Saltford’s Community COVID-19 response – Contact Hub for Saltford residents and leaflet - Saltford Parish Council

Saltford Community Association, in association with other Saltford organisations, have created a contact hub and produced a leaflet in response to the COVID-19 situation. This leaflet contains details for the contact hub, government information about COVID-19, as well as useful local phone numbers. A copy of the leaflet will be delivered to each Saltford residence, please hold on to it as it may come in handy.

A single phone number to match residents who need help with those who can volunteer support has also been created, as detailed on the front page of the leaflet.

If you require help or can offer help, or if you would like pastoral care, there is one number to call – 01225 632216.

When you call 01225 632216 just press ‘1’ if you require help, ‘2’ if you can offer help, and ‘3’ to speak to a trained member of St Mary’s Church pastoral team.

You can also volunteer your time is by completing this form and emailing it to .

Volunteers will be trained if required, and there are many different roles available. These include volunteer roles for those who are self-isolating (i.e. helping with phone calls) and roles for people who are at lower risk. For instance, collecting shopping or delivering items from the pharmacy.

This initiative has been created by the Saltford Community Association, Saltford Parish Council, St Mary’s Church, Saltford School, Saltford Day Centre, and the Saltford Community Library and Post Office Hub, along with many other local organisations (as listed in the leaflet).

If you need a hand during the COVID-19 situation, or can offer one, please do get in touch using the contact details above.

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