SPC Co-opts new Councillor - Saltford Parish Council

Following the Notice of Vacancy in Office of Councillor in August (as displayed after the resignation of longstanding Councillor Rob Taylor), applications were invited in September and co-opting to the vacant post was at item on SPC’s October agenda.

SPC wishes to express its thanks to all the candidates who stood for co-option, all were outstanding, and Councillors appreciated their interest and time.

Following the co-option process, SPC would like to extend a warm welcome to Cllr Dudley Bartlett.

Cllr Bartlett has subsequently signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office form, and attended new Councillor training ahead of taking up his post on the Council.

More information about Cllr Barlett can be found on the Councillors page of this website.

Cllr Dudley Bartlett
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