Wessex Water project works to start near Saltford Rowing Club (Inc. A4 Bath Rd roadworks 24 May - 3 June) - Saltford Parish Council

Wessex Water has been granted Planning Permission from B&NES Council in Saltford for flood and environmental prevention works. This is part of the company’s project to create additional storage for storm events, which include a new storm drain to be built below ground within the boundaries of Saltford Rowing Centre (just off the A4 Bath Road).

A new vehicle access point to the field will be created as part of the scheme, which following works, is estimated will be used by one vehicle a month. Wessex Water have indicated that the project works will take five months to complete.

In early May 2024, Wessex Water contacted Saltford Parish Council with information about the project, including a letter that will be sent to resident addresses close to where the works will be taking place. A copy of the letter to residents is available here, and Wessex Water have stated that it will be posted to local customers shortly.

The storm overflow at Saltford Hill (see map) discharged sewage into the river 65 times in 2023. There are three storm drains in Saltford currently, see Wessex Water’s new storm overflow map at https://www.wessexwater.co.uk/coast-and-rivers-watch-map for near real time discharges and statistics.

SPC has no further information about Wessex Water’s new environmental project in Saltford further to information shared in this article. Should residents have any questions about Wessex Water’s works at this location which are not included in Wessex Water’s letter, please phone Wessex Water on 0345 600 4 600 or visit Wessex Water’s website at wessexwater.co.uk/contact-us. Details are also available in the letter to residents as linked above. Wessex Water state that businesses or other non-household properties will need to contact their water retailer with any enquiries, contact details for which can be found via their most recent water bill.

A4 Bath Road roadworks: 24 May – 3 June 2024

Roadworks associated with the project will take place on the A4 Bath Road. SPC has been informed that these have been timed to take place in the school May half-term holidays to help minimise disruption.

Wessex Water have stated that there will be an eastbound land closure with temporary traffic lights in place on the A4 Bath Road in Saltford from Friday 24 May to Monday 3 June to allow work to drop the kerb to construct a new access required and also to alter a section of pipework.

Work will take place between 7am and 7pm on weekdays, and between 8am and 5pm on Saturdays. Wessex Water has confirmed that no noisy activities will take place before 8am.

B&NES Council has shared that the traffic management plan includes three way portable signals (temporary traffic lights) with the third signal head being placed on The Shallows where necessary. These signals will be manually controlled during peak periods to minimise traffic disruption on the A4.

SPC understands that although alterations are needed on the A4 Bath Road, the majority of works will be on Saltford Rowing Club land itself.

Information to Saltford Parish Council from Wessex Water as follows:

“Flood prevention and environmental protection update, Saltford: Late last year we wrote to you regarding Wessex Water’s investment of around £1 million in Saltford, as part of our programme to help prevent flooding and protect the environment.

Part of Wessex Water’s £3 million a month commitment to reduce how often storm overflows operate, this scheme would see additional storage for storm events built below ground within the boundaries of Saltford Rowing Centre, just off the A4.

Overflows are designed as a relief valve to protect homes from flooding.  If there is too much rainfall in the system, the overflow automatically discharges into watercourses.

Following our previous letter an application for planning permission was submitted to Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council for the vehicle access to the field which will house the storage tank.

This will replace the existing access currently used by the Rowing Club, which will be blocked off upon completion of the works.

This permission was subsequently granted and construction of this project is due to start on Monday 13 May 2024. It is expected to take five months to complete, finishing in early October 2024.

What are we planning to do?: This storage tank will hold around 50,000 litres of excess water during heavy rain. This will allow flows to be returned to the sewer prior to being piped to a water recycling centre for treatment when the storm recedes, reducing the incidents of a nearby storm overflow operating automatically into the nearby River Avon. 

The new vehicle access to the field – which is next to the intersection with The Folly and is used by Saltford Rowing Club as a relief car park – will be created. This will allow our vehicles to access the site during construction, safely turn and ensure that visibility and safety are maintained.

The new access is required to provide sufficient width for vehicles to maintain the proposed storage shaft which will be installed below ground within the field. Once operational, it is likely only one vehicle per month will need to access the site for maintenance”.


Saltford Parish Council will look to share any further information received from Wessex Water about their project near Saltford Rowing Club. Please follow Saltford Parish Council on Facebook and X.

Image shows Wessex Water’s Storm Overflow Improvement Map which include plans for Saltford.

More information about storm overflow works can be found on Wessex Water’s website at https://corporate.wessexwater.co.uk/our-purpose/rivers-and-coastal-waters/storm-overflows

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