SPC agrees to seek designated landscape protection for ‘Saltford South’ - Saltford Parish Council

(Article updated 3rd July 2023)

At its first meeting of the year (3 January 2023) SPC resolved to seek an appropriate landscape protection designation from B&NES Council for the wooded and landscape area SPC recognises as ‘Saltford South’ (B&NES Council is the Local Planning Authority for Saltford and surrounding areas). This request was formally submitted by SPC to B&NES Council the following day.

SPC agreed to request that Saltford South, which sits outside the housing boundary, is formally designated by B&NES Council as a ‘Area of Great Landscape Value’ (AGLV) or a ‘Local Green Space’ (LGS).

To read SPC’s case paper click on the following link: AGLV or LGS for Saltford South – Case Paper

To view images supporting the case paper click on: AGLC or LGS for Saltford South – Annex (photo tour)

Please see the area marked in blue on the map below for the wooded and landscape area of ‘Saltford South’.

Blue shaded area defines ‘Saltford South’

As linked above, Saltford Parish Council’s case for AGLV or LGS designation for Saltford South document explains what AGLV and LGS landscape designations are, as well as the reasons why this area of landscape and woodland in Saltford South requires special protection. SPC’s case for AGLV or LGS designation also highlights the benefits of protecting Saltford’s rural setting, including the preservation of a wide range of flora and fauna in the Saltford South area.

As also linked above, to support the case document is a series of images documenting the South Saltford area. Please click to view the annex document, which provides a photographic tour of Saltford South. The photographs start from the west and north side (by the Bath Road A4) and move south and then east.

Why has SPC agreed to seek landscape designation now?

The B&NES Council Local Plan will establish the planning framework to guide future change in the B&NES area for the next 19 years (until 2042). It will contain strategy and policies to guide and manage how the B&NES area grows and changes, including how planning applications for new development will be decided.

AGLV or LGS designation can only be consulted on as part of the development – or as part of a review – of the Local Plan. Saltford Parish Council identified at its January meeting that now is the ideal time to seek such designation for Saltford South as B&NES Council is starting to consult on its new Local Plan.

Following SPC’s resolution to seek protection for the Saltford South area, Cllr Phil Harding – SPC Chair of Planning Committee – will contact both B&NES Council’s officers and relevant cabinet members to move SPC’s request forward alongside the development of the B&NES Council Local Plan.

Updates from Cllr Harding about SPC’s request for landscape designation in Saltford South will be received at Full Council meetings under ‘Planning Matters’.

More about the B&NES Council Local Plan 2022-2042

Please see SPC’s recent news article ‘Planning policy: Have your say on how your local area will change (B&NES Local Plan)’ to find out more information about the B&NES Local Plan.

Information is also on the B&NES Council website, please view their ‘Future Policy (Local Plan)’ page.

Residents can click on the following link to Respond to the Local Plan Launch Document.

Please click on this following link to view the B&NES Council Local Plan 2022-2042 Launch Document.

B&NES Council will also be holding a series of engagement workshops to help inform its development of the Local Plan. Cllr Phil Harding will be attending the workshop for the Keynsham and Saltford area later this month to represent SPC.

Following the initial engagement workshops, further consultations and engagement will take place multiple times throughout the process as held by B&NES Council, which SPC will respond to as appropriate.

Residents are encouraged to contact SPC with any local information or issues they feel need considering during the development of the Local Plan, including at SPC meetings when the Local Plan is listed as an agenda item (see our Meetings – Agendas and Minutes page).

Saltford Parish Council and Keynsham Town Council meet B&NES Planning Officers – July 2023

Saltford Parish Council (SPC) met with B&NES Council Planning Officers in the spring of 2023 to discuss its request further. Since SPC submitted its request, it welcomes a similar request from Keynsham Town Council (KTC) for landscape protection designation for ‘Keynsham East’ (land adjacent to ‘Saltford South’).

Both SPC, KTC, and B&NES Ward Councillors were invited to discuss requests again and to receive an update on progress for the Local Plan at a meeting with B&NES Officers in July.

SPC was informed that it could engage with the B&NES Council Local Plan process further at a workshop for the Keynsham and Saltford area later in the month, and that SPC and KTC would be invited to a meeting with officers in the autumn to hear more information on progress and timescale including whether both it and KTC’s request are likely be part of the B&NES Council Local Plan options paper, which will be consulted on in early 2024.

B&NES Council’s planning officers shared that it is likely that the Local Plan will be adopted in 2025.

Image below L-R shows SPC Cllrs Andy Rice, David Halton, Phil Harding (Chair of Planning Committee) and Gary Graveling, who attended the meeting with B&NES Planning Officers in July.

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