Footpaths between Saltford and Keynsham (behind A4 Bath Rd) to be temporarily closed - Saltford Parish Council

Saltford Parish Council has received advanced notice from B&NES Council that footpaths that run between Saltford and Keynsham will be temporarily closed from 9th February 2023 for a maximum period of six months.

The footpaths included in the order are located behind the A4 Bath Rd on the Manor Road Community Wood side.

Footpaths are listed as follows: Footpaths BA27/28: ST 66532 68226 to ST 66563 68048 Nr Bath Road, Keynsham from a point alongside Withies Farm heading in a southerly direction for a distance of approximately 317 metres, BA27/27: ST 66527 67929 to 66837 67819 from its meeting point with BA27/28 in a easterly direction for a distance of approximately 328 metres.

Saltford Parish Council thanks Crest Nicholson who provided a map on request to show where the temporary footpath closure will be (in red) and the alternative route (in green).

The Order states that the temporary footpath closure is required because works will be executed on or near the footpath consequent due to construction works by Crest Nicholson Operations Limited.

It also states that restrictions may not be effected for the whole of the period but it is anticipated that the footpaths will be restricted as and when traffic signs are in position and only for so long as is necessary to execute the works.

For a copy of THTTC3079 FOOTPATH BA27/28 – BA27/27, Nr BATH ROAD, KEYNSHAM (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF USE BY PEDESTRIANS) ORDER 2023 please see the image below:

To notice adds under ‘Alternative Route’ that there will be a diversion route on site which will be signed accordingly.

As well as sharing a map, Saltford Parish Council thanks Crest Nicholson for responding to SPC’s query regarding safe access for pedestrians walking between Saltford and Keynsham.

SPC is sharing information received, please note that any queries about these works or the temporary footpath closure need to be directed to Crest Nicholson or B&NES Council.

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