Environment a key focus of SPC's new policy overview - Saltford Parish Council

In April 2021 Saltford Parish Council resolved to update its Policy Overview, as follows:

Saltford Parish Council endorses the need to respond to the climate and ecological emergencies. SPC’s decisions and policies will take account of whether they are good for the climate, the ecology of Saltford and for residents. SPC is in favour of protecting the Green Belt around Saltford from development including from a road bypass (that would be infilled with housing); reopening the railway station on the existing site; Fairtrade; and that Saltford should continue to be an inclusive and caring community. 

This policy overview was adopted at SPC’s 6th April meeting (updated from a version dating from May 2019) following the recent co-option of two new Parish Councillors, to show that Saltford Parish Council during its current term of office recognises that the situation for our environment is an emergency. The updated policy overview will guide the work of Saltford Parish Council and its decisions.

B&NES Council Saltford Ward Councillors Alastair Singleton and Duncan Hounsell have stated in response to SPC’s new policy overview: “As Ward Councillors for Saltford, we fully support Saltford Parish Council’s principled stance in addressing the threats we all face through the Climate and Ecological Emergencies.  We join SPC in putting these threats at the heart of all of our work”. The Parish Council hopes that others will also share its vision.

Saltford Parish Council has ‘Climate emergency and environmental initiatives, including river and river side’ as a standing item on all SPC agendas, with any outcomes and decisions recorded in our published minutes. SPC also has a lead councillor for environmental matters (currently Cllr Phil Harding).

Recent environmental projects and initiatives

In the past year Saltford Parish Council has given financial support to several projects to support environmental initiatives. Most recently, a donation of £3000 was given towards the SCA’s Main Hall refurbishment at Saltford Hall, which incorporates the installation of better thermal insulation.

In autumn 2020 Saltford Parish Council worked in conjunction with B&NES Council to create The Shallows Wildlife Ecology Zone (image below). This project was required to aid the recovery of a specific section of the riverbank’s natural habitat from damage caused by unauthorised use for accessing the river, and to protect nature at this location for the future.

Saltford Parish Council also participated in a joint project with the SCA and Curo to plant two oak trees in front of Saltford Hall to mark VE Day 75 in November 2020 (planting was postponed from May 2020 due to COVID19).

Further to financial support, Saltford Parish Council has also instigated environmental initiatives. This includes resolving to request that B&NES Council reduces grass cutting in river side areas to support the improvement of wildflower and wildlife ecology. This request was willingly accommodated as part of the B&NES Council ‘Get Bath Buzzing‘ pollinator action plan, and actioned in 2021.

SPC also regularly signposts residents and visitors on how to report excessive litter (and SPC directly reports significant issues where appropriate). The Parish Council also regularly reminds people to take litter home or to use bins, and in 2020 recognised the Saltford Wombles as its Community Awards ‘Volunteer Group of the Year’. SPC also shares information with those visiting Saltford’s more rural areas about actions they can take to help care for the local environment.

Updates and information from SPC about environmental actions, information and initiatives can often be found on our social media pages.

Image shows a bin next to a lane in Saltford, with the caption 'A bin. Not a bin' implying that litter should not be dropped on the lane.

A recent social media campaign reminding people to use a bin or take litter home.

The Shallows Wildlife Ecology Zone, working in partnership with B&NES Council to protect this section of riverbank from further destruction.

Two oak trees being planted to mark VE Day 75 trees in November 2020, a joint project between SPC, the Saltford Community Association, and Curo. Trees were kindly donated by Ambience Landscapes.

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