Privacy and the Planning Process - Saltford Parish Council

Due to its planning procedures B&NES Council usually publishes on its website the names but not addresses or contact details of those submitting comments or objections on planning applications.

Any contact with SPC by a resident will treated in line with GDPR guidance; a resident’s name would not be shared with third parties outside SPC without the resident’s prior permission. Please note as above that SPC will not post comments on the B&NES Council Planning Portal on a resident’s behalf. The only way for a resident to make their comments known to B&NES Council or any other planning authority is to contact the planning authority directly.

Please note that although comments may be made to SPC, there is no certainty that SPC will submit a response to B&NES Council in line with any comments raised in this way. It is also possible that SPC may take an opposite stance to any comments made. As mentioned, contacting SPC is not a substitute for submitting a response to B&NES Council via their planning portal. Saltford residents are encouraged by SPC at all times to formally submit their own responses directly by the given deadline to the decision making authority (generally B&NES Council) in order to have their concerns formally taken into account. 

Other information about planning matters in Saltford

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