Message from Saltford Golf Club to residents, Feb 2021 - Saltford Parish Council

Saltford Parish Council has been asked to share the following message from Saltford Golf Club with residents, received Friday 5th February:

Dear Saltford Residents,

Many of you have been enjoying the Golf Course as a place of exercise during these difficult times however it is with regret that our Greens Staff have reported selfish and irresponsible acts of behaviour which has damaged the course. 

Please may I remind you that the area is very wet and slippery so it would be appreciated if you would stay on the pathways, or the perimeter of the course, keeping well away from the putting greens, bunkers, streams, ponds and other areas that have been cordoned off by stake barriers and string.  Keep your dogs under control and clean up after them taking your dog waste and other rubbish home with you.  Do not use the clubs waste bins. 

We have also received complaints from the residents of Golf Club Lane that vehicles have been inconsiderately parked.   Please do not park near to the entrance of the club as this needs to be accessible to emergency vehicles at all times. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation. 

Saltford Golf Club 

A message from Saltford Golf Club shared in January 2021 was posted at the start of Lockdown 3.

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