Planning - Saltford Parish Council

Image of House Build - Saltford Parish Council

The planning authority for Saltford is B&NES Council. Saltford Parish Council is a statutory consultee, meaning B&NES Council must consult the Parish Council.

SPC responds to all planning consultations received for Saltford (over 400 since 2016). SPC’s responses can be found on the B&NES Council planning portal under ‘Plans and Documents’ (not comments) for each application.

SPC – like all Parish Councils – does not have powers to grant or refuse planning permission. However its views are taken into account by B&NES Council.

SPC cannot provide advice on proposed, ‘live’ or resolved planning applications. Residents can direct enquiries to the planning authority (B&NES Council).

To submit views to B&NES Council about live planning applications, please visit our ‘Commenting on planning applications’ page for information.

Please find further information about planning matters via the links below:

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