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Saltford Parish Council (SPC) is excited to launch its ‘Saltford Wildflower Project: All You Seed is Love’ environmental initiative, to coincide with COP26.

SPC endorses the need to respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. The aim of this Parish Council project is to support pollinating insects by creating new – or enhancing existing – wildlife habitats throughout Saltford.

Wildflower areas can be at the end of residential roads, in small open spaces, roadside verges, by the river – in fact anywhere that B&NES Council (the landowner) agrees. It is also a great opportunity to brighten up the village and get Saltford blooming!

Saltford Parish Council is giving free Beebomb seedballs to Saltford residents to plant in public locations around the village. SPC is also offering free Beebombs to local community groups who have outdoor space.

The ‘Saltford Wildflower Project: All You Seed is Love’ initiative has been made possible through funds from Saltford Parish Council’s Environment budget (up to £588), as well as external funding from B&NES Ward Cllr Alastair Singleton’s ‘Ward Councillor Empowerment Fund’ (£200) and a grant from the Saltford Environment Group (£100).

Funds have gone a lot further than initially anticipated. When Beebombs – SPC’s chosen wildflower seed ball provider – heard about SPC’s project they offered to double the Parish Council’s order for FREE!!! Beebombs stated that it was ‘a great project!’ and that they wanted to help, meaning that SPC now has the capacity to give out enough seed balls to cover 1,200 square metres of land in Saltford.

SPC needs Saltford residents and Saltford-based groups to get involved to achieve the aims of this project. Meeting criteria to receive free Beebomb seed balls is straightforward, all details are below.

In short, residents first need to sign up to the B&NES Council Neighbourhood Nature Area project. This ensures B&NES know not to cut the areas where wildflowers are planted. Once done, residents just need to show their email agreement with B&NES Council to Saltford Parish Council to claim free Beebomb seed balls! Local organisations simply need to contact Saltford Parish Council directly.

What are Beebomb seed balls?

Planting seed balls is a straightforward, low maintenance way to grow wildflowers and has a great success rate. More information on how to use Beebomb seed balls can be found on the Beebomb website.

Click here to find out about the mix of seeds and why they are suitable to get Saltford blooming and buzzing!

Process to apply for residents:

To find out if the land you would like to plant seeds on is eligible for free seed balls (and to prevent your wildflowers being mowed down!) just click here and enter the postcode near where you would like to plant the seeds on the top bar of the screen. A map – or a space – will show up under ‘Property Details’ section. Click in the space / on the map. It’s important to know which area you wish to grow flowers on so B&NES Council can look to change the grass cutting regime if it is cut currently several times a year.

Next, email to say where you would like to plant wildflowers to check that it is suitable. The B&NES Parks team will also want to know you have checked with your neighbours that they are happy with your plans (you never know, they may want to be involved too!). If the area you suggest is suitable, the B&NES Council Parks team will send an agreement to you so you can plant seeds on B&NES Council land.

To claim your free Beebomb seed balls from Saltford Parish Council, simply email SPC a copy of the agreement or forward the B&NES Council Parks Team email you have received to and indicate how many square metres (approx) you will need seeds for. Saltford Parish Council will then give you free Beebomb seed balls!

Beebombs for residents to plant on B&NES Council’s land have been joint funded by SPC and Saltford’s B&NES Council Ward Councillor Alastair Singleton, from his Ward Councillors Empowerment Fund. SPC thanks both of Saltford’s B&NES Ward Councillors for their enthusiasm and support for this project.

Process for local organisations:

If you are a local community group with outside space to plant wildflowers, please email with details of your group and how many seed balls you would like (i.e. how many square metres of land you would like to plant wildflowers on).

SPC is particularly keen to hear from our naturalists of the future, and welcomes applications from groups that work with children and young people in Saltford.

Beebombs for local organisations have been joint funded by SPC and Saltford Environment Group (SEG). SPC is also appreciative to SEG for guidance regarding the type of wildflowers to plant.

Thank you!

SPC’s policy is that its decisions and policies take account of whether they are good for the climate and the ecology of Saltford. SPC would like to thank residents for their interest in this project, and for looking to help the Parish Council tackle the Climate Emergency in our area.

SPC also expresses its sincere thanks to the B&NES Council Ward Councillor Empowerment Fund, Saltford Environment Group and Beebombs for financial support, which has significantly expanded the scope of this environmental project.

If you have any questions about the Saltford Wildflower Project, please email

UPDATE – June 2022: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Saltford Wildflower Project! This project is now closed. We look forward to enjoying the outcome of this project for years to come (as hopefully will the pollinators!)

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