New seasonal parking charges at The Shallows car park - Saltford Parish Council

B&NES Council has announced that seasonal parking charges and the use of MiPermit for all short stay durations at The Shallows car park will be introduced to help manage turnover, particularly during peak periods. This will start on 8 November 2022 as part of wider changes being implemented to off-street parking and permit charges by Bath & North East Somerset Council from this date.  

The Shallows car park charges will be as follows:

Car park1hr2hrs3hrs
The Shallows£0.30£0.60£0.90

Charges apply from 1 April to 30 September, but parking is free from 1 October to 31 March (a free stay during October to March still requires a free activation via MiPermit).

Parking (free or paid for) applies from 8am to 8pm all year.

A no return period of 4 hours applies all year to support increased turnover and prevent a vehicle from parking all day.

B&NES Parking Enforcement officers regularly enforce parking conditions at this location, including with penalty notices given to any vehicle not in a marked bay. Those parking outside of marked bays at the car park (or without a permit in nearby Resident Parking Zones) are subject to a £70 fine.


Information about using my MiPermit can be found on the B&NES Council website here.

MiPermit can be used by app, just download MiPermit for Android  or download MiPermit for iOS to your phone. To find out how to use the MiPermit App please see this short ‘Using the MiPermit App in car parks’ YouTube video by North Essex Council for a step-step-guide.

MiPermit tickets can also be accessed via the B&NES Council MiPermit website and also by phone (Text message / SMS – see ‘By Phone’ instructions here).

B&NES Council – No business use of car park without licence

Please note that vehicles using The Shallows car park for business purposes will be subject to penalty charge notices by B&NES Parking Enforcement. B&NES Council has stated that businesses wishing to operate from the car park must do so with the express written permission of B&NES Council. No licences have been issued and therefore any businesses or their clients using a vehicle to operate from this car park may be in contravention of the off street parking order and their vehicle may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The operation of a business from this car park reduces the availability of spaces for visitors to park to enjoy the local amenity. 

Public consultation in September 2022

The new proposed changes were announced 25 August this year after the decision to increase off-street parking charges was agreed by the council as part of its budget-setting. The changes, only the second price increase in the last 12 years, were consulted on by B&NES Council in September.

A public consultation about all proposed changes in the B&NES Council area received 150 responses. SPC resolved its response to the consultation at its September 2022 meeting (item 10). You can view the B&NES Council Consultation Outcome Summary here.

The new charges will affect:

  • Bath car park charges
  • Keynsham car park charges
  • Car park season ticket charges
  • Electric vehicle charging in long stay car parks
  • Reserved space parking permits in residents’ permit holder only car parks
  • New seasonal parking charges at The Shallows car park in Saltford
  • New charges for parking at Park and Ride car parks for those not using the service
  • Removal of the 10% residents parking saver discount in car parks

A summary of the charges can be read here.

More information about visiting Saltford and parking in the village can be found under ‘Visitor Information‘.

The Shallows car park has c.13 spaces, including two disabled parking spaces as shown.
Check the B&NES Council sign at the car park for details about parking and MiPermit. Parking permitted in marked bays only.
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