Location Map - Saltford Parish Council

Below is a map showing the location of Saltford within the UK.

To find out about Public Rights of Way and permissive paths in Saltford, simply visit the B&NES website here (and for an interactive PROW map here). When the page opens, just type in your postcode in the map in the top right hand corner and click ‘search’. The map that appears has a side bar on the left, first select ‘highways’ then tick ‘public rights of way’ (this option is at the bottom of the list). Public Rights of Way and permissive paths will then be highlighted on the map. Please note that permissive paths only show if they have a Permissive Path Agreement with B&NES Council. B&NES Council’s Public Rights of Way team have advised that should residents wish to have a physical map of Saltford’s paths to buy the Ordnance Survey Explorer map for this area.

An illustrated hand-drawn map of footpaths in Saltford dating from 1996 (updated in 2008) is available here. Please note that due to the date of the map, the footpaths marked may not be accurate today.

SPC created a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ for residents in spring 2021 (during lockdown), in part to highlight awareness of some of SPC’s assets. An updated copy for summer 2023 is at ‘SPC Scavenger Hunt PDF‘.

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