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Guidance on Planning matters, including the rules on development which does not require planning permission (“permitted development”), can be found on the Government’s Planning Portal.  There is also a link on this page to the interactive house guide which is particularly useful for householders contemplating development.

Saltford’s Conservation Area and Listed Buildings

Those that live in the Saltford Conservation Area may wish to be aware that additional planning restrictions apply due to the area’s special status. This includes tree works (all trees in conservation areas with a trunk diameter of 75mm or more as measured at 1.5m above ground level are legally protected). Please visit B&NES Council’s ‘Conservation areas and planning restrictions‘ page for more information. A B&NES Council map of Saltford’s Conservation Area can be found here.

Saltford has many listed buildings. Residents and businesses wishing to demolish, alter or extend a listed building in a way that affects its character need to apply to B&NES Council for listed building consent. Please visit B&NES Council’s ‘Listed buildings‘ page for further information.

Further information on Planning can be found as follows:

Advertisements and illuminations – B&NES planning guidance

Outdoor advertisements and signs – Department for Communities & Local Government guidance

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) – B&NES Council information

High Hedges  – B&NES Council information

High Hedges – Government guidance  

Householders wanting to make a good quality planning application that could be registered without delay can see who is part of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Planning Agents Accreditation Scheme.

SPC Planning Policy

SPC states as part of its Policy Overview that is in favour of protecting the Green Belt and the highly valued landscape surrounding Saltford from development including from a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing). This view was resolved at its May 2023 meeting, the first of the current council following elections. Residents may be interested to view SPC’s reference papers dated March 2024 Saltford Area of Great Landscape Value – Planning Policy and Character Appraisal by Saltford Parish Council and Saltford’s Area of Great Landscape Value – A Photographic Record.

Other information about planning matters in Saltford

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