Mead Lane moorings update inc. new B&NES Council mailbox address - Saltford Parish Council

The B&NES Council Mead Lane Saltford Moorings webpage has recently been updated. B&NES Council have also posted an article accompanying the winter mooring reconsideration in the ‘newsroom’ section of the website, please see their Mead Lane moorings update article published on 2 July 2021.

The B&NES Council articles state that recommendations to defer the closure of the 14-day moorings at Mead Lane over the winter months are being considered by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services Councillor Dave Wood. Cllr Wood is being asked to make a single member decision about the next steps for the moorings in Mead Lane.

B&NES Cllr Wood said: “We want to arrive at a resolution for both boaters and residents and I will give careful consideration to the report that is before me. Allowing the winter mooring to go ahead and deferring a decision would help us  consider the issue with a much broader view around a mooring strategy as well as our work with  the West of England Combined Authority regarding a plan for the River Avon, as well as discussions with the Canal and River Trust.”

Over the past eight months B&NES Council has put in place parking restrictions – double yellow lines, in Mead Lane to ease traffic issues, appointed a river warden with the Canal and Rivers Trust, removed the 48 hour leisure moorings and put in place temporary signage.

A new B&NES Council mailbox has also been set up for emails from any member of the public to B&NES about matters relating to Mead Lane: (This is due to go live soon, please email if any issues).

Please allow up to 10 days for a response to non-urgent messages to the new Mead Lane mailbox.

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