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Saltford Parish Council is delighted to announce a new phase of the ‘Saltford Wildflower Project: All You Seed is Love’ initiative. SPC is giving free Beebombs (wildflower seedballs in sheltering clay packed with thousands of native seeds) to residents to plant in public spaces in the village.

The aim of the project is to support pollinators, and get the village blooming! Our thanks to the Ward Councillors Empowerment Fund (as supported by Saltford Ward Cllr Alastair Singleton) and the Saltford Environment Group for adding to SPC’s funds for this project – and to Beebombs too who doubled our order for free!

Working with the team at B&NES Council’s Parks and Open Spaces, seven wildflower ‘Beebomb‘ areas in Saltford have recently been agreed. The B&NES Council grass cutting regime at these locations has been adapted to allow the wildflowers to grow and thrive.

Two sets of residents have already offered to plant SPC’s FREE Beebombs at two of the agreed locations (Manor Rd and Mead Lane), and we are now looking for another five individuals or groups of volunteers to help plant Beebombs at:

  • The green space at the end of Claverton Rd where it meets Manor Rd
  • The green space near the Manor Rd / Grange Rd / Montague Rd junction
  • Norman Rd / Beech Rd / High St junction in green space by bin and bench
  • An area in Admiral’s Park (between Anson Close and Drake Close paths)
  • The very top of the Outlook above The Shallows, by the two benches

Please find a map and images of these five locations here. Several of the locations have been marked by B&NES Council’s ‘Let’s Get Buzzing’ signs, as indicators as to where to plant the Beebombs.

Planting Beebombs is easy, please find a short video and more information here.

Although they can be scattered, SPC asks that those volunteering to plant Beebombs at the agreed locations to prepare the ground so that the Beebombs do as well as possible. The ground for Beebombs (which are each the size of a large marble) needs to be cleared / raked / broken up to give the Beebombs their best chance of growth. The wildflower seeds are slow growers and can be out-competed by faster growing grass and weeds at the critical early stages, so preparing the ground is best.

There are about five or six Beebombs in each bag, and these cover about 2 square metres. Once planted please water to help them on their way. If you could then send photos of planting through to SPC to share with other residents that would be appreciated too!

Then look out for wildflowers, albeit with patience! SPC will keep an eye on the patches too and share images.

If those adopting a patch could revisit after B&NES Council has cut it back in late August to remove the debris that would be appreciated. This enables flowers to re-grow well in future years.

Beebombs do not need to be tended. Wildflowers, though hardy, are a little slower to grow than non-native flowers. Some of the annuals should bloom in the first year, and the perennials may take two years. There are 18 species of wildflowers native to Britain in the Beebombs, and the RHS has confirmed the range of flowers as ‘perfect for pollinators’.

If taking part in the project, please view the Risk Assessment here. SPC recommends care when planting Beebombs, with regards to safety if using tools and also awareness of hazards if near a highway. Participants take part in the project at their own risk.

If you are able to plant Beebombs please email the Parish Clerk at including information about which location you would like to plant as listed above. We will let you know if your chosen location is still available, and arrange for your Beebombs to be collected from the SPC Office (at the back of the Saltford Community PO & Library on Bath Road) during PO & Library opening times.

April is the perfect month to get planting! So if you’re interested in getting involved, please email

Residents who would like to plant Beebombs on other areas of B&NES land (i.e. public green spaces – verges, ends of roads etc) in Saltford are welcome to contact SPC with suggestions. Please email the Clerk using the details above including an indicative map or diagram of the area you mean if possible.

Plus thanks to the Saltford Sports Club who are participating in the ‘Saltford Wildflower Project: All You Seed Is Love’ initiative by planting c. 400 sq metres of Beebombs to create a wildflower meadow near the playing fields! Look out for more details soon.

Each Beebomb bag has five or six seedballs the size of a large marble. Each bag can cover c.2 square metres.

UPDATE – June 2022: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Saltford Wildflower Project! This project is now closed. We look forward to enjoying the outcome of this project for years to come (as hopefully will the pollinators!)

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