Defibrillator locations in Saltford: 

Saltford Sports Club

Saltford Sports Club: Wedmore Road, Saltford, BS31 3BY (around the back of Saltford Hall, facing playing fields. Defibrillator located at the front door of the sports club. Access code behind bar or call 999)

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Tesco Express

Tesco Express: 501 Bath Road, Saltford, BS31 3HQ, on premises. 

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Davis and Way Estate Agents

Davies and Way Estate Agents: Beech Rd side, BS31 3BA, on external wall.

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Saltford Hall

Saltford Hall: Wedmore Rd, BS31 3BY, on external wall.

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Bird in Hand Pub

High St / Mead Lane, BS31 3EJ, on phone box exterior.

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Saltford Primary School

Saltford CofE School: Claverton Rd, BS31 3DW, on premises.

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Saltford Golf Club

Saltford Golf Club: Golf Club Lane, BS31 3AA, on premises.

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Saltford Rowing Club

Saltford Rowing Club: Bath Rd, BS31 3JS, on premises.

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Note: Those ‘on premises’ are accessible only when open, with permission of site owners/managers

Defibrillator Heart Restarter: For an unconscious person NOT breathing normally call 999, start CPR, switch on defibrillator, follow its instructions. The first 3 to 5 minutes following someone going into Cardiac Arrest are crucial. 999 should be called immediately to ensure that the ambulance is dispatched at which time the operator will inform the caller of any nearby defibrillator and the access code where required. Call 999 for a code to access defibrillators in locked cabinets. Anyone can use a defibrillator. No training is necessary.

Defibrillators can provide vital life-saving treatment, with latest research showing that accessing these devices within 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest increases the chance of survival by over 40%. Saltford Parish Council does not own and is not responsible for any defibrillators in Saltford. If you use a defibrillator the owners should be alerted to its use, but please contact them to make sure as defibrillators require attention following use.

Registering a defibrillator with The Circuit enables emergency services, including first responders, to locate the nearest publicly accessible external defibrillators (AEDs) when they are treating someone suffering from out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest.

If you own or manage a defibrillator in Saltford please register it to the National Defibrillator Network known as The Circuit at https://www.thecircuit.uk/. Registration is simple and quick to do. Many AEDs are not registered, meaning ambulance services cannot find them when they are needed most resulting in some defibrillators never being used because emergency services do not know how to access them. The Circuit connects defibrillators to NHS ambulance services across the UK so that in those crucial moments after a cardiac arrest they can be accessed quickly to help save lives.

Map of defibrillators in Saltford

For more about how Saltford Parish Council is improving access to defibrillators visit our news articles ‘Joint project funds new defibrillator at Saltford pub‘ (at High St / Mead Lane). Plans are also in place to attach a defibrillator to the replacement phone box at Norman Road (near junction with A4 Bath Road).

Cllr Chris Warren with members of the community who helped to install this defibrillator near the river (located at the Bird in Hand pub)

Please save this image to your phone’s favourites album- you never know, it may one day save a life

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