Protect dark skies in Saltford - Saltford Parish Council

At its April 2022 meeting, Saltford Parish Council resolved to raise awareness of the importance of protecting dark skies in Saltford and to encourage turning off of unnecessary artificial lights at night. This decision was made in line with its policy overview (copy below).

SPC specifically would like to encourage residents and businesses to support this who are located in in areas close to (and in parts of) Saltford’s greenbelt, including locations where light can be seen in or close to the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Saltford Parish Council recognised that: light pollution negatively effects wildlife and ecosystems; wastes energy and money; impacts on the night sky heritage; that exposure artificial light at night can harm human health; and that light entering private households can also be seen as a public nuisance. Please see the links for further information about the benefits to Saltford of maintaining dark skies and protecting these for the future.

SPC has agreed to promote and share information about the benefits of dark skies during International Dark Skies Week 2022 (April 22-30) including encouraging residents and businesses to follow the International Dark Sky Association’s five principles for community outdoor lighting.

SPC Policy Overview

In April 2021, SPC resolved a policy overview to guide the work of SPC for the remainder of its current term of office. The following policy overview was adopted:

Saltford Parish Council endorses the need to respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. SPC’s decisions and policies will take account of whether they are good for the climate, the ecology of Saltford and for residents. SPC is in favour of protecting the Green Belt around Saltford from development including from a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing); reopening the railway station on the existing site; Fairtrade; and that Saltford should continue to be an inclusive and caring community.

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