Residents to receive B&NES Council COVID alert letter - Saltford Parish Council

Local COVID alert levels – also known as tiers – are set out according to local authority. In Saltford’s case it means we come under the tier set for B&NES Council. From tomorrow, residents will receive a letter from B&NES Council urging everyone to play their part to stop the spread of coronavirus and in doing so to avoid local lockdown restrictions.

Dr Bruce Laurence, Director of Public Health for B&NES Council, stated today (29th October): “In Bath & North East Somerset there have been 328 positive cases the last seven days and in the last three days there have been 88 positive cases. Thankfully, so far this has not caused a great amount of severe illness or death here, but we must expect that this will follow, particularly among our older residents. Even at this stage, with just a modest increase in admissions, our hospital, like others, is starting to feel the heat. So – what should we all do? Well, I really don’t know if, or for how long, we can stay out of higher tiers or a lockdown. I do know that we can give ourselves the best chance by sticking closely to all the current rules that apply here, whether as now, in tier 1, or as may happen in the future, higher tiers.”

The area covered by B&NES Council is on medium alert level. But cases are rising, with the concern that residents will be subject to higher level restrictions unless Covid19 rules are followed.

A copy of the letter to residents is available at

More information from B&NES Council can be found at and

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