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(Updated March 2023)

To report dog fouling online to B&NES Council please visit their Report Dog Fouling page (Also at

Saltford Parish Council (SPC) recognises that the vast majority of dog walkers act responsibly and pick up after their dog, to keep Saltford clean and its residents – especially younger ones – safe.

Unfortunately, SPC has been made aware of an increasing amount of dog fouling on the village’s streets, especially the green spaces and pavements around the primary school (such as on Claverton Road and Claverton Road West, and the green area that runs behind Morgan, Drake, Pepys and Anson Closes). Reports have also been received about dog fouling on Saltford’s Public Rights of Way paths, which are especially popular with families enjoying countryside walks. It is an offence under The Dogs (Fouling of Land Act) 1996 to allow your dog to foul and not pick up the mess.

SPC would like to remind dog owners that they should pick up their dog’s mess in a refuse bag, tie it securely and dispose of it in any regular bin. A map of Saltford’s bins is below, there are also ‘gold bin bags’ around the village to dispose of waste. Do not leave the bag on the floor, trees, fence etc. This is unsightly and also counts as littering. To re-enforce this message, in March 2023 SPC requested posters from B&NES Council’s Dog Warden. These have since been displayed around the village at key points where dog fouling is a known issue.

One of the new ‘Please pick up my poo’ signs by Saltford Sports Club’s playing fields – there are five gold bags and a bin at this location so no excuse not to bag it and bin it.

There has also recently been a small but significant increase in filled dog waste bags being left hanging on trees and hedges. This is littering. It’s also a nuisance and bad for the environment. If you can’t find a bin, please take it home. If a bin is full, report it to B&NES Council. More information on how to act can be found on the B&NES Council’s Dog Warden Frequently Asked Questions page

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the dog at the time the fouling occurs to pick up the mess.  Not having a bag, or not being aware that the dog has fouled is not an adequate defence. Failure to pick up dog mess can result in a on-the-spot fine or prosecution by B&NES Council. SPC is aware that fines have been given out in the Saltford area in recent years.

Dog poo bags being left hanging from bushes on Saltford’s Public Rights of Way. Please use one of the many bins or gold bags in Saltford to dispose of bagged dog poo, not our countryside vegetation.

Dog fouling in the dark

Dog walkers in Saltford are reminded that it is important to keep your dog in sight at all times in a public space, so you can see when and where they poo. SPC is aware that a significant amount of dog fouling is occurring during the current darker evenings. This is especially occurring in Saltford’s green spaces, including the paths leading to the primary school. Dog walkers are reminded to pay particular attention when walking a dog in the dark, when awareness of fouling may be harder to notice. ‘Accidental fouling’ is still subject to on-the-spot fines and prosecution.

Dog fouling where children walk and play

As residents are aware, the paths and green spaces near the primary school are used regularly by children, who may not notice dog poo until it is too late. Please pick up after dogs when walking them in this area, whatever time of the day (or night). Disease from dog fouling such as Toxocariasis is a particular risk to children. The same goes for Saltford’s countryside paths where many families enjoy walks. Bag it and bin it, and if there are no bins, please take waste to dispose of at home.

Reporting dog fouling to B&NES Council

Saltford’s residents are encouraged to report dog fouling on B&NES Council land via the FixMyStreet website. The B&NES Council Dog Warden has advised residents to report dog fouling at – this will inform the street cleansing team as well as identify cluster areas for the Dog Warden to monitor. The Dog Warden is able to observe problem areas in the early mornings and evenings, and hand out on-the-spot fines.

Further information is available on the ‘Dog fouling’ and ‘Dog Warden Service’ pages of the B&NES Council website.

This includes the following information:

‘Dog waste suitably wrapped in a plastic bag or similar can be disposed of in any litter bin or dog waste bin. If none are available nearby, you should be prepared to carry the waste home where it can be disposed of with your normal household waste. Lack of bins is no defence should you be caught leaving dog waste behind. This also applies to littering offences; all litter should be taken home if there is no litter bin nearby. If you wish to report the matter it would helpful if we have the following details: The name, address if known of offender, description of the dog, and the time and place the incident occurred. This information should be passed to the Dog Wardens at the earliest opportunity by calling 01225 39 40 41. They will then decide whether the matter can be taken further. The more accurate and specific the information provided, the greater the chance of a dog fouler being penalised’.

Dog walking on Saltford Playing Fields

Owners who walk their dogs on the playing fields as managed by Saltford Sports Club are also reminded of the importance to pick up their dog’s mess. Dog mess causes the spread of disease; the main one is Toxocariasis, which can lead to blindness if a sports player were to come in contact with it. As mentioned above, this is a particular risk to the young. Many children and young people belong to sports teams based at Saltford Sports Club, and numerous children come to Saltford for sports matches. Please maintain awareness of when and where your dog is fouling to keep everyone safe and Saltford clean.

Another of the signs displayed by SPC by Saltford Sports Club. So many local children (and adults) use the playing fields, please do not allow your dog to foul without picking it up.
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