Missed garden waste collections: Update for Saltford residents - Saltford Parish Council

SPC thanks Saltford’s Ward Cllr Duncan Hounsell for sharing the following information from B&NES Council:

Garden waste collections were due to go into the annual shutdown period from Monday 6th December until Sunday 16th January, but B&NES Council will now be using the first two weeks of the planned shutdown to provide an additional collection for those residents whose services were suspended last week.    

As some collections did take place during suspensions, the additional collections will only be for those rounds who had the service suspended as compensation for the missed collection.  

  • The collection rounds that were suspended on Thursday 11th November will have an extra collection on Thursday 9th December as compensation.
  • The collection rounds that were suspended last week will have an extra collection on the relevant collection day during the w/c 13th December as compensation.

An email, text message or letter will be sent by B&NES Council to each garden waste subscriber who has had their service suspended advising them of when the additional collection will be.   The communication method will depend on how they have chosen to receive their annual bill.  

Any communications about delays to collections will continue to be listed on the waste disruptions page https://beta.bathnes.gov.uk/waste-disruptions

Please also see Saltford Parish Council’s news article from last week about missed collections, including how to report if your road has been missed and is not listed under waste disruptions. Garden waste collections will next take place in Saltford on Wednesday 1st December and Thursday 2nd December (on residents’ usual collection day).

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