SPC statement - marking three months of Saltford's response to COVID19 - Saltford Parish Council

Almost three months ago, on Tuesday 17th March, key members of the Saltford community met to agree local actions in response COVID19 pandemic. This meeting was attended by representatives of Saltford Parish Council (SPC), Saltford Community Association (SCA), Saltford School, St Mary’s Church, Saltford Foodbank, Saltford Business Network, Clarkson’s Funeral Directors and Day Lewis Pharmacy and Saltford’s B&NES Ward Councillors.   

Immediate actions included setting up a ‘Saltford hub’ phone and email helpline and recruiting volunteers to assist more vulnerable residents and those shielding in the community. The following week, every residence in Saltford received a leaflet from the ‘hub’ – a trusted source – detailing information about the help available to the community.

The response to the group’s request for support was overwhelming. SPC would like to thank, in particular, the Saltford Community Association’s work, as well as the many residents who offered their time and own resources. Whether through manning the phones, shopping, cooking, driving, delivering medicines and hot food, calling for a friendly chat plus so much more – all the actions helped keep residents safe and made them feel supported during uncertain and worrying times. This support continues to be offered, and is greatly appreciated and valued by many.

SPC also extends its thanks to all those in Saltford who are contributing outside formal ‘hub’ volunteering activity. We are aware that many residents have helped their neighbours in a wide variety of ways, and continue to do so. Further, it has been wonderful seeing so many neighbours join together to ‘clap for carers’ and mark the VE Day 75 commemorations.

Further, SPC wishes to expressly thank the many local businesses who themselves have experiences hardship and yet donated time, resources and their products to support the community.

SPC will soon be calling a (remote) meeting so that the same community members listed above can again discuss Saltford’s COVID19 response and evaluate the actions take to date. Amongst items for review will be lessons learned by the community to date, and how to plan for a similar occurrence in the future if required. Members will also update each other on any current actions, and also ongoing situations to be aware of.

Crucially, plans on how to support and respond to the needs of the community over the next few months will also be discussed. This includes the financial impact of the COVID19 pandemic on residents, local businesses and organisations, and how they can be supported in the future.

Should there be any suggestions or concerns residents would like the group to discuss, please let SPC know by Tuesday 23rd June by emailing clerk@saltfordparishcouncil.gov.uk .

This has also been included in an article on page 12 of the current edition of The Week In (pictured).

SPC would again like to thank everyone for their efforts to date and the time that has been given. Saltford has demonstrated the power of a cohesive and compassionate community to support all its residents. SPC are confident that our community will continue to work together and go from strength to strength.

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