SPC expresses concern to B&NES Council about consecutive weeks of roadworks on A4 Bath Road - Saltford Parish Council

Update 12 January 2023:

B&NES Council’s Principal Engineer for Street Works has responded to SPC’s concerns (please see below, under ‘original article’), saying B&NES Council appreciates the feedback from SPC as well as sharing the reasons behind the number of weekend roadworks impacting Saltford residents. This area of the network has been and continues to be in great demand for Utility works and that B&NES Council understands the frustration this must be causing.

SPC has been informed that B&NES Council has limited powers when it comes to refusing works; B&NES Council can set certain conditions and refuse applications for reasons such as clash of works or works to occur at certain times but if the road space is free, promotors have Statutory Powers as a road user to carry out works and they are also governed themselves by regulations. 

B&NES Council recognises that it has been very busy in the area recently, with knock on effects from sites where significant works have been occurring e.g. Keynsham Recycling Hub works.  Due to just this one set of works B&NES has had to refuse a lot of works in 2022 due to clash of works which goes some way to explain the current build-up this in delaying other works which now need to be carried out. 

Regarding weekend working, B&NES Council assures SPC that it is extremely conscious of the local impact this must be having. SPC has been informed that the reason for weekend working is that Saturdays and Sundays cause the least disruption on the network for a road like the A4.  B&NES Council cannot permit (unless urgent/essential works) peak working Monday-Friday with major traffic control like temporary traffic signals as for this part of the A4 this would cause the greatest impact. B&NES Council scrutinises each works to see if Monday-Friday work can occur with lesser Traffic Management but say that often the work space required to allow passive traffic control would not be able to be carried out safely.  

SPC appreciates the response from B&NES Council. SPC is sharing this information with residents to help explain some of the reasoning and considerations B&NES Council uses when coordinating works, and for awareness as to why so many weekend roadworks on the A4 Bath Road are occurring over the coming weeks.

Original article: 

Following information on the One.Network website combined with works associated with the Keynsham Recycling Hub, SPC has noted that there will be five full weekends (and seven consecutive Sundays) of planned roadworks on the A4 Bath Road in or near Saltford. SPC has today contacted B&NES Council to raise its concerns.

Roadworks in 2023 on the A4 Bath Rd first took place on Sunday 8 January. The latest date currently listed for planned roadworks is Sunday 19 February. All weekend days in between – bar Saturday 18 Feb – have planned roadworks listed.

SPC has contacted B&NES Council, the Highways Authority, to express its concerns regarding the impact of consecutive weekends of roadworks on Saltford’s residents and businesses. This follows similar action by SPC in November when regular weekend works on the A4 also occurred (see news article here).

Saltford PC notes roadworks (two-way signals) are planned for the weekends of Jan 14 & 15 and 21 & 22 in Saltford near The Glen junction.

Planned roadworks near The Glen junction 14 and 15 January
Planned roadworks near The Glen junction 21 and 22 January

SPC has been informed that roadworks with two-way signals will be taking place near the junction of Pixash Lane in Keynsham on Jan 28 & 29 and Feb 4 & 5 (for the Keynsham Recycling Hub works ref THTTC3068, yet to show on One.Network). Please see SPC’s Early 2023 Pixash Lane and A4 Bath Rd roadworks (Keynsham Recycling Hub) news article for more information.

Planned roadworks are also taking place on the A4 Bath Road in Saltford on Feb 11 & 12 and Feb 19.

Planned roadworks near the Lansdown Road junction on 11 and 12 February
Planned roadworks near the Grange Road junction on Sunday 19 February

The planned roadworks above are further to any ’emergency works on the highway’ that may occur which are not always listed on One.Network.

Further to the general access issues experienced, SPC understands that it particularly impacts residents who live on the A4 Bath Road (who experience idling traffic including associated noise and pollution), and those living on some residential roads (e.g. ‘rat running’ and associated congestion, especially on narrow lanes). Roadworks on the A4 Bath Road each weekend also may have a negative impact on local businesses, including on Saltford’s pubs and restaurants.

SPC appreciates that works are necessary and that B&NES Council needs to plan for these. SPC is also grateful that B&NES Council has arranged works on the A4 Bath Road to not take place simultaneously (which minimises length of queues) and as such understands that this will lead to the need for some consecutive weekend roadworks.

However as the A4 is the main road for residents to enter/exit the village it also understands that roadworks weekend after weekend is onerous for Saltford residents and businesses. Why B&NES Council has planned roadworks to take place five consecutive weekends (and seven consecutive Sundays) resulting in long queues in or near Saltford so regularly is a concern. SPC has contacted B&NES Council’s Highways team to express this and to ask for the reasoning behind the current amount of planned weekend roadworks. SPC will pass on any response received from B&NES Council to residents.

SPC will also continue to share information about planned roadworks in advance for residents’ awareness and journey planning (where possible), as well as any information about emergency works on the highway (again, where possible and if received in good time). Please follow SPC on Facebook and Twitter, or see the right-hand bar of the website for SPC’s social media feeds.

If residents have any questions about the works please view One.Network and/or contact B&NES Council as the Highways Authority for the Saltford area. B&NES Council contact details can be found at https://beta.bathnes.gov.uk/contact-us

A4 Bath Road looking towards The Glen junction, where roadworks will be taking place the next two weekends (14&15, 21&22 Jan)
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