High Street and Mead Lane, Saltford - Temporary Traffic Restriction Order - Fri 22 September - Saltford Parish Council

In line with the Temporary Traffic Restriction Order (TTRO) in place for High Street and Mead Lane in Saltford, Wessex Water has notified residents by letter to share that parking restrictions will be in place for these roads on Friday 22 September 2023 from 9am until 2pm.

SPC requests that residents and visitors to the area park in accordance with the TTRO to enable heavy plant traffic to pass on these narrow roads. Access was blocked last Friday by two vehicles parking between the coned-off area near the Bird in Hand end of the road, meaning that the large vehicle looking to gain access had to abort its journey as it could not make its way to the Mead Lane site.

If access for large vehicles is blocked by parked vehicles as previously, further parking restrictions will be need to be in place in the future to allow access.

Information from Wessex Water is as follows (copy of the letter also available here):

Why is the temporary traffic restriction order (TTRO) required?

The order is required to improve accessibility for vehicles travelling to Saltford Water Recycling Centre to make deliveries for the start of construction work taking place. This work involves constructing a new access road from the A431, to alleviate existing congestion from vehicles that currently access the Wessex Water site along High Street and Mead Lane.

This use of the order will allow for the exchange and collection of large equipment that this was originally scheduled for Friday 15 September. Unfortunately, on that occasion, the collection had to be aborted due to a number of vehicles being parked in the High Street, contrary to the signage and ‘No Parking’ cones that were in place.

The TTRO covers an 18-month period, but restrictions will not be in place for that amount of time. Instead, there will be a number of occasions during this period, such as this one, where restrictions are required. Restrictions will not be in place on weekends and bank holidays.

What does the order mean?

On this occasion, these restrictions will be in force during working hours (between 9am and 4pm) only. During these times you will be required to remove parked vehicles from these roads to allow the space for deliveries to the Saltford Water Recycling Centre on Mead Lane. These latest restrictions will finish at the end of the working day.

How will this affect me?

A marshal will be on hand to assist with vehicle access and exit to and from the holding bay at Saltford Court as necessary.

As agreed with Saltford Parish Council and local B&NES members, Wessex Water will attempt to meet any special needs or concerns of any residents when the restrictions are in place.

Any known significant deliveries and building works that may affect vehicle movements while the restrictions are in place should also be reported to us.

These requests should be phoned through to the team on 07717 355917 prior to the start of these restrictions.

Please avoid parking vehicles within the areas that we have laid cones for to provide our team with a safe working area and allowing them to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Anything else you need to know?

We remain committed to working with the local community to understand the potential issues and constraints in relation to the Temporary Traffic Restriction Order and our project team will continue to be available via the dedicated email address saltford.access@wessexwater.co.uk.

There is also information about this scheme on our website, which can be found at www.wessexwater.co.uk/saltfordaccess. We will update this page with any useful information in due course.

Images shared by Wessex Water, September 2023. Image at top shows size of plant vehicles requiring access (taken on a different day to when parking restrictions were in place). Images that follow show vans parked between cones marking the temporary restricted parking area, preventing plant vehicle access last Friday.

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