SPC reaffirms to B&NES Council request for 'Saltford South' designated landscape protection - Saltford Parish Council

At SPC’s January 2024 meeting, Saltford Parish Council’s paper ‘Landscape designation request – Reaffirmation plus options from SPC’ was resolved by the Council to be sent to B&NES Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and to all Members of B&NES Council’s Planning Committee. The document was also sent to all members of B&NES Cabinet.

SPC’s reaffirmation paper as sent to B&NES Council members on 10 January was supported by a copy of the original bid made by Saltford Parish Council (SPC) for landscape designation at ‘Saltford South’ accompanied by the annex document. (For more information on the original bid, including copies of these documents, please view SPC’s news article ‘SPC agrees to seek designated landscape protection for ‘Saltford South‘, published in January 2023).

As stated in the reaffirmation paper sent to B&NES Council, to enable SPC to understand the planning reasons as to why B&NES Council allegedly does not accept the AGLV landscape designation bid, SPC has requested that it is provided with appropriate minutes of B&NES Council meetings to elucidate the process by which the decision was made as well as the criteria used to underpin the decision. 

SPC is confident that its landscape designation request to B&NES Council as sent on behalf of the Saltford community – as detailed in the reaffirmation paper and its attachments – adheres to the declared environmental and planning policies of B&NES Council.

SPC also views that its requests are in compliance with the Government’s planning polices as set out in the NPPF (2023) and in particular the environmental principles to be followed that are required by the Environment Act 2021 of the policies within the NPPF as described in the EPPS of November 2023.

SPC believes that failure to provide a landscape designation to Saltford South would be a contravention by the Local Planning Authority of the spirit and intent of national planning policies and the over-arching legislation (EA 2021 and the EPPS 2023). 

As well as sharing a copy of the paper on SPC’s website and social media for resident’s awareness, copies have been sent to Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Keynsham Town Council and B&NES Planning Officers.

Saltford Parish Council has stated that it would welcome a response from B&NES Council with regards to its ‘Landscape designation request: Reaffirmation plus options from SPC’ paper. Any response received will be shared at future SPC meetings, likely under ‘Planning Matters’. Details about SPC meetings can be found under ‘Meetings – Agendas and Minutes‘.

Map of the Saltford area showing ‘Saltford South’ area as shaded in blue. Purple lines mark Public Rights of Way. Blue lines mark Saltford’s parish boundaries.

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