Complaints - Saltford Parish Council

Complaints about administration and procedures

Saltford Parish Council is committed to providing a quality service for the benefit of the people who live or work in its area or are visitors to the locality.

If you are dissatisfied with the standard of service you have received from this council, or are unhappy about an action or lack of action by this council, SPC’s Complaints Procedure sets out how you may complain to the council and how we shall try to resolve your complaint.

This procedure applies to complaints about council administration and procedures only. Please note that the Complaints Procedure does not apply to complaints about Councillors.

Complaints about Councillors 

Saltford Parish Council’s Councillors agree to abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct for Members.

Any complaints that a Councillor may have breached Saltford Parish Council’s Code of Conduct should be sent to B&NES Council using the online form on the B&NES Council website’s Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Standards Committee page.

This page details what you can complain about, what information is required, and the process taken by the Monitoring Officer to address any complaints made against Councillors.

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