Outcome - Traffic Regulation Orders in Saltford 2022 - Saltford Parish Council

B&NES Council has contacted Saltford Parish Council following its public consultation on proposed double yellow lines at Homefield Rd / High Street junction; Beech Rd 2hr limited waiting bay; and changes to Traffic Regulation Order on The Shallows. (TRO 22-002).

Saltford Parish Council resolved to support the proposals on the grounds of safety and access. Please see Item 21 in SPC’s May 2022 minutes for SPC’s resolved response.

A copy of B&NES Council’s TRO Outcome 22-022 document is now available. It details comments made (personal details redacted) and B&NES Council’s response and subsequent decision. SPC thanks residents for responding to the public consultation. SPC has been informed that B&NES Council has contacted everyone who submitted comments to share its TRO Outcome 22-022 document.

The Order was sealed by the B&NES Legal Team on 14 July and operative from 29 July 2022.

Site works were placed with Volker (lining contractors) and can be seen at the locations stated below in SPC’s article dating from April 2022.

Parking Enforcement is a B&NES Council responsibility. Please see SPC’s ‘Report It‘ page for more information.

New two hour limited waiting bay at Beech Road (See ‘Plan 1’ below)

The article below dates from April 2022 (the consultation is now closed)

Information on: TRO 22-002 – VARIOUS ROADS, KEYNSHAM AND SALTFORD – PROHIBITION AND RESTRICTION OF PARKING AND LOADING – NO STOPPING ON ENTRANCE MARKINGS – AUTHORISED AND DESIGNATED PARKING PLACES – VARIATION No 15 – ORDER 2022 is on the B&NES Council website here. A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is the statutory legal document necessary to support any enforceable traffic or highway measure.

B&NES Council is holding a public consultation about installing double yellow lines on the junction of Homefield Road and the High Street, as well as making some adjustments to the Traffic Regulation Order made last year on The Shallows to improve access (reducing the length of two parking bays and extending the existing double yellow lines along the front of a residential property). B&NES Council is also consulting on whether to introduce a 2hr limited waiting bay on Beech Road to improve user access to nearby businesses on the A4 Bath Road. Residents are encouraged to respond directly to B&NES Council by the consultation deadline of 28 April 2022 (details below).

To view diagrams/maps of the proposed Traffic Regulation Order please see the B&NES Council document here. Maps of the Saltford locations taken from the B&NES Council TRO 22-002 document can also be found below for reference. The proposals for Saltford are numbered as follows in the B&NES Council document for TRO 22-002:

  • Plan 1 – Beech Road, Saltford (Creation of a 2hr limited waiting bay)
  • Plan 7 – High Street / Homefield Road, Saltford (double yellow lines on junction to prevent obstruction and improve visibility)
  • Plan 15 – The Shallows, Saltford (extension of double yellow lines to in front of a residential property to ensure access)
  • Plan 16 – The Shallows, Saltford (reduction in length of 4 metres of the 3hr limited time parking bay to improve access)
  • Plan 17 – The Shallows, Saltford (reduction in length of 5 metres on the residents parking bay near Mill Cottages to improve access)

SPC requested B&NES Council install double yellow lines at the Homefield Road and High Street junction following its December 2021 meeting to improve traffic flow at this location. For background information about this please see SPC’s news article ‘SPC to discuss double yellow lines on High St (on corners of and opposite Homefield Road junction only)’. Details of the decision made at SPC’s December meeting, where the decision was formally resolved, can be found under item 11 in the December 2021 minutes. Saltford Parish Council recognises that parking at this junction, particularly noted during periods of good weather, has caused traffic management issues on the High Street and surrounding roads. For more information about how SPC has approached appropriate authorities regarding traffic flow during periods of high visitors levels and other related matters please see SPC’s recent news article ‘SPC requests B&NES Council, Avon Fire & Rescue, and police support ahead of busy summer months‘.

The end date for consultation responses to B&NES Council is Thursday 28 April 2022. Residents are encouraged to respond directly to B&NES Council before this date with objections and representations with respect to the proposals.

Please email to Traffic_Managementteam@BATHNES.GOV.UK quoting in the subject line the title of the scheme: (Various Roads, Keynsham and Saltford) (Prohibition and Restriction of Parking and Loading) (No Stopping on Entrance Markings) (Authorised and Designated Parking Places) (Variation No 15) Order 2022 and the reference 22-002.

For any queries concerning this proposal please telephone B&NES Council’s Traffic Management team on 01225 395362.  

Please note that all representations received by B&NES Council may be considered in public by B&NES Council and that the substance of any representation, together with the name and address of the person making it, could become available for public inspection.

B&NES Council is the responsible authority for Highways. Please note that any individual representations made to Saltford Parish Council about this consultation will not be passed on to B&NES Council. Residents are strongly encouraged to make their views known to B&NES Council directly so that their comments are taken into account by the responsible authority for Highways.

Saltford Parish Council will discuss and resolve its response to consultation TRO 22-002 at its 3 May meeting, information will be on an agenda as displayed on SPC’s website page ‘Meetings – Agendas and Minutes‘ and on SPC’s noticeboard. Members of the public are welcome to attend and speak during public time in line with SPC’s Public Engagement Guidelines. Following this the Council will resolve its view on the consultation and submit its response to B&NES Council.

Please find below further details about how a Traffic Regulation Order is created by B&NES Council. Additional information about TROs can be found on the B&NES Council Traffic Regulation Orders webpage.

Plan 1 – Beech Road, Saltford
TRO Plan 7 – High St / Homefield Rd
TRO Plan 15 – The Shallows, Saltford
TRO Plan 16 – The Shallows, Saltford
Plan 17 – The Shallows, Saltford

How is a TRO Created?

A formal TRO requires a statutory procedure to be followed. This includes:

  1. Consultation – Following the completion of the design, consultation must be undertaken. This will require obtaining the views of the Emergency Services, The Freight Transport Association, The Road Haulage Association, Local Councillors and Parish Councils (where appropriate), and local public transport operators. Local interest groups such as residents, traders and community groups who are likely to be affected by the proposals may also be consulted where appropriate. The proposal could then be amended following consultation.
  2. Advertisement of the TRO then takes place. This includes at least one notice in the local press. B&NES Council will usually display notices in any roads that are affected and, if it is deemed appropriate, may deliver notices to premises likely to be affected. For at least 21 days from the start of the notice the proposal can be viewed at a nominated council office during normal office hours. Objections to the proposals must be made in writing to the address specified in the notice during this period. Substantial objections and contentious issues are then reported to and considered by the Executive Member for Transportation and Planning. When considering the objections the Executive Member must decide whether to (a) allow the scheme to proceed as advertised, (b) modify the scheme, or (c) abandon it.
  3. Making the Order – The TRO can then be formally sealed providing all standing objections have been considered. Modifications to the proposals resulting from objections could require further consultation if considered substantial. This procedure can take many months to complete and the advertising and legal fees can be substantial. For this reason schemes requiring a TRO normally need to be included in the annual Capital Programme and cannot be carried out on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.
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