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Details of all Saltford planning applications can be found on Bath & North East Somerset Council's planning applications search page. Usual information about planning permission and the role of Saltford Parish Council can be found here. B&NES Council are the decision making authority, and by law Saltford Parish Council (SPC) is consulted by B&NES Council regarding all full planning applications.

During the COVID-19 situation, as SPC meetings have been cancelled or postponed, Councillors will not be able to meet to discuss applications. If you would like to inform SPC of your views, simply add them to the B&NES planning portal. Comments made on the B&NES Council planning portal will be taken into account by the SPC Chair of Planning Committee when considering SPC's proposed response. A final decision, once all Councillors have been consulted, will then be sent to B&NES Council by the Parish Clerk using delegated authority. SPC recommends adding your comments to the B&NES Council portal as soon as possible following receipt of notification of a planning application.

Please note that during the COVID-19 situation, SPC will not be sending out letters to owners/occupiers and neighbours informing them of planning applications. Information about planning applications will be sent to relevant residents by B&NES Council. To receive notifications about planning applications near you sign up here

Site Visits (currently suspended)

Usually, applicants and occupants of properties neighbouring an application may request a site visit when an application is on the Parish Council’s agenda. A member or members of the Council would come and view the development site from your property. To protect the health of both Councillors and residents, during the COVID-19 situation it is not possible for site visits to take place.

On such a fact-finding visit, they would not be able to express any opinion on the application – the planning merits of what is proposed will be discussed at the above meeting. The Parish Council can either support an application, object to it, or offer comments. Formal objection can be made only if, in the Council’s opinion, the proposals conflict with a policy, or policies, in the Local Plan.

Privacy and the Planning Process

Due to its planning procedures B&NES Council usually publishes on its website the names but not addresses or contact details of those submitting comments or objections on planning applications. If a resident is concerned about such information being disclosed publicly whilst also wishing to submit a comment or objection without such a disclosure, they can contact SPC's Chair of Planning or in his absence the Clerk to discuss their concerns. Any such contact with SPC will be handled sensitively and treated as a private matter; the resident's name would not be shared with third parties outside SPC without the resident's prior permission.

Although comments made like this will be considered by SPC's Chair of Planning Committee, there is no certainty that SPC will submit a response to B&NES Council in line with any comments raised in this way. It is also possible that SPC may take an opposite stance to any comments made. As such contacting SPC is not a substitute for submitting a response to B&NES Council via their planning portal. Saltford residents are encouraged by SPC at all times to formally submit their own responses directly to the decision making authority (B&NES Council) in order to have their concerns formally taken into account. 

The Planning System

Guidance on Planning matters, including the rules on development which does not require planning permission ("permitted development"), can be found on the Government's Planning Portal.  There is also a link on this page to the interactive house guide which is particularly useful for householders contemplating development.

Householders wanting to make a good quality planning application that could be registered without delay can see who is part of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Planning Agents Accreditation Scheme.

Advertisements and illuminations - B&NES planning guidance

Outdoor advertisements and signs - Department for Communities & Local Government guidance

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)Link to B&NES information and guidance
High Hedges  - Link to B&NES information and Government guidance

Planning contraventions

B&NES Council is the local authority responsible for enforcing planning law. If you wish to have a possible planning contravention investigated by B&NES Council, you can complete the required Enforcement Complaint form, which can be found on this page of B&NES’ website.  The advantages of this are that you will know that your concern is being dealt with and you will know the outcome. You can also contact your B&NES Saltford ward councillors who can help advise in these matters: their contact details are on this page under Saltford.

Any issues raised with the Parish Council will be passed to the members of the Planning Committee. An alleged contravention brought to the attention of Parish Councillors which is considered appropriate to be raised and is agreed by the Committee as requiring reporting to B&NES Council, will go forward in the name of the Parish Council. Please note that the Parish Council Planning Committee only meets every four weeks.