Temporary footpath closure near rowing club - Saltford Parish Council

Update 24/02/21: B&NES Council have stated that The footpath along the river from Saltford towards Bath – past the rowing club – has now been reopened (it is very muddy though!) This means you can now walk BA27/47, Saltford, BA9/4 and BA9/5, Corston and BA17/3 Newton St Loe. For clarity, public footpath BA17/1, BA17/2 Newton St Loe and BA9/3 Corston are still closed temporarily. More information on the paths temporarily closed can be found in this document (including map) from B&NES Council.

Update 03/02/2021: B&NES Council state that Network Rail works resulting in the closure of the public footpath beyond the rowing club (along the river towards Bath), temporarily closed since August, will hopefully be completed by 1st June 2021. B&NES Council have stated: ‘If the works are not affecting the public footpaths then they should be made available for public use. The footpaths should only be closed when the paths are affected by the works, in which case signs will be in place closing the footpaths’. Please see B&NES Council notice below. SPC will share any further updates received.

Original news post 27/01/21: The public footpath beyond the rowing club, temporarily closed since August for six months, is now to remain closed until Feb 2022 or until the works have been completed (if earlier).

This temporary path closure is to allow Network Rail to carry out remedial embankment works. Please see the B&NES Council notice for details about the temporary closure, and map showing the alternative route.

SPC will share any further information from B&NES Council or Network Rail received regarding this temporary closure.

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