Stages of the planning decision making process - Saltford Parish Council

Every application is different, but the process each goes through should be the same. The different stages are: Validation; Publicity and Consultation; Consideration; Negotiation; Recommendation; Decision; Appeal or Resubmission. Further details on this process can be found on the B&NES Council website here.

Saltford Parish Council is involved during the second stage of the process – ‘Publicity and Consultation’. Parish Councils have ‘statutory consultation’ status, that is, B&NES Council (the planning authority) must notify and consult with Saltford Parish Council regarding any planning applications received in Saltford.

The length of time taken to determine a planning application is governed by the local planning authority (generally B&NES Council) not the parish council. A parish council can request that it be given extra time to comment on an application. SPC regularly requests time extensions in which to respond to tie-in with meeting dates. The decision whether this is granted rests solely with the planning authority and its own deadlines for decision making. Saltford Parish Council will generally respond to all planning consultations if able to in the timeframe given by the planning authority.

Other information about planning matters in Saltford

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