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(Article updated 29 February 2024)

SPC has received the following information from B&NES Council:

Residents in Bath and North East Somerset are being notified of new limits on how much domestic DIY waste they can recycle at once and how often, due to a change in government legislation.

Recycling of domestic DIY waste will continue to be free of charge at Bath & North East Somerset Council’s recycling centres, however no more than the equivalent of two 50-litre bags of plasterboard, rubble, soil and ceramics is allowed to be disposed of in a single visit.

The number of visits is also limited to four single visits per household in any four-week period.

The council will introduce the changes from March 4.

Currently, B&NES Council permits a maximum of six black sacks per week of this type of DIY waste to be disposed of free of charge, which does not comply with the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) legislation published in December 2023.

This legislation was updated by DEFRA to ensure that waste regulations are applied fairly and that residents can continue to dispose of small-scale DIY waste from their own home improvement works for free.  

DIY waste is considered to be plasterboard, rubble, ceramics and soil from construction or demolition works, including preparatory works at home, arising from work carried out by ordinary householders with no specialist skills. This differs from waste created by builders working on people’s homes, which is classed as commercial waste and should not be brought to the recycling centres.

Councillor Tim Ball, B&NES Council Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services at B&NES Council, has approved the changes in a single member decision. The single member decision report can be found here

B&NES Cabinet Councillor Ball said: “Disposal of DIY waste from residents at our recycling centres has always been and will continue to be free, but the new legislation more clearly sets out the limits on the volume brought in any one visit and also the frequency of the visits.

“This will not restrict householders in carrying out small-scale renovations and improvements to your homes as you will still be able to bring your DIY waste to us without charge. However, the waste must meet the government criteria for domestic waste which is two 50-litre bags per visit and a maximum of four visits per household in any four-week period. Our recycling centre staff will be on hand to assist you with the changes when you visit.”

Residents who have waste in excess of the limits are encouraged to hire a skip or use a licenced waste removal company.

Find the location and opening times of the recycling centres.


(Original SPC article):

SPC has been informed by B&NES Council that they are introducing two new policies at their Household Waste & Recycling Centres in Bath & North East Somerset next month.

An overview of each initiative is set out below.

Change to DIY waste limits
Following recent changes to waste legislation, B&NES are revising the amount of
plasterboard, rubble, soil & ceramics householders they can dispose of at the recycling

From 4th March 2024, B&NES Council will only accept the following:-

  • 2 x 50 litre bags (or equivalent) per visit
  • one bulky item (eg. bathtub, toilet, basin) per visit

A maximum of four visits per household in a four week period is allowed. The current limit on this type of material is six bags per week.

B&NES Council has shared that The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has introduced these changes to help ensure all local authorities in England are applying fair and consistent limits at their public recycling centres for this type of waste.

Information will be shared by B&NES Council to encourage residents who are carrying out work on their home to plan for the disposal of this type of waste in advance – either through a licensed skip / bag hire company, commercial weighbridge or licensed waste removal firm.

Signage is being updated at the recycling centres.

SPC will look to share any further information and guidance from B&NES Council on its social media channels.

Introduction of bag sorting
In 2023, over 2,000 tonnes of bagged waste was disposed of in the residual waste
bag skips at our recycling centres. Waste sampling of these skips suggest around 50% of the contents could have been recycled. From 4th March 24, residents bringing bagged waste to B&NES’s recycling centres will be encouraged to split their bags and sort any recyclables into the appropriate

B&NES are positioning a sorting station table, with clearly labelled recycling boxes, in front of the bag waste skips to assist with this.

The sorting table will be positioned near the bin bag skip with containers for:

  • Plastics and cans
  • Batteries
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Food waste bin

Further information on B&NES Council’s recycling centres is available here –

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