SPC to discuss double yellow lines on High St (on corners of and opposite Homefield Road junction only) - Saltford Parish Council

Following new information and advice from B&NES Council – the Highways Authority – Saltford Parish Council will look to revisit its October 2021 (Item 14) resolution regarding white lines at the High St / Homefield Rd junction. The October minutes can be found here, a copy of the resolution is below.

SPC’s original request to B&NES Council for white lines at this junction were in the interests of safety, in accordance with The Highway Code rule 243.

The resolution was agreed as follows:

WHITE LINES ON HIGH STREET OPPOSITE OR NEAR HOMEFIELD ROAD: SPC acknowledged that vehicles parked opposite the Homefield Road junction on the High Street, Saltford, cause traffic blockages and safety issues for users of these roads. For safety reasons, the Council resolved to request that B&NES Council install a 10m single solid white line on the High Street opposite the junction of Homefield Road, and that B&NES Council also install white lines on the corners of the junction where Homefield Road meets the High Street. The requests for white lines at this junction are in accordance with The Highway Code rule 243 (‘Do not stop or park opposite or within 10 metres of a junction, except in an authorised parking space’).

SPC thanks residents who attended the October 2021 meeting to express their views and was pleased to resolve an outcome that those present were satisfied with.

SPC’s subsequent request to B&NES Council in October was initially agreed on the basis that SPC met the cost for installation. The spend to B&NES Council to install white lines was resolved under item 10 at SPC’s November meeting (Draft November minutes available here).

Following recent new information from B&NES Council’s Highways Officer, SPC will consider at its December meeting adapting the resolution agreed in October to request that B&NES Council installs double yellow lines (DYLs) at this location instead. This agenda item will only focus on DYLs at this specific location. Residents are advised that the SPC December meeting will not be a means for wider discussion about parking matters.

B&NES Council has stated to SPC that the installation of DYLs at this junction would be more successful for ensuring safety as DYLs are enforceable, whereas white lines are advisory. For more information, please see B&NES Council’s ‘Parking Responsibilities: A quick reference guide to the powers to enforce’. Please note, Parish Councils have no powers regarding parking enforcement, this belongs to the Highways Authority (B&NES Council).

SPC recognises that the precise location of any lines is a matter of interest to residents. The location for the DYLs for the agenda item is defined as the corners of Homefield Road where it meets the High Street (both sides) and opposite the junction of Homefield Road on the High Street from the lamppost west of ‘Springside, High St’ running to opposite the start of the boundary wall of ‘Greystones, Homefield Rd’. This information is based on recommendations following a site visit by B&NES Council, who as the Highways Authority are the experts on such matters. Please see indicative draft map below created by SPC. Please note this is for reference only and is not a final map.

If SPC resolves to formally request the installation of DYLs at this junction, any final decision will be made by B&NES Council following it being subject to a B&NES Council Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). A formal TRO requires a statutory procedure to be followed which includes public consultation. A map showing the precise location of the intended lines would be drawn-up and published by B&NES Council as part of the TRO process. Details about TROs including public consultation procedure can be found on the B&NES Council website at ‘Traffic Regulation Orders’.

SPC has stated to B&NES Council that no other DYLs on the High Street should be considered as part of the TRO due to resident parking needs. SPC is acutely aware of the need for resident parking spaces on the High Street. The proposal above will not reduce parking spaces available on the High Street, as any lines will be in accordance with the Highway Code which states that vehicles should not be parked opposite or within 10 metres of a junction.

SPC’s monthly meetings are open to the public. To hear the item on DYLs at the High St / Homefield Rd junction being discussed and resolved, residents are welcome to attend Saltford Parish Council’s December meeting which will take place in the Avon Room at Saltford Hall on Tuesday 7 December, starting at 7:15pm.

Meeting information will be made available on our ‘Meetings – Agendas and Minutes’ page. The agenda for the December meeting is due to be published on Thursday 2nd December, and will be available on SPC’s website and noticeboard. A link to the agenda will also be shared on SPC’s social media pages.

Public comments relating to an agenda item can be raised to the Council’s awareness at the meeting. If you wish to comment on DYLs at the High St / Homefield Road junction (as above, this is not an item about other High Street parking matters, issues or requests), residents are welcome to speak at the meeting during ‘Public Time’. Please enter your name on the clipboard being circulated prior to the start of the meeting so that the Chair can be made aware that you wish to speak. Prior to speaking, it is recommended that residents read SPC’s Public Engagement Guidelines.

Indicative map only, as produced by SPC. If SPC resolves to request DYLs and B&NES agree to include this in a Traffic Regulation Order, a map will be drawn up by B&NES Council for public consultation.
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