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Aerial view of Saltford

Many people visit Saltford for its historic conservation area and scenic riverside walks. Others come to participate in its many active societies, leisure and sports facilities. Often people are drawn to Saltford due to its varied range of places to eat and drink. Whatever your reason for coming to Saltford, we hope you enjoy your time in the village and we warmly welcome considerate visitors.

River & Saltford Weir

If visiting Saltford for its river side areas or for recreational purposes, please see the ‘River Avon in Saltford‘ page and information the links below.

Saltford’s river side is in a residential area with narrow roads. If visiting by vehicle please park lawfully and considerately. Available parking is available in a short stay car park and a small section of highway. B&NES Council parking enforcement (traffic wardens) visit regularly, especially during periods of good weather as do the police to ensure good access for large emergency vehicles. There are parking restrictions on the the majority of the highway near the river, including double yellow lines (see the parking section below). Visitors to the area are strongly encouraged to use public transport accessed from the A4 Bath Road, or to walk or cycle to Saltford’s river side areas.

Public toilets

Public toilets in the B&NES Council area are the responsibility of B&NES Council and managed by Healthmatic. For up-to-date information about B&NES Council’s toilets, including service disruptions, please see the ‘toilets‘ page on their website. If visitors encounter issues with public toilets in the B&NES area please report directly to B&NES Council.

Getting to Saltford by bus, bike or on foot

Saltford is a popular destination for cyclists and walkers. The Bristol to Bath Railway Path runs through Saltford connecting the two cities. Please find more information, including a map, on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path website. To find out more about public rights of way and permissive paths in Saltford, please visit our maps page.

Many bus routes provide a regular service though Saltford, via the A4 Bath Road.


If visiting Saltford by car to use the shops and businesses on the A4 Bath Road, please note these areas have parking restrictions so please check signage. There is a public car park on Wedmore Road by Saltford Hall.

There is a small car park near the river where parking charges apply (implemented from 8 November 2022). Vehicles can use MiPermit to park for one, two or three hour period all year, with charges applying between 1 April and 30 September inclusive including Bank Holidays. Those using the car park between 1 October to 31 March inclusive still require a MiPermit ticket to park for a one, two or three hour period. No overnight parking is permitted. Parking is only allowed in marked bays in the car park. Any parking outside of the car park including on green amenity space will be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice.

B&NES Parking Enforcement officers regularly enforce parking conditions at this location, including with penalty notices given to any vehicle not in a marked bay. Those parking outside of marked bays at the car park are subject to a £70 fine.

The majority of the highway by the river has double yellow lines with a Residents Permit Zone, which includes the hardstanding parallel to the river opposite residential buildings and the bay near the historic cottages. B&NES Parking Enforcement officers monitor this area regularly as a priority, especially during peak periods. Please view the B&NES Council signage available before parking. 

If using the car park, information about using my MiPermit can be found on the B&NES Council website here. MiPermit can be used by app, just download MiPermit for Android  or download MiPermit for iOS to your phone. To find out how to use the MiPermit App please see this short ‘Using the MiPermit App in car parks’ YouTube video by North Essex Council for a step-step-guide. MiPermit tickets can also be accessed via the B&NES Council MiPermit website and also by phone (Text message / SMS – see ‘By Phone’ instructions here).

Please note that vehicles using car park by the river for any business purpose will be subject to penalty charge notices by B&NES Parking Enforcement. B&NES Council has stated that businesses wishing to operate from the car park must do so with the express written permission of B&NES Council. No licences have been issued and therefore any businesses or their clients using a vehicle to operate from this car park may be in contravention of the off street parking order and their vehicle may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The operation of a business from this car park reduces the availability of spaces for visitors to park to enjoy the local amenity. 

A number of businesses in Saltford operate their own private car parks, where restrictions apply and parking is available for patrons only. Those using private car parks are advised to check signage carefully before parking their vehicles. CCTV is in place at many of Saltford’s public and private car parks. Owners leave their vehicles at their own risk.

If parking elsewhere in the village , SPC requests that any visitors park with consideration to residents and with respect for the need for good emergency vehicle access. Many of Saltford’s ‘old village’ roads – especially the High Street – are narrow and have pinch points, and there are no pavements for pedestrians in some areas. Inconsiderate parking can be dangerous for both access and visibility, and residents are encouraged to contact the police directly on 101 if they see dangerously parked vehicles or if inconsiderate parking has resulted in gridlock.

Saltford Parish Council is not the responsible authority for parking matters. B&NES Council’s Parking Enforcement Officers are responsible for enforcing restrictions in public car parks and on the highway where restrictions apply.

The police can deal with vehicles causing an obstruction or hazard. Residents are encouraged to report dangerous parking to the police (the ‘local council’ referred to on the police website is B&NES Council).

Environment and nature

SPC welcomes people to enjoy its beautiful river side setting, however requests that users of the river treat this area with consideration to nature and the environment.

Please only access the river at appropriate and safe locations without damage to the river bank or its vegetation. Small boats such as kayaks and paddleboards can be launched in the area opposite The Shallows car park. Please protect the riverbank by not launching river craft in any other locations in Saltford. Please note that this area is not suitable for launching motor boats or larger watercraft.

The river is a habitat for otters, kingfishers and other wildlife that SPC is keen to see protected. Saltford Parish Council, working in partnership with B&NES Council, has recently taken action to protect an area of the riverbank on The Shallows that was being eroded due to unauthorised boat launching.

Visitors are also requested to take their litter home, or else use one of the many bins or ‘gold’ litter bags available.


B&NES Cabinet agreed to relocate moorings from Mead Lane by spring 2023, and a charging system for moorings commenced in March 2021. Alternative locations for 14 day moorings will be identified by B&NES Council prior to ending moorings at Mead Lane. As of November 2020 the 48hr moorings at Mead Lane have been permanently removed. See the B&NES Council’s Mead Lane mooring webpage for more information.

History and heritage

For information about the Saltford Brass Mill and Saltford Heritage Centre, visit our History of Saltford page.


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