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What does Saltford Parish Council (SPC) do?

Parish Councils are the first tier of local government, and as such SPC is the council closest to the residents of Saltford. SPC is made up of 11 Councillors, who are best placed to engage with residents and find out what the real local issues are and how to overcome them.

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Examples of the work of Saltford Parish Council include:

  • Holding regular meetings, and acting as a democratic voice for Saltford residents and consulting the community on relevant issues.
  • Liaising with B&NES Council regarding road safety and highways, environmental concerns, planning policy, and other matters that are the responsibility of Saltford’s unitary authority.
  • Liaising with key organisations such as Avon and Somerset Police and Avon Fire & Rescue regarding local crime and river safety.
  • Responding to planning consultations from B&NES Council (the ‘planning authority’) proving a local voice on all planning matters.
  • Working in partnership with local groups and organisations to meet community needs
  • Managing St Mary’s Churchyard and the Wick House Close allotment site.

What is a Parish Council?

Parish Councils represent community interests and serve their local electorate. A Parish Council is a separate legal, corporate entity. Parish Councils are statutory bodies and have a range of discretionary powers. They raise their own form of ‘council tax’ known as the precept. Like any statutory body, a Parish Council can only do the things for which the law or any governing document gives a power. Parish Councils are a ‘local council’, a term that describes community, neighbourhood, parish and town councils.

How can I engage with Saltford Parish Council meetings and decisions?

  • SPC meets monthly (bar August), usually on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.15pm. SPC meetings are usually held in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall. Details are on the ‘Meetings – Agendas and Minutes‘ page.
  • SPC publishes its agenda three clear days before a meeting. Agendas will be available on SPC’s website and noticeboard (located by the shop parade on the A4 Bath Road).
  • Meetings are open to the public and SPC welcomes residents to attend. Should residents wish to speak they can do so during ‘Public Time’ which takes place near the start of the meeting. The public can speak on any item on the published agenda, see here for information.
  • If there is a particular issue you would like raised at a meeting, in the first instance please contact a Councillor or the Parish Clerk at least 10 days before a meeting to discuss. It is ultimately up to SPC to decide on items for the agenda.

Saltford Parish Council falls within the unitary authority of Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES Council). Saltford has two elected B&NES Ward Councillors (details on the B&NES website).

SPC Policy Overview

In May 2023, following elections, SPC resolved a policy overview to guide the work of SPC its current term of office. The following policy overview was adopted:

Saltford Parish Council (SPC) endorses the need to respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. SPC’s decisions and policies will take account of whether they are good for the climate, the ecology of Saltford and for residents. SPC is in favour of protecting the Green Belt and our highly valued landscape surrounding Saltford from development including from a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing); a safer cleaner river for users and wildlife; reopening the railway station on the existing site; Fairtrade; and that Saltford should continue to be an inclusive and caring community.

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