SPC requests B&NES Council reduce speed limit in 'lanes' between Saltford & Keynsham - Saltford Parish Council

Saltford Parish Council resolved at its September meeting to request that B&NES Council, the Highways Authority, reduce the speed limit on Manor Road and Courtney Road to 20mph from 60mph (National Speed Limit).

Saltford Parish Council (SPC) first considered this matter at a meeting earlier in the year, and agreed to discuss with Keynsham Town Council (KTC) as the ‘lanes’/highways crossed the boundary between the two local authorities (see map below, blue line marks the boundary between Saltford and Keynsham).

A meeting between representatives from SPC and KTC took place in July, attended on behalf of SPC by Cllr Dudley Bartlett and SPC’s Parish Clerk. The lanes were walked and various suggestions and concerns were discussed. All were in agreement that the current speed limit was a safety concern. Reasons for the need in a reduction of the speed limit were noted at the time of the meeting, and presented to SPC at its recent meeting (as full council does not meet in August), as follows:

These sections of highway are regularly used by Saltford’s school children walking or cycling to Wellsway School; as well as by many cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians from both Saltford and Keynsham. Such measures would improve safety for those in vehicles also.   

This request fits in with B&NES Council’s interest in improving active travel. By making the area safer more people are likely to use these sections of highway to walk and cycle.  

It was viewed that that in light of the current B&NES Council consultation about improvements at Manor Woods, reducing the speed limit and adding traffic calming measures would be an appropriate addition as part of making Manor Woods a more accessible and enjoyable place to visit.  

It was acknowledged that the use of the lanes was likely to increase due to the planned housing developments at Minsmere Road and ‘Withies Green’, by those in vehicles as well as by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. As such the need for improved safety should be reconsidered at this location due to anticipated heavier use in the future.  

Saltford Parish Council and Keynsham Town Council have since approached B&NES Council to request a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which is required to change a speed limit on the highway. Should the TRO process take place, a public consultation will be held which all residents and both SPC and KTC will respond to.

Saltford residents can view upcoming agendas for meetings on the noticeboard and on our Meetings – Agendas and Minutes (any TRO consultation would likely be in early 2024).

Should a TRO take place on Manor Road and Courtney Road between Saltford and Keynsham, SPC will share this on its website and social media for the awareness of residents.

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