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Saltford is a beautiful village, situated surrounded by green belt. It is known for its historic Conservation Area as well as views towards the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, especially the iconic Kelston Tump. Both the River Avon and Brunel’s GWR line run through the village. Along with many activities and events, there is lots to capture through a lens. This gallery aims to show Saltford at its best. More images will be added in due course.

Kelston Weir, Dec 2021. Saltford is known for its river side walks and many public rights of way through local countryside. This view looks towards Saltford from the Kelston side of the river, onto one of two weirs in Saltford. For B&NES Council’s interactive public rights of way map, see our ‘Location Map‘ page for information.

The population of Saltford significantly expanded in the 1970s and 1980s following many new houses being built in the Manor Road and Montague Road area of the village, including ‘Admirals Park’ and ‘Manor Lawns’ estates. Saltford Environment Group’s Online Map page shows how the village has expanded, particularly in the 20th Century.

Many of Saltford’s shops are located on the A4 Bath Road, the main road which runs through the middle of the village that connects Saltford with Bristol and Bath. Historically, Saltford’s shops were on the High Street (which is primarily now residential and in the Saltford Conservation Area). Many businesses are located in Saltford, a high number of which are part of the active Saltford Business Network.

Saltford’s War Memorial is located on the Beech Road / Norman Road / High Street junction. It was erected in 1920, and relocated to its current position in 1966. It is the focus of Saltford’s Remembrance Sunday commemorations each year as organised by the Saltford Scouts. The War Memorial railings are a SPC asset, the poppies and words were added to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1. See SPC’s History or Saltford page for more information.

Tunnel House is a grand Georgian building in Saltford. Tunnel House was famously purchased by Brunel to enable this section of his GWR line between Bath and Bristol. The track runs via a cutting under the building. The site of the former Saltford Railway Station (closed 1960) is on the A4 Bath Road. Photo by Cllr Phil Harding. SPC actively supports the re-opening of Saltford Station at its current site, type ‘Saltford Station’ in the search bar for the latest news on this.

Saltford’s Conservation Area is also known as the ‘old village’, before many of the houses in Saltford were built in the 20th century. This photo taken by Cllr Phil Harding shows some roof tops on the High Street.

This beautiful oak in St Mary’s Churchyard is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, as are several trees in Saltford. Trees in the Conservation Area have planning protection too. Find out more about Tree Preservation Orders and works on Conservation Area trees on the B&NES website…/tree-preservation-orders

Spring flowers with the cottages behind formerly being known as ‘Ferry Cottages’ where those that operated the Saltford Ferry use to live (see our ‘Local History – 19th Century‘ page for more about the ferry). SPC encourages environmental projects in the area, especially those that improve nature and habitat in public places. See SPC’s Grants page for more information about SPC funding for environmental initiatives.

Saltford is a rural village, despite its proximity to Bath and Bristol. It is surrounded by green belt, the majority of which is used for farming. The image above shows a field to the south of the village, which is used for arable crops.

Cows with Saltford in the background. The fields to the north of the village are used for grazing, particularly by cattle whose milk is used for several well-known Bath cheeses available in the many local farm shops in and near Saltford.

Autumn by the river, November 2023. The river, though beautiful, flows high after periods of wet weather. Visitors and residents alike are advised to take care when walking near the river, especially in colder months. The river can flood surrounding areas, for flooding information visit our ‘Report It‘ page.

Hot air balloons can often be seen over Saltford, with launch points in nearby Bath. This image was taken on a cold January 2024 morning. During the summer months, balloons can often be spotted both in the early morning and during the evenings.

Saltford is surrounded by green belt, as seen in this view looking over the village taken from Lansdown hill. In 2023, the Parish Council agreed the following: ‘SPC is in favour of protecting the Green Belt and our highly valued landscape surrounding Saltford from development including from a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing)’. To read SPC’s full policy overview, visit the ‘Parish Council‘ page.

SPC’s red phone box situated at the Bird in Hand pub on the High Street, all lit up for Christmas. SPC has several assets that it looks after on behalf of the Saltford community, these are checked and maintained by the Parish Council. More information can be found on the ‘Council responsibilities‘ page. Photo taken by Cllr Phil Harding in December 2023.

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