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Due to the concerns raised by residents to Saltford Parish Council following periods of high visitor numbers to Saltford (please see our news article ‘SPC acts in response to resident complaints’ in May and ‘SPC actions during busy periods update’ August article), which residents also expressed to Saltford’s B&NES Council Ward Councillors, SPC and Ward …

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Saltford Parish Council resolved at its February meeting to grant £3,000 to the Saltford Community Association towards the costs of refurbishing the main hall at Saltford Hall. In discussing the grant request, SPC recognised the value of the project to the community and wider members of the public.

In reaching its decision, Saltford Parish Council acknowledged …

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The safety of residents and visitors, along with aiding the protection of Saltford’s river side areas, is at the centre of SPC’s strong support for the Mead Lane and The Shallows Traffic Regulation Order (TRO ref 20-014).

Following long-standing safety concerns at this location, SPC has urged the swift implementation of the TRO by B&NES …

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