Sorrow expressed by SPC following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh - Saltford Parish Council

(Last updated 12/04/21)

On behalf of Saltford Parish Council, Chair Cllr Chris Warren expresses our deep sorrow following news of the death of HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh on 9th April 2021.

Residents can listen or read Cllr Warren’s tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh , as expressed on behalf of the Parish Council.

Book of Condolence

Saltford Parish Council is aware that some residents will wish to express their thoughts and as such have provided a Book of Condolence. This is being made available in in a COVID19 safe manner. Details of a national online Book of Condolence can be found below also.

Saltford’s Book of Condolence is located in the section between Saltford Hall’s main entrance external doors and internal doors, to the left-hand side on approach. This location has been chosen as Book of Condolence needed to be in easily accessible place that also allows social distancing, and quiet enough to enable those signing the books a moment of privacy and quiet reflection whilst doing so.

For safety reasons, residents are requested to bring their own pens to write with, and use the hand sanitiser provided. Please maintain a distance of two metres from others when contributing to the Book of Condolence.

The Book of Condolence is available for residents to write in from Monday 12th April and available weekdays and Saturdays between 9am-5pm, until a week after the funeral has taken place. The book will remain in the power of Saltford Parish Council.

A national online Book of Condolence is available on the Royal Family’s official website for residents to contribute to also. Further to this, there are several other online Books of Condolences available as managed by other bodies and organisations.

Floral Tributes

Residents may wish to lay flowers locally, we request this is done at the Saltford War Memorial (junc of Beech Rd / Norman Rd/ / High St) or at Saltford Memorial Garden (junc Bath R/Manor Rd).

If extra space is needed, please lay flowers by the cross at St Mary’s Churchyard (near the door). Please maintain a two metre distance from others when laying flowers.

Floral tributes will be removed the week after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral or once the flowers have died. Please be aware that weather conditions may have an effect on the above – decisions on this will be made giving forethought and sensitivity to the needs of our community.

SPC donation (in lieu of flowers)

As suggested by the Royal Family, in lieu of flowers, Saltford Parish Council will look to resolve to make a donation(s) to a charity of its choosing at its 4th May meeting.

If agreed, a donation will be made to one or more of the charities that the Duke of Edinburgh supported in his public duties. These include scientific and technological research and development, industry, the welfare of young people, conservation and the environment and the encouragement of sport.

Letter of Condolence

On behalf of Saltford Parish Council, the Parish Clerk will write a Letter of Condolence to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Private Secretary, asking for condolences to be passed to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family.

St Mary’s Church services

The Rev. Daile Wilshere shared the benefice’s plans to mark the sad death of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Joining details and information was made available on this downloadable information sheet from St Mary’s Church for events that took place on Sunday 11th April. St Mary’s Church was also open all day on Sunday 11th April. More information about services can be found on the St Mary’s Church Saltford website.

If residents would like to lay flowers at the church, these can be laid by the cross (situated near the main door of the church).

Funeral and national commemorations

Information about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Ceremonial Royal Funeral, national commemorations and the possibility of marking a national two-minute silence has been made available on national media websites and channels.

Due to Covid-19 rules, residents are reminded to adhere to the current restrictions and not join any mass gatherings or marks of respect. Residents can follow the national media coverage of events in London and Windsor.


Since Friday 9th April the Saltford Community Association have been flying the Union flag at half-mast on the flagpole at Saltford Hall.

Union flags on B&NES Council buildings are also being flown at half-mast.

Further information will be shared on our News page and via our social media channels.

As always at times of national importance, Saltford Parish Council is in touch with St Mary’s Church, B&NES Ward Cllrs and the Saltford Community Association along with other relevant community leaders.

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