SPC Precept 2021/22 - Saltford Parish Council

Saltford Parish Council constantly levies one of the lowest precepts in the B&NES Council area.

SPC is increasing its precept by 10%, from £34,838 in 2020/21 to £38,322 in 2021/22. This means an average Band D property in Saltford will pay £21.08 p.a., which is a £1.74 per year or c.14p per month increase. 

This makes SPC’s precept in 2021/22 the third lowest for a Band D property in B&NES, out of 50 precepted areas (excluding Bath itself). 

This precept increase was resolved to assist in rebuilding Saltford Parish Council’s reserves following COVID19 related spend in 20/21 as well as in anticipation that in 2021/22 SPC will see more demand on its funds due to community need following the pandemic. 

More information about the precept is available on our Finance page.

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