awards 2020 ceremony) will be contacted.

Updates about future meetings will be posted here, on the noticeboard and on social media. 


B&NES Council services during COVID-19

B&NES Council have a dedicated section on its website This updates you on B&NES council service changes resulting from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. B&NES Council's priority during this period will be to maintain the critical services our communities, especially the most vulnerable, depend on. It is highly likely that there will be some reductions in service levels across the council. 


Saltford’s Community COVID-19 response – Contact Hub for Saltford residents and leaflet

Saltford Community Association, in association with other Saltford organisations, have created a contact hub and produced a leaflet in response to the COVID-19 situation. This leaflet contains details for the contact hub, government information about COVID-19, as well as useful local phone numbers. A copy of the leaflet will be delivered to each Saltford residence, please hold on to it as it may come in handy.

A single phone number to match residents who need help with those who can volunteer support has also been created, as detailed on the front page of the leaflet.

If you require help or can offer help, or if you would like pastoral care, there is one number to call – 01225 632216.

When you call 01225 632216 just press ‘1’ if you require help, ‘2’ if you can offer help, and ‘3’ to speak to a trained member of St Mary’s Church pastoral team.

You can also volunteer your time is by completing this form and emailing it to .

Volunteers will be trained if required, and there are many different roles available. These include volunteer roles for those who are self-isolating (i.e. helping with phone calls) and roles for people who are at lower risk. For instance, collecting shopping or delivering items from the pharmacy.

This initiative has been created by the Saltford Community Association, Saltford Parish Council, St Mary’s Church, Saltford School, Saltford Day Centre, and the Saltford Community Library and Post Office Hub, along with many other local organisations (as listed in the leaflet).

If you need a hand during the COVID-19 situation, or can offer one, please do get in touch using the contact details above.


Saltford Food Bank - Current wants as of 08.04.2020 

Supplies are needed at the Saltford Food Bank. Donations of longer life products would be appreciated, especially items on the following list:

Fruit juice cartons
UHT milk cartons 
Tinned tomatoes and potatoes
Tinned peas, carrots and other veg
Tinned rice pudding and custard
Tinned potatoes and tomatoes
Beans with sausages
Sponge puds
Toilet rolls

Saltford donation points are: Tesco Express, Saltford (Bath Road, BS31 3HQ)

Saltford Hall inside external door –  open 24hrs from Fri 20th March (Wedmore Road BS31 3BY)

The Rectory, Beech Road - porch area (BS31 3EL - the Church Hall and Church are now closed) 


COVID-19 - Key representatives meet to discuss Saltford's response 

Key community representatives met today to discuss Saltford’s response to the COVID-19 situation. A leaflet detailing a single point of contact for any resident requiring help - and for residents to use to volunteer their help - will be circulated online shortly. Hard copies of the leaflet will be delivered to each residence as well as other locations in the village ASAP.

Those present at the meeting included representatives of Saltford Parish Council, Saltford Community Association, Saltford Primary School, St Mary’s Church, the Saltford Day Centre, Saltford Community Library & Post Office, Day Lewis Pharmacy, Saltford Food Bank, Clarkson’s Independent Funeral Directors as well as the B&NES Saltford Ward Councillors.

Collectively, we would be grateful if you could share the information above with friends and neighbours, especially those who may not be online, so that they are aware of this co-ordinated response and know to look out for the leaflet.

Any further information will be on our website, including a copy of the leaflet when available.



COVID-19 - Saltford Community will meet to discuss actions

Key members of the Saltford community have arranged to meet early next week (week commencing 16th March) to plan how to support residents, especially those who are more vulnerable, during the COVID-19 situation. Any outcomes, actions and information will be shared by SPC. The meeting will be chaired by SPC Chair Cllr Chris Warren and attended by representatives of the SCA, Saltford School, St. Mary's Church etc as well as crucial local organisations and businesses i.e. the Saltford Food Bank, pharmacy etc. B&NES Ward Cllrs have also been invited.

Here's what you can do to protect yourself and others:
- Wash your hands more often
- Use soap and water for 20 seconds
- Or use hand sanitiser
Follow official NHS advice at #coronavirus #COVID19

National guidance is being updated on a regular basis.


Dog fouling - SPC takes action

The B&NES Council Dog Warden was invited to attend SPC’s March meeting, and answered questions from residents and the public about how to reduce dog fouling locally. The Dog Warden recommended residents to report dog fouling using Stickers to display on lampposts have been made available from the Parish Office, these have now been attached to lampposts throughout the village, particularly at dog fouling 'hot spots'. Look out for SPC’s poster campaign created by children at Saltford School, displayed in SCAN and in other locations in the the village, reminding dog owners to pick up after their pets. SPC also arranged for the Dog Warden to speak to all KS2 pupils at Saltford School about dog fouling and safety around dogs. The Dogs Trust will also visit the school in June.


Keynsham Area Forum AGM - Building Stronger Communities

Residents are being invited to attend the upcoming AGM of their local Connecting Communities Forum.

Connecting Communities Forums are supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council and bring together public services, local organisations and residents to improve local engagement, encourage people to talk to each other and share their skills and ideas.

The AGM of the Keynsham Area Forum – which covers Saltford, Compton Dando, Corston, Keynsham, Marksbury and Whitchurch – will be held on Thursday 27 February from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Community Space, Market Walk, Keynsham, BS31 1HA.

The theme of the meeting is Building Stronger Communities and the Forum will hear from St Monica’s Trust on their work in the local area and the funding they have available. The meeting will also hear from new radio station Keynsham Town Community Radio (KTCR) and from the council on its work to bring empty properties back into use.

The Forum will receive a number of updates and notices, including from the Police and Fire Services.

Chair of the Forum, Cllr Alan Hale, said: “The Connecting Communities Forums always provide an opportunity to learn more about local services and make helpful connections. We are looking forward to hearing from our speakers and welcoming any local residents or representatives of community groups that would like to attend.”

Councillor Dine Romero, Leader of Bath & North Somerset Council, said: “We want to give people a bigger say on the issues that matter to them and one of the main ways to do this is by taking part in our regular Area Forums. It’s a great opportunity to give us feedback and share your ideas and I’d urge residents to try to attend and let us hear their views.”



Saltford Station - SPC's next steps 

At its February meeting, Councillors resolved the following next steps to progress the Saltford Station project, as follows:

• A senior officer at B&NES is identified who will liaise with the Parish Council and act as a point of contact

• B&NES ensures that there is sufficient knowledge and commitment by officers to deliver a rail project

• A B&NES or WECA officer needs to be tasked to examine those estimated costs for a Saltford railway station. The figures for Charfield are more than double what was previously estimated for a Saltford Station. Erroneous ballpark figures might hold Saltford back.

• Cllr Butters and Chris Warren of the Station campaign liaise together to ensure that when the case is taken again to WECA “with vigour” perhaps at a meeting of the Transport Board soon in 2020 that has maximum impact and support.

• The Saltford Station Campaign Group needs to consider refreshing its campaign in 2020.

• WECA is asked to provide funding for Saltford Station to be taken to the next phase of project development i.e GRIP stages 3 and 4. Without that, Saltford Station will always be in a limbo as merely an aspiration. If Saltford Station reaches GRIP stage 3, it can bid for ad hoc capital funding released by the Department of Transport for new stations projects amongst other potential sources of funds. There is a strong case for a Saltford Station to be championed by WECA.

These next steps have been sent to Cllr Neil Butters, B&NES Council Cabinet Member for Transport Services, along with an invitation to meet with SPC Chair Cllr Chris Warren to discuss the Saltford Station project further. Any updates will be made available on our website.



Mead Lane - SPC February meeting resolution

The following resolution was agreed at SPC's February meeting:

Saltford Parish Council welcomes the B&NES Cabinet decision on 16th January to remove moorings at Mead Lane by 7th February and to undertake a structural survey of the river bank to enable repairs to the bio-engineered rock armour stabilisation scheme as soon as possible to protect vital infrastructure.

SPC also welcomes the Council’s decision to request that officers undertake further analysis of residential mooring arrangements along the river, to include arrangements for boaters and their families. SPC recommends that B&NES Council investigates with key agencies including the Canal and River Trust and the Environment Agency how best to support, manage, and enforce the use of moorings on the River Avon to make the river safer for all users including the live-aboard community whilst protecting the river as an important Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI).

SPC asks B&NES Council to install without further delay effective physical measures to protect the riverbank and the highway edge itself from vehicle damage. If necessary temporary measures should be taken before the riverbank stabilisation scheme is repaired.

On completion of the stabilisation scheme repairs, SPC asks B&NES Council to take forward the proposal for designating Mead Lane riverbank as a Local Nature Reserve to protect the vegetation that underpins the stabilisation scheme whilst providing public amenity benefits - leisure, recreation and education.

B&NES Council is asked to recommence senior officer dialogue with SPC and to discuss with the local community its implementation plans for the above measures and actions.

A copy of this resolution has been sent to Cllr Paul Crossley, Cabinet Member for Community Services at B&NES Council.

Following the Cabinet decision, SPC were pleased to see newly installed 'no mooring - mooring temporary suspended' signs at Mead Lane (pictured) so that the structural survey can be undertaken.


B&NES Cabinet decide on the future of Mead Lane

In a unanimous decision, B&NES Council Cabinet agreed with Saltford Parish Council (as well as Saltford Environment Group and Saltford Ward Councillors) that Mead Lane is not suitable for moorings. The decision follows a public consultation held in late 2019.

As part of the decision, the Cabinet requested that B&NES Council officers undertake a structural survey of the river bank following the 2005 stabilisation works which were not designed for the mooring of boats. This survey will consider the suitability of Mead Lane as a site for future moorings and the long-term use of the land.

B&NES Council have updated their website following the Cabinet decision to halt moorings at Mead Lane, please see here for the most recent information. As stated in the B&NES Council website, if you want to report unauthorised moorings at Mead Lane, please email: Council_Connect@BATHNES.GOV.UK with ‘Mead Lane mooring overstay’ in the subject line.

Saltford Parish Council has requested that this area is turned into a nature reserve following the repairs required as identified by the commissioned survey. SPC’s full representation to B&NES Council can be found below.

To see the decision in full made by B&NES Cabinet on 16th January 2020, including reasons for the decision and alternative options considered, visit 


Keynsham Area Forum meeting - 23rd January

Message from B&NES Council: Residents invited to join the discussion at Keynsham Area Forum

Residents in Saltford, Keynsham and the surrounding area are being invited to attend their upcoming local Connecting Communities Forum.

Connecting Communities Forums are supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council, bringing public services, local organisations and residents together to address areas of local concern.

The next meeting of the Keynsham Area Forum – which covers Compton Dando, Corston, Keynsham, Marksbury, Saltford and Whitchurch – will be held on Thursday 23 January from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Community Space, Market Walk, Keynsham, BS31 1HA. Local residents are invited to attend together with the area’s parish councils, community organisations and ward councillors.

Topics for discussion will include the council’s corporate strategy and spending plans and the climate emergency.

Representatives from the Police and Fire Service have also been invited to attend and there will be an opportunity for an open discussion at the meeting.

Area Forums help to improve local engagement, encourage people to talk to each other and share their skills and ideas.

The agenda for the forum can be found at:


Energy at Home advice at Keynsham Library

Message from B&NES Council: B&NES Council’s Energy at Home advice service will be at the following locations to give residents advice about how to save energy through heating and insulation improvements, answering questions about smart meters as well as information on lowering fuel bills by switching energy suppliers. Drop in, no booking necessary.

* Tuesday 21 January at Keynsham Library 10.30-15.30
* Wednesday 29 January at Bath Central Library 10.30-15.30
* Wednesday 26 February Bath Central Library 10.30-15.30
* Wednesday 18 March at Keynsham Library 10.30-15.30
* Wednesday 25 March Bath Central Library 10.30-15.30

More information can be found at


SPC sets its precept for 2020/21

Saltford Parish Council agreed its budget for the 2020/21 financial year at its January meeting.  The amount of precept (tax) to be levied will increase from £33,840 in 2019/20 to £34,838 in 2020/21. As such £34,838 is an overall 2.95% increase on £33,840. Given the tax base set by B&NES Council for Saltford Parish, this is a rise of 42p per year per average Band D property, or 0.8p per week (the charge for an average Band D property in 2019/20 is £18.92, it will be £19.34 in 2020/21).

For information about how Saltford Parish Council spends its precept, financial matters are recorded in SPC’s minutes, and the minutes also include monthly financial reports and schedules of expenditure. Saltford Parish Council’s annual accounting statements and audit information can be found under ‘Annual Returns’.


'Exciting times' for Parish Council's efforts to reopen Saltford Station

It was a full house at Saltford Parish Council’s talk marking the 50th anniversary of the closure of Saltford Station.

Councillor Chris Warren, also Chair of Saltford Parish Council, gave an illustrated talk to a packed room about the history of Saltford’s railways. Saltford Station closed on 5th January 1970, and Chris Warren gave an entertaining and comprehensive history of the railways up to this date, as well as detailing the effects of the station’s closure on the communities it served.

Cllr Duncan Hounsell – both Saltford Parish Councillor and B&NES Council Saltford Ward Councillor – then spoke about recent efforts made by the Parish Council to re-open Saltford Station, as well as the current situation and suggested next steps.

Councillor Hounsell stated: The re-opening of Saltford Station is viable and achievable. To use the phrases of a national politician, “Saltford is an oven-ready station” “No more dither and delay” “Let’s get Saltford Station done”. Put simply “Saltford Station –bring it back!”

B&NES Council Cabinet Member for Transport Services, Cllr Neil Butters, addressed the room following the talk, stating that it was an “exciting time” for the efforts to reopen Saltford Station. Cllr Neil Butters had previously stated that that if the Greater Bristol Rail feasibility study confirms Saltford Station as a potentially viable project, then the case for Saltford Station will be taken to the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) for its consideration “with vigour”.

Saltford Parish Council will discuss its next steps to achieve the reopening of Saltford Station at its meeting on Tuesday 4th February (Saltford Hall starting at 7:15pm - public welcome).

Photo L-R: Cllrs Duncan Hounsell, Neil Butters and Chris Warren


Saltford's Railways: Past, Present and Future -       Free talk!

Marking 50 years to the day of the closure of Saltford Station, Saltford Parish Council invites you to a free talk by Cllrs Chris Warren and Duncan Hounsell.

Come and find out about the history of Saltford's railways, SPC's actions to achieve the re-opening of Saltford Station, and the latest updates about making this a reality for the future.

Poster available here

All welcome, no need to book. Talk starts at 2pm, Sunday 5th January 2020, in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. 


SPC Community Awards 2020

Do you know a person, group or business that has contributed to community life in Saltford and deserves recognition?

If so, nomination forms for the Saltford Parish Council Community Awards 2020 are now available to download here.

For more information about the awards, including criteria and process, please see here.

The SPC Community Awards recognise individuals and groups that make a positive contribution to Saltford life, and show leadership, initiative or commitment in the local community. The ‘Business in the Community Award’ is to recognise a socially responsible business which actively supports the local community in positive activities.

Along with their award certificate, winners will receive a financial contribution towards their chosen Saltford group, project, cause or charity. Please send your completed nomination forms to the Parish Clerk at by Friday 7th February 2020.

Please see below for information about previous winners of the SPC Community Awards.


Saltford Parish Council Office hours over Christmas and New Year

Saltford Parish Council office hours will be restricted over the Christmas and New Year period. 

Please note that during the festive period communications will not be checked on a regular basis. Any messages received during this period will be responded to as soon as possible in the new year. 

For B&NES Council enquiries contact 01225 394041 or email In the case of an emergency B&NES Council's out-of-hours details can be found at

Please note that the Parish Clerk works part-time, and working hours and location vary.

Merry Christmas, and wishing you a happy new year from everyone at Saltford Parish Council. 


Saltford Remembers

Many residents, including members of the Scout and Guide movements, gathered in memory of all those who lost their lives in all conflicts on Remembrance Sunday.

Councillors were also present, including Chair of Saltford Parish Council, who laid a wreath on behalf of Councillors and staff.  


SPC's Mead Lane Riverbank Stabilisation representation to B&NES Council

At its November meeting, SPC agreed a representation to be sent to Will Godfrey, Chief Executive Officer at B&NES Council, Cllr Dine Romero (Leader of the Council) and Cllr Joanna Wright (Cabinet Member for Transport Services), as follows:

Saltford Parish Council refers to the new information submitted by Saltford Environment Group to B&NES Council on 20.10.2019 concerning the 2005 bio-engineering work to stabilise the riverbank in Mead Lane to protect the highway from becoming dangerous. SPC urges B&NES Council to consider the implications of that information without delay now that the Mead Lane consultation has ended.

Further to SPC’s response to the Mead Lane consultation agreed on 1.10.2019, SPC asks B&NES Council with its responsibilities as Highway Authority and riparian owner to urgently (i) implement a mooring ban commencing with an immediate winter mooring ban, and (ii) implement effective physical measures to prevent vehicles parking on the riverbank accompanied by the renewal of white lines to prevent parked vehicles obstructing the lane. SPC asks B&NES Council to simultaneously pursue the creation of a Local Nature Reserve at Mead Lane to help secure the 2005 riverbank stabilisation scheme. SPC asks that SPC, SEG, Mead Lane residents and Wessex Water are consulted and kept informed of progress for implementing a mooring ban and a Local Nature Reserve.

The consultation report to B&NES Council from Lemon Gazelle should help highlight a wide range of River Avon mooring issues that need to be addressed on social and environmental grounds. Those should be reviewed by B&NES Council with relevant agencies but separately from the unique situation in Mead Lane where there are serious implications for the highway, key infrastructure and the stability of the riverbank if mooring is allowed to continue.


SPC Neighbourhood Watch meeting - 4th November

Saltford’s annual Neighbourhood Watch public meeting was held on Monday 4th November at Saltford Hall, hosted by Saltford Parish Council and led by Cllr Duncan Hounsell in conjunction with the neighbourhood policing team. The meeting was attended by Sergeant Samantha Kayser, PCSO Rebecca Knocker and Avon and Somerset Police Neighbourhood Watch Administrator Trevor Wilmot.

This was a chance for Saltford residents, including local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, to meet and share ideas or concerns at an open meeting. Residents had the opportunity to ask the police team questions and heard about crime rates and crime prevention in Saltford.

Saltford residents were informed about the increase in shed and garage burglaries, as well as an increase in home burglaries which have taken place whilst people have been away on short breaks. Advice on how to reduce the risk of being burgled was provided.

Being in a Neighbourhood Watch has many benefits - helping to reduce crime and the fear of crime, lowering insurance rates, and meeting neighbours. Saltford Parish Council encourages Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Saltford. Schemes can be big or small even covering a single street or close. If anyone would like to start a NW scheme in the Saltford area, please contact Trevor Wilmot on 01278 644845 or email

To be on Saltford Parish Council’s email list for updates on similar ‘Meet your beat officer’ meetings please email the Parish Clerk on or sign up to the SPC e-newsletter on the Saltford Parish Council website.

Photo: Cllr Duncan Hounsell and Cllr Phil Harding pictured with Sergeant Samantha Kayser, PCSO Rebecca Knocker and Avon and Somerset Police Neighbourhood Watch Administrator Trevor Wilmot and Saltford residents.

Beat Officers for Keynsham and surrounding areas

PC 4135 Kerry GRACE – Beat Manager (Saltford)

07739 628670

PC 3803 James EVANS – Beat Manager

07889 656353

PCSO 9973 Christopher PURVEY – Police Community Support Officer

07889 659620

PCSO 8149 Sarah HEWLETT – Police Community Support Officer

07889 656605

The above contacts are for information and non-urgent enquiries only. If officers are on rest days, leave or sick there may be a delay in responding. If you wish to report an incident or a crime or need to speak to a Police Officer you should contact 101. For all emergencies call 999.


Mead Lane consultation - residents event 

Residents are invited to express their views about the future of Mead Lane's river bank with representatives of Lemon Gazelle, who are running the consultation at the request of B&NES Council.

A drop-in session for residents will be held on Tuesday 22nd October, between 10am-1pm, in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall.

More information about the consultation can be found below.


SPC agrees its policy response on the Mead Lane River Bank Consultation

At Saltford Parish Council’s meeting on 1st October, Councillors received a presentation from Lemon Gazelle (independent consultants appointed by B&NES Council) on the Mead Lane consultation. Following this, Saltford Parish Council agreed its policy and online response to the consultation. 

Saltford Parish Council’s policy response can be found here.

Saltford Environment Group’s policy paper making a case for a Local Nature Reserve at Mead Lane, as referred to in Saltford Parish Council’s policy response, can be found here.

The Mead Lane consultation survey can be submitted online at

Should you require a paper copy, a version of the survey can be downloaded here for printing and posting. Please note that paper versions must be posted to the address on the survey and not to Saltford Parish Council. 

A poster for the consultation can be downloaded here

Further information about face-to-face workshops for key stakeholders will be communicated once the details have been shared by Lemon Gazelle. 


Mead Lane River Bank Consultation

Have your say on the future of Mead Lane’s river bank at

This public consultation on the long-term use of the river bank, owned by B&NES Council, went live on 1st October and will run until 31st October.

B&NES Council has commissioned an independent consultation and review to help inform a decision on its long-term use. Further information is also available at

B&NES Council are seeking the views of Saltford residents, as well as users and potential users of the river bank at Mead Lane.

The review will take into consideration the temporary mooring trial on Mead Lane, which ended in 2018. It will also provide a range of options for the future.

B&NES Council have engaged a company called Lemon Gazelle who will undertake the online survey analysis and also deliver three workshops. These three face-to-face sessions will be as follows:

Session 1 – for residents of Saltford

Session 2 – for the boating community

Session 3 – for partner organisations

Details about the date and time of these sessions will be publicised in due course.

The consultants will be giving a presentation to Saltford Parish Council at SPC’s October meeting (Tuesday 1st October, 7.15pm, Saltford Hall). The public are welcome to attend. Saltford Parish Council will discuss and respond to the consultation following Lemon Gazelle’s presentation. Any decisions made by SPC regarding the Mead Lane Moorings Consultation will be made public following the meeting.


Outdoor advertisements and signs - guidance

This booklet, prepared by Communities and Local Government, aims to explain to everyone who wants to display an outdoor advertisement how the system of advertisement control works in England. 

Throughout England, local planning authorities are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the advertisement control system, and for deciding whether a particular advertisement should be permitted or not. For this purpose the local planning authority for your area is B&NES Council. Information about planning is available on the B&NES Council website at 


Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders protect trees which make a significant impact on their local surroundings. All types of trees can be covered by a TPO.

If there is a tree in Saltford that you think should be protected, please contact B&NES Council on or write to: Planning Services, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG.

To check if a tree is already protected by a TPO, the Tree Preservation Order Map is available here.

Should you see work being carried out on a protected tree, to find out if the owner has permission just check the online planning register.

More information about TPOs can be found here on the B&NES Council website.


Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM - Monday 4th November 

Saltford Parish Council will once again be hosting the Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM. Residents are invited to attend to discuss issues and concerns with members of the local Beat Team, Parish Councillors and B&NES Ward Councillors. The meeting will take place on Monday 4th November starting at 7pm, in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. No need to book, and all residents are welcome. A copy of our poster can be found here.


Notice of Public Inquiry - Public footpaths BA27/79 and BA27/80 (Glenavon Farm)

Notice has been given that a Definitive Map Modification Order will be determined by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. A copy of the notice of order can be viewed here.

The Public Inquiry will be held at Keynsham Community Space (above Keynsham Library), Market Walk, Keynsham BS31 1FS on Thursday 13 February 2020 at 10am.


External Auditor Report and Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2018/19 

The audit of accounts for Saltford Parish Council for the year ending 31st March 2019 has been completed. The external auditors have stated that the council’s accounts are in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to their attention giving cause for concern. No matters were drawn to the attention of the council. The Notice of Conclusion of Audit and external auditor report and certificate are available here. Copies are also on display on the SPC noticeboard.  


SPC submits response to appeal inquiry to build on safeguarded land between Saltford and Keynsham

At SPC’s Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 6th August it was resolved that Saltford Parish Council would maintain its strong objection to the proposed development on safeguarded Green Belt land (Parcel 9000) between Saltford and Keynsham and to submit a statement to the Appeal Inquiry explaining why and asking the Inspector to reject the appeal and refuse planning permission.

A copy of SPC's submission can be found here

It was also resolved that Cllr Phil Harding or Cllr Adrian Betts would represent Saltford Parish Council at the public inquiry. 

On 16th August SPC received the information that the appeallant had withdrawn their appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. 


Defibrillators in Saltford

Defibrillators save lives. Each year in Britain over 30,000 people have cardiac arrests outside of hospital environments.

SPC is keen to raise awareness about defibrillator locations in Saltford so residents know where their nearest one is.

You never know - this information may just save a life. 

Locations as follows: 

(Note: Those 'on premises' are accessible only when open, with permission of site owners/managers) 

Davies and Way Estate Agents (Beech Road side, BS31 3BA, on external wall) 

Saltford Hall (Wedmore Road, BS31 3BY, on external wall)

Saltford CofE School (Claverton Road, BS31 3DW, on premises)

Saltford Golf Club (Golf Club Lane, BS31 3AA, on premises)

Saltford Rowing Club (Bath Road,  BS31 3JS, on premises)


Pavement parking - actions by SPC

Thank you to everyone who contacted Saltford Parish Council about pavement parking.  

At its July meeting Councillors discussed your responses to our request for problematic locations. Councillors resolved to raise awareness of the dangers of pavement parking and to request support from the police.

Beat Officers have let us know that pavement parking is something they can deal with, and that they will visit the list of locations given to the parish council and deal with any offences. Police will monitor the locations provided by Saltford Parish Council on an ongoing basis.

Residents are encouraged to call the Police via 101 to report any problematic instances of pavement parking. They request that are contacted at the time of it occurring, so a member of the team can attend and deal with the situation.


Statement to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination

At its July meeting, Saltford Parish Council agreed its statement to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination.

A copy of the response can be found here.

It was also agreed at the meeting that Cllr Phil Harding (Chair of Planning Committee) and Cllr Adrian Betts (Vice Chair of Planning Committee) will lead on representation of Saltford Parish Council at the West of England Joint Spatial Plan examination. 


Parish Walk - 11th June 2019

Thank you to everyone who joined us on SPC's annual Parish Walk. It may have been a bit grey and drizzly but that did not stop us from having a great evening walk to Kelston and back.

Once at Kelston itself the group divided into two with most people heading to the top of the round hill. Those who wanted a less steep walk opted for the shorter level walk and enjoyed a leisurely stroll back towards Saltford. Both walks provided lovely views of our village.

A special thanks goes to Robin and Cheryl, our experienced guides, for leading the walk again this year.


Internal and External Audit 2018/19

Information and documents relating to Saltford Parish Council's audited annual accounts are now available under Annual Returns on our website.

Saltford Parish Council manages its income responsibly, appropriately, and transparently in line with its Financial Regulations. Spend is decided at public meetings and every bank transaction is authorised by two Councillors.

Every month (bar August when the Council does not meet) SPC's Schedule of Expenditure and Monthly Financial Report are published on our website with the agenda. These documents are approved at SPC meetings and are recorded in the minutes. 

Minutes are displayed on the website here and also on the SPC noticeboard.  


 SPC Policy Overview

At the first meeting of the newly elected Saltford Parish Council on 17th May, the following policy overview was adopted:

Saltford Parish Council is in favour of protecting the Green Belt around the village from development including from fracking and a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing); reopening the railway station on the existing site; and that Saltford should continue to be a caring community that encourages Fairtrade and looks after the environment whilst aiming for a lighter ecological footprint that is more climate friendly for the benefit of future generations.

Overgrown vegetation by public paths

SPC has received reports about overgrown vegetation on or near public footpaths causing problems for residents.

Vegetation encroaching on paths can result in access issues, such as people having to walk on the road due to reduced space on the path. There are also safety concerns, for example the risk of injury due to a branch at eye-level.

Saltford Parish Council wishes to remind landowners that they have a duty to cut back vegetation so that it does not obstruct or make public paths difficult to use. 

It is the duty of B&NES Council to maintain the public's right to use public footpaths. As such B&NES Council will take action where necessary to ensure that this duty is met.

If you are affected by limited access on paths due to vegetation and you wish to report a specific location, you can contact B&NES Council using their 'Report It' form here

Alternatively, you can contact the team by phone via Council Connect on 01225 394041.

Further information on the B&NES website about pavement damage or obstruction can be found here

SPC's annual 'Parish Walk' - 11th June 2019

SPC's FREE event at the Saltford Festival, ‘The Parish Walk’ will take place on the evening of Tuesday 11th June – everyone is welcome (including well behaved dogs!)

Once again this walk will be led by two knowledgeable walking guides.

We will depart and return to The Shallows via Kelston Village and Kelston Mills. During the walk the group will split into two, with the shorter walk remaining on reasonably level ground. You can view the shorter route here. The second group, for those would like a more challenging walk, will continue up to Kelston Round Hill. You can view the route here.

The Parish Walk will set off from The Shallows Car Park at 7pm, and we hope that many residents will be able to join us. Please remember to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and to bring a bottle of water with you.

Photograph taken by Cllr Phil Harding in May 2019.


Saltford Parish Council election results

Following the Parish Council elections held on 2nd May 2019, the following candidates have been declared as Saltford Parish Councillors:

Adrian Betts, Marie Carder, Will Feay, Jon Godfrey, Gary Graveling, Phil Harding, Duncan Hounsell, Adam Rees-Leonard, Rob Taylor, Sally Turner and Chris Warren.

The Notice of Election results can be found here (see page 13).

All Saltford Parish Council candidates stood as Independents.

The current Saltford Parish Council retired on Tuesday 7th May, the same date that the newly elected Saltford Parish Council came into office.

Contact information for the newly elected Councillors to Saltford Parish Council is available here. You can also contact Councillors via the Parish Clerk, please see here for details.

Notice for the first meeting of the newly elected Saltford Parish Council has been displayed for Friday 17th May, 7:15pm, Saltford Hall. The public are welcome to attend and speak at meetings.

B&NES Ward Councillors 

Following elections on 2nd May 2019, Saltford Ward declared its B&NES Council Saltford Ward Councillors.

Duncan Hounsell (Liberal Democrat) and Alastair Singleton (Liberal Democrat) were elected.

Contact details for both Saltford Ward B&NES Councillors are available here (please scroll to the end of the page).



Saltford Parish Council elections - 2nd May 2019

Please see here for our elections newsletter. 

A poll will be held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 between 7am and 10pm. There are twelve candidates standing for election, the persons listed on the Notice of Poll (p.10) have been validly nominated. The number of Councillors to be elected in Saltford is eleven.

The situation of the polling station (p.10) for the election of Councillors to Saltford Parish Council is Saltford Hall, Wedmore Road, Saltford BS31 3BY. Staff will direct residents to the correct desk on arrival.

(B&NES Saltford Ward Council elections will also be taking place at the same date, time and location as above.)

The current Saltford Parish Council will retire on Tuesday 7th May, the same date that the newly elected Saltford Parish Council come into office.

The first full council meeting of the new Saltford Parish Council will take place on Friday 17th May 2019, starting at 7:15pm in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. The agenda will be issued three days before the meeting, and the public are welcome to attend. 


Community Award Winners 2019 Announced!

Saltford Parish Council were pleased to welcome so many residents to its Annual Parish Meeting on 2nd April. The SPC Community Awards took place as part of the meeting, and the Parish Council were delighted to award seven individuals or groups with awards. For more information about our award winners visit the 'Community Awards' page.

Winners were as follows:

Saltford Achievement Award – Julie Sampson (Saltford Wombles)

Saltford Achievement Award – Mary Stoate (Library Volunteer Co-ordinator, collected by Ian Purnell on Mary’s behalf)

Saltford Achievement Award – Catherine Singleton (Saltford Scouts)

Saltford Achievement Award – Kevin Reeves (Saltford Stars and Saltford Business Network)

Volunteer Team Award – Saltford Primary School Parent Teacher Association (collected by Ruth Presswood, Emma Willet and Suzanne Young)

Volunteer Team Award – Saltford Community Hub Library Volunteers (collected by Bob Wiggins and Marian O’Leary)

Business in the Community Award – Saltford Community Library and Post Office (collected by David Halton, Chair, and Fred Smedley, Secretary)

The photo shows the award winners with their certificates, and each award winner has donated their £70 prize to the local organisation of their choice. 

Saltford Parish Council were delighted to publicly recognise the valuable contribution the above volunteers have made to the Saltford community, and would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual Parish Meeting.


SPC submits comprehensive Joint Local Transport Plan consultation response 

SPC agreed its response to the Joint Local Transport Plan 4 consultation at its March meeting.

In answer to 'What does Saltford want?' SPC stated: The answer is a re-opened station as part of Metro West, development of the Midland Railway Path as a mass transit route, the withdrawal of references to bypass options, investment in walking, cycling, and buses. Heavy goods vehicles on journeys which often originate from sea ports need to be directed to national routes well away from the A4.

To read Saltford Parish Council's full response click here.

The JLTP4 consultation ends on 20th March 2019. For more information, including how residents can respond to the consultation, visit 


High hedges – How to agree what is right for you and your neighbours

Tall evergreen hedges such as leylandii can sometimes cause problems between neighbours. Amongst other issues, high hedges can impede a person’s enjoyment of their home through affecting light or access.

Saltford Parish Council always suggests that neighbours try to solve the problems between themselves in the first instance. For guidance on how to approach your neighbours about high hedges, see Over the Garden Hedge which provides a comprehensive suggested process.

Approaching B&NES Council should be viewed as a last resort after all efforts of negotiation have been exhausted. B&NES Council has the power in some circumstances to adjudicate between neighbours on high hedges and can issue (and enforce) a ‘Remedial Notice’ requiring changes to the hedge. Please note that a fee is payable when applying for this service, and the complainant needs to show that they have tried to resolve the issue with their neighbour before applying. You can find more information on the High Hedges page of the B&NES website.


The Little Book of Big Scams

Avon and Somerset Constabulary have reported an increase in the number of rogue traders in the B&NES area. To raise awareness of this and other scams, see The Little Book of Big Scams here which has a section on door-to-door fraud on page 30.

Avon and Somerset Contabulary state: "We want to remind residents to be wary of any unexpected callers offering goods or services. Always use tradespeople who have been recommended by a trusted source, and never pay in advance or cash. Remember you should be given a 14-day cooling off period before any works starts"

If you have any information regarding rogue trader incidents, contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. 



SPC Cllrs attend launch of JLTP4

Saltford Parish Council was strongly represented at the launch of the West of England's Joint Local Transport Plan (JLTP) 4th consultation, held on Monday 11th February at the Somerdale Pavilion. Pictured L-R are Cllr Duncan Hounsell, Cllr Adrian Betts, Cllr Phil Harding (Vice Chair) and Cllr Chris Warren (Chair). The draft plan and consultation questionniare can be found at, the consultation closes on 20th March 2019. Councillors will discuss JLTP4 at the March SPC meeting which takes place on 5th March at 7.15pm in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. 



SPC's key actions and achievements May 2015 - January 2019

At SPC's February meeting, Chris Warren, Chair of Saltford Parish Council, summarised the key actions and achievements of the current council. To read the full report please see here.

These have been grouped under the following headings: Community infrastructure and heritage; Community events; Lobbying and public consultation responses; Traffic and environmental issues; Local planning matters; Communicating with residents; Community care and support; and Financial responsibility. 

Re-opening Saltford Railway Station – update

Councillors at Saltford Parish Council (SPC) are continuing to lobby for the re-opening Saltford Railway Station at its current site.

Read the open letter sent to all relevant bodies and local media in November 2018 here.

A response to SPC’s letter was received from Cllr Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, in January 2019. Cllr Bowles stated that following his and Cllr Tim Warren’s (Leader of B&NES Council) discussions, their intervention had ensured that a new railway station at Saltford will feature in a map of transport improvements in the Joint Local Transport Plan. The Joint Local Transport Plan will be open for public consultation in January 2019.

Read Saltford Parish Council’s comprehensive response to Cllr Tim Bowles’s letter, which has been copied in to over 20 relevant people and organisations, here. This includes how SPC will respond to the Joint Local Transport Plan (referred to as JLTP4 in the letter) as well as the actions and information requested by SPC following the close of the consultation.

Parish Councillors will discuss further actions to achieve the re-opening of Saltford Railway Station at the February SPC meeting (Item 10 the agenda). For more information about SPC's public meetings please visit our 'Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes' webpage.


Saltford Parish Council 2019/20 Precept

Saltford Parish Council has agreed its budget for the 2019/20 financial year. The amount of precept (tax) to be levied will increase to £33,840.

In 2018/19 SPC received £32,861 in precept plus a £250 B&NES Council Tax Support Grant, totaling £33,111.

B&NES has withdrawn the Council Tax Support Grant for the year 2019/20. As such £33,840 is an overall 2.2% increase on £33,111, in line with the rate of inflation (as of Nov 2018). 

Given the tax base set by B&NES for Saltford Parish, this is a rise of 60p per year per Band D property, or 1.15p per week (the charge for a Band D property in 2018/19 was 18.32, in 2019/20 it will be £18.92, this is an overall 3.3% precept increase).

 SPC grants SCA funding for three free Wi-Fi hot spots

Saltford Parish Council has agreed to make a grant to Saltford Community Association of £1113.58 to fund the provision of three free Wi-Fi hot spots in Saltford. The three hot spots will be based at Saltford Hall, Saltford Community Post Office & Library and the red phone box opposite the Bird in Hand pub. Members of the Saltford community and other visitors requiring free internet access are expected to benefit from the project. Look out for more details in the future.

SPC sets aside money each year for financial assistance grants that local groups can apply for to support an initiative or development that would benefit the residents of Saltford. Please see our website for more information. All documents are available on our website under ‘Council Responsibilities’ or from the office.


SPC's response to the Shale Gas Development (Fracking) Consultation

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is seeking views on whether applicants in England should be required to conduct pre-application consultation with the local community prior to submitting a planning application for shale gas development (fracking).

Read SPC's response to the consultation here.

To find out more about the consultation and to have your say visit here.

The consultation closes on 7th January 2019. 



SPC's response to the B&NES Local Plan Options Consultation

Saltford Parish Council agreed its response to the B&NES Local Plan Options consultation at its meeting on Tuesday 4th December. Read the full response here.

It makes a number of recommendations concerning protecting the Green Belt around both Keynsham and Saltford, raises the question of “net environmental gain”, and makes specific recommendations concerning the proposals for relocating Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park eastwards to encroach on Saltford’s Green Belt. 

To find out more about the B&NES Local Plan Options Consultation visit here (deadline for responses 7th January 2019). 


Saltford FC officially open new barrier as funded by support from Saltford Parish Council 

Following a very generous grant from Saltford Parish Council and additional financial aid provided by Saltford Sports Club, Saltford FC are proud to formally open their new crowd barrier.

The new barrier means that the pitch now meets the requirements of the County Premier league which is Saltford FCs next promotion target. It also moves Saltford FC forward by providing a more professional appearance for visitors, and also removes the inherent health and safety issues that were had with the old rope barrier it replaces.

Saltford Parish Council sets aside a small amount of money each year for financial assistance grants. Local groups can apply for a grant to support an initiative or development that would benefit the residents of Saltford. Following discussion about the grant application at its March meeting, Saltford Parish Council were pleased to award Saltford FC £3,407.50 towards the costs of the new barrier.

Phil Saunder, Chair of Saltford FC, states: "Financial planning for the barrier started in January 2018 when it appeared that our First team were heading for a top two finish in their Somerset County League division which would normally have led to promotion into the Premier Division where this type of barrier is a requirement. Eventually we did finish second but due to league restructuring we were denied promotion. After the Parish Council agreed to support us in March we secured the other funding we needed and placed the order. Thanks to Martyn and John from Keynsham Fencing and Landscaping the barrier was installed with hours to spare before our cup match against Fry’s in early October – it must have been a lucky omen as we went on to win 1 nil! Let’s hope it continues to spur us on for the rest of the season and gain the promotion we deserve."

Other benefits include a big reduction in the time taken to prepare the pitch on match days. It also provides Saltford FC with the ideal platform to display sponsorship boards to attract much needed finance to the club.

Photo shows members of Saltford FC, including Chair Phil Saunder, alongside Saltford Parish Councillors Chris Warren (Chair) and Phil Harding (Vice Chair) and staff from Keynsham Fencing and Landscaping.


WW1 Centenary Commemorative Event - 11th November 2018

An estimated 300 people attended the fantastic WW1 event held at Saltford Hall on the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday. This free event was organised  by Saltford Parish Council, Saltford Community Association and Saltford Environment Group.

Visitors to Saltford Parish Council's display were particularly interested in the results of the WW1 Saltford Genealogy Project. This project, funded by the Parish Council, enabled six local residents to have an ancestor's World War 1 service researched. To find out more about how to research your own family history click here.

Visitors also enjoyed viewing displays by SEG and Saltford School, singing along to music from the period performed by a live band, sampling '1918 war cake' and much more. 

It was a great afternoon bringing the community together on this special day of remembrance, and through refreshment donations raised funds for the Royal British Legion. 



Saltford residents gather at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday 2018

A large crowd of Saltford residents gathered by the newly refurbished War Memorial at 11am to mark the centenary of the end of WW1. 

Uniformed youth, including the Beavers, Rainbows, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Guides paraded to and from the War Memorial as part of the commemorations.

Alongside many others, a wreath was laid by SPC Chair Cllr Chris Warren on behalf of Saltford Parish Council.



Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the Saltford Neighbourhood Watch AGM on 7th November. PC Samantha Kayser (Beat Manager) gave the following summary at the meeting: 

We are working hard to maintain a visible police presence in Keynsham and surrounding areas. We continue to encourage members of the community to contact the police to report any suspicious activity. We rely on intelligence and information from those around us to assist in keeping our communities safe.The colder weather and the darker evenings are here so we would encourage everyone to think about their security, even when at home. All doors and windows should be left secure when out and when at home, consideration should be given to the parts of the house which are not occupied (for example if you are in the back garden and the front door is unlocked). Consider leaving a light on if you are out for the evening to give the impression somebody is at home. Think about where house and car keys are kept. Vulnerable keys leave cars and other premises potentially at risk. Advice is available on home security if required. Please feel free to contact your local beat team.

Beat Officers for Keynsham and surrounding areas

PC 4135 Kerry GRACE – Beat Manager (Saltford)

07739 628670

PC 3803 James EVANS – Beat Manager

07889 656353

PCSO 9973 Christopher PURVEY – Police Community Support Officer

07889 659620

PCSO 8149 Sarah HEWLETT – Police Community Support Officer

07889 656605

The above contacts are for information and non-urgent enquiries only. If officers are on rest days, leave or sick there may be a delay in responding. If you wish to report an incident or a crime or need to speak to a Police Officer you should contact 101. For all emergencies call 999.

Photo taken by Cllr Phil Harding, showing Cllr Duncan Hounsell (who organised the meeting) with Saltford residents and Avon & Somerset Community Officers. 


SPC funded barrier star of the match!

In March, Saltford Parish Council were pleased to grant Saltford FC £3407.50 towards the newly installed safety barrier for players and officials. 

Photo shows Cllr Duncan Hounsell and members of Saltford FC at the cup match on Saturday 13th October - Saltford FC vs Fry's Keynsham - the first match played with the new barriers (Saltford FC won!) 




B&NES Flooding information for residents

As winter approaches, drainage issues may arise and potentially cause flooding. B&NES have recently published their autumn Flood Rep Newsletter containing information and advice, including how to protect your property and how to report flooding. If you are interested in being a Flood Rep please contact the Parish Clerk for details.




Results from Saltford Parish Council's First World War genealogy project will be on display at the Centenary event.

This free public event, held in conjunction with Saltford Community Association and Saltford Environment Group, will be held at Saltford Hall on Sunday 11th November between 2-5pm. Click here for more information.




Saltford Parish Council re-opens - The Parish Office has re-opened following its temporary closure due to the Saltford Community Library and Post Office Hub refurbishment. Please note that the Parish Clerk works part-time, so if you would like to meet please arrange in advance.

Photo taken at the Library and Post Office opening ceremony on 24th September by Cllr Phil Harding.




Planning Permission - a helpful guide for Saltford residents by Cllr Duncan Hounsell 



Lest We Forget

New railings and gate, made by Kelston Forge, have been installed on Saltford War Memorial . . .

. . . in time for the centenary of World War One on 11.11.18 

Saltford's first Refill station: refill your water bottle and avoid plastic waste

Saltford Hall, open during the day and on most early evenings, is Saltford's first venue to be registered as a Refill station. Refill is the national tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle easy, convenient and cheap by introducing refill points on every street. Download the free Refill app via to find refill stations across the UK. 

Stand for Saltford Parish Council in May 2019

Community minded? Want to have a say on what happens locally? How about standing for election to Saltford Parish Council in May 2019 when a new Council is formed for another four year period?

Saltford Parish Council has 11 councillors. If more than 11 come forward in May 2019, this triggers an election among the voters of Saltford. An election generates interest and discussion of village matters and gives confidence to those who are elected. The level of commitment required as a councillor varies: the minimum expectation is that a councillor attends a monthly meeting (except August). However, councillors may choose to join other committees and working groups and represent the Council on other bodies.

To view the Electoral Commission's guidance and resources about being a candidate at a parish election in England click here. 

If you stand for election, please be aware that if elected, Saltford Parish Council's 'New Councillor Training Session' will take place on Tuesday 7th May at 7:15pm, and the first meeting of the newly elected Council will take place on Friday 17th May 2019 at 7:15pm in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall.

The process of standing for election is straightforward. The contact for all aspects of this electoral process is the Electoral Services Officer, B&NES Council, Guildhall, Bath BA1 5AW. Tel: 01225 477333 Email: 

Nomination papers simply require that you have a proposer and a seconder. Your and their electoral registration numbers will be needed. Nomination papers to stand for SPC can be found here  (the Parish Clerk can also print out nomination papers for anyone interested in standing, please contact the Clerk in advance). A copy of the electoral register is available for public inspection under supervision in the Bath Record Office, at the Guildhall in Bath. Please check the Bath Record Office opening times before arranging your visit. It is advised that nomination papers are returned in person to The Guildhall, Bath, in all circumstances, by the closing time and date for nominations (see timetable above). Note that Saltford currently has two polling districts and two registers. Full details including closing dates for nominations will be on B&NES Council's website nearer the time.

If you would like more information on the role of the Parish Council please contact the Parish Clerk at Saltford Library or any of the current councillors. The website provides much useful information as well.