A&S Police message - Hot weather and burglaries - Saltford Parish Council

SPC received the following message from Avon and Somerset police:

“With the exceptional weather, many of us will be spending more time in our gardens and the temptation will be there to air our properties throughout the day. Please ensure that whilst you are in any rear gardens that the front doors and windows are shut and locked. Sadly, opportunist criminals will take advantage of this heatwave, either entering homes or reaching through openings and taking what they can, which could include your car keys!. If leaving your home, even for a very short period, always ensure it is locked and secure.

Finally, if hosting a garden party / barbecue, consider your impact on social media. It is well advised to celebrate after the event than before. Posting on social platforms that you will all be in the back garden is an advert that your home is most likely empty, quite likely with windows open”.

Information on how to contact Avon and Somerset Police, including the Keynsham Beat Team, can be found on SPC’s ‘Report It‘ page.

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