SPC's request for school 'keep clear' lines goes to public consultation - Saltford Parish Council

In July 2022 (item 15), SPC resolved to request B&NES Council extend and introduce parallel yellow zigzag ‘keep clear’ lines at the section of Manor Road that runs behind Saltford Primary School.

SPC had noted that vehicles parking on the opposite side of the highway (currently without keep clear lines), particularly during busy drop-off and pick-up periods, were creating safety concern for children walking along and crossing Manor Road at this location.

Vehicles parked opposite keep clear lines, making the road more hazardous for drivers and children crossing the highway

SPC had also noted that whereas the keep clear lines continued a good length along the road from where the original path from school met Manor Road, the section of highway by main path now used did not have the same extended ‘keep clear’ lines to allow pedestrians and drivers good visibility.

Blue marks where existing ‘keep clear’ lines are, and yellow arrows show where SPC requested they be extended or introduced. The new path from the school opens to the highway adjacent to 66 Manor Road, which is why SPC requests keep clear markings at this exit for better visibility.

To improve traffic flow and safety for all, SPC resolved to request that B&NES Council (the Highways Authority) extend the existing keep clear lines on Manor Road to the start of the driveway at 66 Manor Road. The Council also resolved to request B&NES Council install new ‘keep clear’ lines parallel to these (e.g. opposite side of the road to 66 to 56 Manor Road) for safety reasons. Please see image above.

As part of the TRO process a public consultation has opened, with an end date of 16 March to respond. To view details of the proposal online please visit the B&NES Council website by typing in 23-005 in the search box on the home page: www.bathnes.gov.uk/permanenttraffic-order-notices

Objections and representations, together with the grounds on which they are made, must be sent by 16th March 2023, by email to Traffic_Managementteam@BATHNES.GOV.UK (Further details on how to respond can be found below).

Saltford Parish Council will engage with the TRO consultation process by discussing and resolving its formal response to this proposal at its 3 March 2023 meeting. Details about SPC’s Full Council meeting, including the March 2023 agenda, will be on SPC’s Meetings – Agendas and Minutes webpage. Residents are welcome to attend and speak at SPC meetings about any agenda item. Please see our Meetings webpage for further information including SPC’s Public Engagement Guidelines.

A TRO is required as parking on ‘keep clear’ lines is an offence, and drivers can be issued with a Penalty Enforcement Notice by B&NES Council Parking Enforcement Officers (similarly to if parking on double yellow lines). As such to extend and introduce keep clear lines a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) must be in place. More information about the TRO process can be found on the B&NES Council website (see ‘how is a TRO created’ at https://www.bathnes.gov.uk/services/streets-and-highway-maintenance/highway-improvements-traffic-management/traffic-regulation )

Copy of TRO notice from B&NES Council


NOTICE is given that the Bath and North East Somerset Council proposes to make an order
under provisions contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will
introduce the following variations to restrictions in Keynsham and Saltford:-

  1. Introduce No Parking At Any Time in lengths of Farleigh Road, Warwick Road,
    Fairfield Way, Maple Walk, Sunnymead, Wellsway, The Park, and Temple Street,
  2. Introduce School Keep Clear Markings in lengths of Manor Road, Saltford.
  3. Introduce Limited Waiting in lengths of Temple Street, Keynsham.
  4. Introduce No Parking / No Loading At Any Time in lengths of Temple Street,

Full details of the proposal together with a map and a Statement of the Council’s Reasons for proposing to make the order may be inspected at the One Stop Shops at Manvers Street, Bath, The Hollies, High Street, Midsomer Norton and at the Civic Centre, Market Walk, Keynsham during normal office hours. The proposal may also be viewed on the Council’s website by typing in 23-005 in the search box on the home page: www.bathnes.gov.uk/permanenttraffic-order-notices

Objections and representations with respect to the proposal, together with the grounds on which they are made must be sent by 16th March 2023, by email to Traffic_Managementteam@BATHNES.GOV.UK. Please quote the title of the scheme; (Various Roads, Keynsham and Saltford) (Prohibition and Restriction of Parking and Loading) (No Stopping on Entrance Markings) (Authorised and Designated Parking
Places) (Variation No 3) Order 2023 and the reference 23-005.

For any queries concerning this proposal please telephone B&NES Council 01225 395362. Please note that all representations received may be considered in public by B&NES Council and that the substance of any representation, together with the name and address of the person making it, could become available for public inspection.

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