Possible planning contraventions - Saltford Parish Council

B&NES Council is the local authority responsible for enforcing planning law. If you wish to have a possible planning contravention investigated by B&NES Council, please read the information and complete the required Enforcement Complaint form on this page of B&NES’ website.  The advantages of this are that you will know that your concern is being dealt with and you will know the outcome. If you feel it to be appropriate, you can also contact your B&NES Saltford ward councillors to inform them of your concerns; their contact details are on this page under Saltford.

SPC can raise possible planning contraventions itself when it is agreed that the alleged contravention is significant and will have a village-wide impact. Should a member of the public wish SPC to raise any concerns to the attention of B&NES Council, rather than reporting concerns directly to B&NES Council themselves, please contact the Parish Clerk or a Parish Councillor in the first instance. If viewed as a significant alleged contravention, a Councillor will then request it be raised at a meeting under ‘Planning Matters’.

Should Councillors agree at a meeting that it is a matter that requires reporting to B&NES Council by the Parish Council, SPC will then raise it as an alleged planning contravention to B&NES Council’s Planning Enforcement team. Any updates and outcomes received from B&NES Council to SPC on the matter will be shared under ‘Planning Matters’ at subsequent SPC meetings and recorded in the minutes.

Other information about planning matters in Saltford

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