Tell A&S Police where you don’t feel safe with the StreetSafe tool - Saltford Parish Council

Local people are being encouraged to use the StreetSafe Tool to anonymously tell Avon and
Somerset Police and partners about public places where they feel or have felt unsafe. Visit the StreetSafe tool via:

StreetSafe has been introduced as part of the Government’s response to tackling violence against
women and girls but all local people are being encouraged to use the tool to help identify areas
where there are fears caused by anti-social behaviour and environment issues including lack of
street lighting, abandoned buildings and vandalism.

The online tool enables residents to anonymously pinpoint on a map the location where they felt

The information provided will be considered alongside the extensive evidence base already
gathered by police forces and used to inform the community safety activities of police and partner
agencies such as local authorities.

In Avon and Somerset, such activity has included installing CCTV in Weston-super-Mare and
removing hedges to improve visibility in some areas as a result of reports received via the
StreetSafe tool.

No crime needs to have been committed in order to indicate where local people feel unsafe. It is
important to remember that the StreetSafe tool should not be used to report crimes. To report a
crime, visit:

PCC Mark Shelford said: “I very much welcome this free online tool; a crime doesn’t always have
to be committed for you to feel unsafe but this feeling of unsafety is still very much justified. The
police and partners want to understand local people’s experiences to help inform their community
safety activities.

“I’m delighted that such activity has taken place already in Weston-super-Mare and I know local
policing teams are eager to undertake further action. I encourage local people to continue to use
the tool so, together, we can make our communities safer.”

Superintendent Paul Underhill, Neighbourhood Policing, Avon and Somerset Police added:
“StreetSafe is a fantastic tool, allowing people to quickly and easily report exactly where and why
they feel unsafe in certain areas.

“This information is used by our Neighbourhood Policing Teams to build up a picture of hotspot
areas and specific issues. We’re then able to put an appropriate response in place whether that’s
installing CCTV, increasing the number of patrols or working with partners to address practical
isses like poor lighting or vandalism.

“We’d like to encourage more people to use the StreetSafe tool; the more information we have, the
more we can do to make the streets safer for everyone.”

Visit the StreetSafe tool via:

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