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Saltford Parish Council’s ‘full council’ meets on the first Tuesday of each month (except August) at 7:15pm. Planning matters are included in Council meetings.

The Planning Committee hold additional meetings if necessary, just to consider planning matters. SPC also holds Extraordinary meetings and Staffing Committee meetings when required. The Annual Parish Meeting is held in annually in April or May.

Joining a Parish Council meeting

All meetings are open to the public. Under ‘Public Time’ any member of the public can speak on any agenda item, please see our Public Engagement Guidelines. From June 2021, in accordance with legislation, Council meetings will be held in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. Current legislation does not allow for remote participation by Councillors or the public.

Meeting dates 2020-2021

MONTHFull Council Meeting
May 20214
June 20211
July 20216
August 2021N/A
September 20217
October 20215
November 20212
December 20217
January 20224
February 20221
March 20221
April 20225
May 20223

Annual Parish Meeting: The next Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 6th April starting at 7pm via Zoom. For more information, please see below under ‘agendas’ and also our Annual Parish Meeting news article.

The SPC Community Awards, usually part of the Annual Parish Meeting, will be held at a later date due to current COVID19 restrictions – further information will be shared once available. Zoom joining information will be shared on the Annual Parish Meeting notice and agenda.

Planning Committee: The next Planning Committee meeting is likely to be Tuesday 4 August 2021 starting at 7:15pm.


Agendas and supporting documents for meetings are published three clear days before a meeting takes place. This is usually on the last Thursday of each month. Once available these documents are as follows (please click on links when live):

Agenda for June 2021 meeting (to be published)

Notice of June 2021 meeting (to be published)

May 2021 Financial Report (to be published)

June 2021 Schedule of Expenditure (to be published)


Draft minutes are generally posted on the website a week after a meeting takes place. If space allows, both draft and confirmed minutes are also displayed in Saltford Parish Council noticeboard.

Minutes are approved at the following Council meeting and, once confirmed, are published below. As of February 2019, each set of minutes contain a schedule of expenditure and monthly financial report.

Parish Council

Planning Committee

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