What powers does Saltford Parish Council have with respect to planning applications? - Saltford Parish Council

Parish Councils are not planning authorities. The planning authority for Saltford is B&NES Council. As such Saltford Parish Council does not have powers to grant or refuse planning permission.

Saltford Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process. As a consultee, the planning authority (usually B&NES Council) must by law inform Saltford Parish Council of any planning applications within the parish. Saltford Parish Council can also be consulted by other relevant planning authorities should an application potentially impact on Saltford.

Saltford Parish Council can choose to respond to planning consultations or not, but generally does respond to all consultations received from B&NES Council.

Parish councils can generally only agree to comment on planning applications in properly called council or committee meetings which the public can attend. Parish Councils can either support an application, object to it, or offer comments. Saltford Parish Council’s comments focus on what are known as “material considerations”.

Parish Councillors are not planning experts, and it is not in the remit of the Parish Council to provide planning advice. As a statutory consultee in the planning process it can be unlawful for SPC to give planning advice. As such, any residents seeking advice on planning applications should contact officers at the planning authority (i.e. B&NES Council). Each planning application will have been assigned a case officer.

Once a response to a planning consultation is agreed by Saltford Parish Council and submitted to the planning authority, the views expressed by Saltford Parish Council will be taken into account by the planning authority before a decision is made, providing the points made are relevant to the determination of a planning application. Submitted responses from Saltford Parish Council to B&NES Council consultations can be found on the B&NES Council Planning Portal a couple of days after a Parish Council meeting takes place. Copies of full responses are also recorded in Saltford Parish Council’s meeting minutes.

The final decision on any planning application is made by the planning authority (usually B&NES Council), not Saltford Parish Council. As above, parish councils cannot approve or reject planning applications. Saltford Parish Council can only comment on planning applications in the same way that individuals can comment.

Should a resident wish to share their views with Saltford Parish Council prior to SPC resolving a response to a planning consultation received from a planning authority please see below on how you can do this.

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